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Colt Combat Commander Customized By Cylinder&Slide

Posted by Gunner on December 8, 2006

This is a Colt series 70 Combat Commander made in 1975. It made the trip to Cylinder & Slide so Bill Laughridge could do his magic on this older 1911 45 ACP. The improvements are a trigger job at 3.75 pounds, Wilson Combat sights, frame to slide fitting, Match barrel and bushing fitted(Wilson Combat),magwell beveled,Videcki match trigger, titanium firing pin, lowered and flared ejection port, barrel feedramp polished,extractor tuned. That covers most of the mods done. Needless to say he made a good gun into a fantastic gun that is reliable and very accurate. I also added some VZ Micarta grips. When this 1911 was customized the beavertail grip safety wasn’t always used on a custom job. The only addition I made was to add a Wilson drop in beavertail. These are pretty rare guns these days and I was certainly fortunate to find it.
With all Wolff springs you can expect much more life from these springs before replacement. The series 70 Colts have a particular appeal to me and with these mods which don’t change the looks of the series 70 very much it makes a classic into an even better gun!

Note: The rear sight is an older Wilson sight that fits into the factory slide cut. Wilson no longer makes them but another company does. You’ll have to Google it to find them as I don’t have that information.

4 Responses to “Colt Combat Commander Customized By Cylinder&Slide”

  1. Anthony said

    I have a question, I need to purchase another slide for my 1911 combat commander with front and rear sights attached. where is a good place to buy the slide from?? hope u can help me. Thanks.


  2. Gunner said

    Hello Anthony,

    I buy almost all of my gun parts large or small from Brownells. They have a large selection and high quality parts. One good thing about Brownells is if you register with them and get a password etc. when you sign in you see a blue price for the item your looking at which normally is a significant savings. It’s a free signup and they send some great catalogs out with tons of 1911 parts as well as a ton of other guns. Here is the link to the slide page.

    Caspian slides are good as are STI. The one thing to keep in mind is that when you purchase a slide the barrel,bushing and the slide itself will have to be fitted to the frame. My price is about $50 to $75 less than the retail price listed. Depending on if you have a good local gunsmith or have to send it off to be fitted it can cost anywhere from $150 to $250 depending on the gunsmith and his reputation and work load. Another consideration is turnaround time. Big name gunsmiths have a waiting time as long as two years while the local smith (if he’s good not some backyard tinkerer) will cost less with a turnaround of a couple or three weeks.
    If you have any other questions at all please let me know I’m here to help!

    All the best,

  3. Scott said

    Hi, I love that Colt Commander of yours! I have three questions. What is that black panel you have their for the front strap checking? Does it leave any marks on the gun’s finish underneath? And, what is the color of the VZ grip panels? I just picked up a used one at a local store, but it has some scratches on the satin nickel finished frame. Any suggestions as to how I might remove them? I guess that’s four questions… Thanks!

  4. Gunner said

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for writing! Well on to the questions. The black material on the front of the grip frame is skateboard tape. I just got by a skateboard shop and ask for scraps which they always have for free. They have an adhesive backing and when they wear down after a very long time you just peel it off and cut another. Strangely enough all you do is lay your full size bushing tool on the sheet of tape and cut around the edge of the bushing tool and it just happens to fit the grip frame perfectly so that’s your template for cutting it to fit. It does no harm at all to the finish and provides a very good grip without hurting your hands. Those VZ grips are an OD color or very close to it. They are also comfortable and provide a good firm grip. Another type are the G-10 grips from Craig that owns the company is a good guy who supplies a lot of free equipment to our troops for free.
    Ah the tough question on removing scratches. Bottom line is it’s hard to do in fact darn near impossible without damaging the finish. You could polish the entire gun but then you have to be very cautious not to buff to hard because you can go right through the finish to bare metal. That finish is not very thick. It’s almost something you have to live with unless you want to spend the money and have a stainless type finish applied or of course a similar finish to what you have. You can try a silver polishing cloth if the scratch is very light but again to much buffing and it shines and really sticks out and even with a cloth to much pressure and you go through it. The cost to refinish the pistol depends on who and what type of finish you want. The range is $150 to $275. The $150 finish looks good and is not a compromise they just use a different process.
    If you want to know who does these finishes just email me and I can send you some links of reputable places. I hope this helps you!

    Take Care,

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