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Savage 10FP

Posted by Gunner on December 8, 2006

This is the best buy in a quality rifle you will find. The gun itself is $549 with the after market Choate stock (Ultimate Sniper) $135 ( this stock is available at Brownells for this price after you sign up for free).This one is in .308 caliber with a 24 inch barrel. A 20 inch barrel is an option. Choate puts a lot of thought into their designs. The stock itself weighs in at 6 pounds for a total of 14 pounds.The grip is rough but sandpaper is included to soften the grip to make it comfortable for the individuals taste. The butt pad is adjustable as is the cheekpiece. The forward rail accomodates any accessory you can think of (Anschutz style). The barrel is the free float type which simply means the barrel makes no contact with the stock also aiding accuracy. The barrel is also button rifled and has a recessed crown to protect the end of the barrel. You just can’t beat this setup at any price. It shot sub MOA groups right out of the box. My best group is three shots into 1 1/2 inches at 300 yards. This is a real keeper.

UPDATE: 9/26/07

The Accu-Trigger

I have noticed in some of the searches on the blog an interest in takedown and trigger information. First taking a Savage 10FP down is very simple and does not change your scope settings. There are two screws on the bottom of the stock that are unscrewed. That’s all there is to it. You lift the action and barrel out and seperate it from the stock.
You can now look at the trigger group and make any adjustments to trigger pull you wish to make. The trigger is adjustable from 1 1/2 pounds to 6 pounds. If you check the photo above you notice the adjustment screw at the rear of the action. Just below it is pictured the small tool supplied with each rifle to adjust the trigger pull. From this point just play around with adjusting the screw up or down to get a feel for the trigger pull you need for the type of shooting you will be doing. It is perfectly safe to use at 1 1/2 pounds as long as you follow all the normal safety rules. You can place an empty cartridge in the chamber work the bolt to cock the action then just pull the trigger. When you’re satisfied just reassemble the rifle. It’s simple to do and you don’t have to lock the adjustment in it will stay where you adjusted it. Once you have the rifle back together and head for the range check your zero. I doubt you’ll need to make any changes. As far as taking the rifle down anymore there’s really no need to except to maybe remove the bolt. Just refer to your manual for this. It’s very simple as well. People this is again one fine rifle with the best trigger ever made in my humble opinion. It’s certainly the best out of the factory trigger without any debate. I hope this helps you some.

This is a .223 version firing match ammo at 100 yards. This is less than a one inch group after five rounds fired.

8 Responses to “Savage 10FP”

  1. Wayne said

    Where did you get that stock from a that price?

  2. Gunner said

    The stock came from Brownells. If you join Brownells website you get a significant discount.

  3. i have the 10 fp with the 24 in barrel in 223 cal and i love it. accutriger makes a huge difference (because im a lousy shot with out it)my buddys and i ring the 200yrd gong (10in) so easy that we have to move it out to 300 to make it hard. ( we are not competers, we arn’t even every weekend shooters)and none of us do more than plink and hunt. great gun- makes us look good!!!!!

  4. Gunner said


    They are one heck of a rifle! Accurate and the accu trigger is outstanding. That has to be the best trigger going.
    Mine sure is a tack driver:-)


  5. pete macdonald said

    update from last post. my buddys and i are now ringing a 6in gong at 350yrds with ease. we need to find a longer range. i also found out i can change barrels and bolt heads to a ton of different caliburs, by myself. you can’t do that with any other gun that i know of .( that’s not a custom ). i have a remmy 700 tactical in 308 and to get it to shoot as good as the savage , it had to go to the gunsmith for trigger work. i love it but it didn’t come out of the box a shooter like my 10fp.

  6. Gunner said


    I’m not surprised at all. Mine was shooting 300 yard groups of 3 to 4 inches with the right ammo. There is one place that has a 600 yard line for rifles but it’s 60 miles away. One of these days though I’m going to go give it a try. 300 is about the max where I shoot but it’s sure fun! Good shooting on your part to!!!
    That Remmy is a fine rifle but you just can’t beat the 10FP with the accu trigger. I’ve never had a trigger as good as this one!


  7. Mike Norbom said

    I just got a 10fp with the 24 inch barrel. I was intimidated to adjust the trigger after reading the manual. Thank you for making it easy. Any suggestions for scope, rings and mounts would be appreciated. We’re trying to go long range too.
    thank you.

  8. Gunner said

    Hello Mike,

    I very happy to hear my review helped out setting your trigger:-) It’s one heck of a rifle and the best there is price wise Vs quality.
    Let me ask you this since there are so many choices of scopes. How much do you want to spend? That will help me a lot with scope choices.

    Take care,

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