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S&W Gunsight 1911

Posted by Gunner on January 6, 2007

I recently purchased this S&W Gunsight version 1911. It’s a lightweight frame with forged slide. I changed out the grips for a set made by Mil-Tac knives called G-10’s. They provide an excellent grip no matter the weather. The mainspring housing was a MIM part that I changed out with an Ed Brown “Snakeskin” type. Coupling the grips,MSH and skateboard tape on the front strap and you have one solid grip all around.
After shooting 250 rounds (now 1200 rounds) through it I experienced no malfunctions of any type. The ACT/Novak mags that come with the gun are excellent. They are very smooth and feed correctly every time. I intend to use these mags and the new Wilson Elite Tactical mags on all my 1911’s. I plan on buying Wollf mags which are the same thing with the exception of having a Wollf spring. I also like the Novak sights which have a brass bead on the front sight. I find this really easy to pickup especially for those of us over 50 years old:-) I highly recommend this gun especially for daily carry.


2 Responses to “S&W Gunsight 1911”

  1. sully-ny said

    I traded my Glock 27 & Gen4 23 for the SW1911 Sub-compact in .45 cal. I am sure glad I made the switch to the SW1911, this pistol really shoots–and I enjoy shooting the .45ACP, easier to control than the .40S&W (great handling, slim, comfortable, not the like the plastic-brick that I just sent down the road) . Just got tired of the high-pressure snap of the .40. (not that I couldn’t handle it–qualify with it every quarter), but this ancient chuck of lead is the best idea in a defense round that I have ever experienced. You don’t even need a +P hollowpoint to be effective–WWI WWII Korea & Vietnam can testify to the effectiveness of the 230 grain hardball. The 40S&W is an answer to a question that no one was asking.

  2. Gunner said


    Oh how I agree with you on that chunk of plastic. I hate Glocks for several reasons. They are unsafe with that so called safety and they are a pain to carry concealed. The 40 cal does have more snap and is harder to quickly get back on target than the more effectice 45acp.
    Fantastic choice that S&W is a fine example of the best pistol ever made:-) I hope you enjoy it for many years to come!

    Happy Shooting,

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