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Springfield Armory Operator

Posted by Gunner on January 28, 2007


This is one Springfield I’ve wanted for some time. I picked it up and immediately went to my small range. Wow, talk about an accurate 1911. I’m sure the 43 ounces helps with fast follow up shots but it’s been put together well. Very good fit of the slide to frame as well as a smooth and crisp trigger pull of about 4.5 pounds. The Novak night sights give an excellent sight picture as always. The ambi-safety is crisp and sure. One thing I appreciate about Springfields guns is that depression of the grip safety is never a problem to depress. With some brands you have to really get a firm grip to make sure you depress the safety. With the Springfield and a high hold with my thumb resting on top of the safety I release it without problem. Nothing is as frustrating as trying to pull the trigger and you discover the grip safety is still engaged.
You might think that at 43 ounces it would be a real bear to carry concealed but with a Milt Sparks “55BN” holster it really isn’t. I carried it for several days and found it to be very easy to carry. The Sparks holster is a special order item to accomodate the rail.
At the range I paced off 15 yards and fired 50 rounds. You want to shoot more but at under 20deg you tend to change your mind pretty fast. I set a 5 inch target up and from a standing position put all 50 rounds into one hole about 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches. Not to shabby for an unfamiliar gun when your getting used to the change in trigger and weight. I normally like to shoot at least 200 rounds before I write anything about a new gun but with the weather in northwest Missouri–well you understand. Even with just 50 rounds I had no malfunctions of any type even though after getting home I found the gun devoid of any lube to speak of. All the brass fell within about 2 feet of each other. This a picky point with me. An extractor that isn’t very well adjusted will toss brass all over but not this gun. That means somebody at Springfield was paying attention to their job. That’s nothing unusual for this brand of gun.
This is the first gun I’ve purchased an Insight Technologies light/laser combo for. Outside of driving our cats nuts with the laser it does serve a purpose:-) If you want to keep this gun handy for home defense you won’t find a better accessory. With the included hex wrench all you have to do is adjust the laser at 10 to 15 yards to rest at the top of the sight picture. This is easily done with the Novak night sights doing there job. So, in pitch black with the sights glowing and a laser you’re pretty well assured of hitting what your aiming at. Add to that a 125 lumen white light and it’s just one handy piece of equipment. The laser/light combo weighs only 3.5 ounces so it doesn’t add any heft to speak of.
This is a fine gun that I’m adding some of Mil-Tacs fine grips to. That’s really all I need to do to have a really great gun for competition, defense or just enjoying time on the range.


8 Responses to “Springfield Armory Operator”

  1. Pepen Dayan said

    I absolutely agree with you.

    1911A1 Springfield is the issue of my twin after graduating from the military academy here. Speed, reliability and accuracy is the bottom line of having a self-defense handgun which all are found in the 1911 Springfield.


  2. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. Gunner said


    I’m curious–How so?. Do you mean quality or what exactly. I always like to hear others opinions and experiences.


  4. Gunner777 said


    I tried emailing you but it bounced back to me as a bad address. If you read this would you post your email address please sir.
    I see your’e in Amsterdam can you get Springfield Armory guns there?


  5. Wayne said


    Just located your site, it’s great. I’m going to replace the factory installed grips on my Springfield Operator with Mil-Tac G10 grips. Since the front strap on the operator is not checkered what did you use on yours? It’s hard to see in the photo.


  6. Gunner said


    I glad you enjoyed the blog that makes my day anytime someone gets some needed info from it:-) Well the grip material you see on the front strap I put on all my 1911’s unless they are already checkered. It gives the best possible grip without hurting your hand or abrading the skin. It’s skateboard tape:-) I’ll give you this little inside trick. If you go to about any skateboard shop they have pieces of leftover tape that most will give you. It’s enough usually to do 6 or 8 pistols and last for about a year or more depending on how much you shoot. Here’s the trick if you take your bushing wrench and lay it over a sheet of tape and cut around the outside edges of the bushing wrench it’s a perfect fit for the front strap. It provides a rounded top by the trigger guard and you just measure the bottom to get the correct length and take a pair of heavy scissors and cut it straight across. With the grips off it wraps around to the sides enough to make sure it stays put and the width is perfect for the 1911 front strap. It works very well and won’t come off unless you peel it off which is easy to do and doesn’t leave any residue to clean up just cut another piece to replace the old one. Just replace the grips and your done. I’m sure it will work well for you.


  7. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  8. Gunner said


    Thank you very much I appreciate it! Anytime you may have questions feel free to email me.

    Take care,

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