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Springfield Armory “Champion”

Posted by Gunner on December 8, 2006

Springfield Armory 45 in the two tone OD green with black slide. It also comes standard with Novak night sights, a match trigger with a 4 1/4 pound pull. You would think accuracy would suffer with a shorter barrel but not in this case. With the bull barrel it locks up very tight and accuracy is on a par with the full size government model. This is the lightweight frame model. You also might think that recoil would be a problem especially on fast followup shots but it’s far from it. With the dual spring recoil guide rod the recoil is reduced considerably. This is one 1911 you can carry all day and be comfortable. A great carry gun!

2 Responses to “Springfield Armory “Champion””

  1. Dave said

    just purchased a used stainless champion and like it very much and have been reading about recoil buffers. from what i can tell there isn’t one available for this weapon and/or not recommended because of it’s “over engineered” recoil spring assembly due to the shorter barrel. what are your thoughts?

  2. Gunner said


    Honestly I would stay away from those recoil buffers. The life of those can vary from a couple of hundred rounds to 500 or so rounds. They have to be changed often because if one breaks, which happens a good deal, they lock the pistol up and it’s out of action until you can get it taken down and remove the remains of the buffer. It’s just not worth the trouble for very questionable benefit.

    Take care,

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