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Rock River AR15

Posted by Gunner on March 31, 2007

M4 Rock River

My newest addition is this Rock River Arms AR15. It has a Yankee Hill free float rail system, a national match trigger and a medium gas system which makes it more reliable and is easier on the gun over time. The barrel is 16 inches heavy profile. The trigger pull is just under 4 pounds and is a two stage type. The barrel is a chrome lined Wilson Combat. The chamber is also chrome lined for greater durability and easier cleaning.
My scope is a Leatherwood ART 3×9 (automatic ranging and tracking). This scope is intended for use with the 5.56 or .223 round on the AR platform. I also have an EoTech 512 Holographic sight for use up to 100 yards. Beyond that and the Leatherwood goes on. I’m going to add a front and rear iron sight set as well as a single point sling. Later I’ll probably change the stock for a Vitor type and put a Magpul grip on it.
I have only been out once and shot about 50 rounds. I found that it is shooting approx. a 2 to 2 1/2 inch group at 200 yards. The barrel is factory lapped so it needs no break in time.

2 Responses to “Rock River AR15”

  1. Jeff said

    Need your help again, I recently order a sig 556 swat rifle. Its not mine yet because the store didnt have it in stock. Anyways you never steered me wrong. So my question is if I do end up buying the rifle what optics do i go with without going broke. Yes just like everyone else I want the red dot with the magnifer because they work but in some cases just make the gun look better. if I go this route what do u recommend. Or do I throw I nice scope on it and be done with the whole thing. Last ? should I make this purchase or cancel it and go with a dif. AR. Thank you for your time and I love ur site.

  2. Gunner said

    Hi Jeff,

    Well sir there are so many to choose from. Let me start on the top of the scale. This is the one I use which is a 3X power
    It’s an ACOG which is very sturdy and in use by the Marines at present. It uses no batteries since the Tritium is always active. The price is between $600 and $700 which is a good deal of money. Of course the Sig rifle is almost $2000 so you might as well get the good stuff:-) Since the rifle is kinda pricey you might want a less expensive one. There are a good deal of choices if you can do without magnification.
    Another choice is this EoTech
    These are great and can be purchased as two units. This one has no magnification but you purchase a separate magnifier to use when needed and remove or flip it out of the way with the mount it has. This is the combination unit with the standard EoTech with attached 4x magnifier. As I said you can remove the magnifier or use the mount release to just move it out of the way without removing it.
    If you want to go with less money let me know and I can suggest a few around $200 but are not as sturdy or reliable.
    As far as the Sig I do like it and it is a fine rifle. The thing is you can buy so many extra’s for the AR and pay for an AR equipped well and a great red dot setup for the price of the Sig alone. Something to consider anyway. Another rifle to think about would be the SCAR which Special Ops command uses.
    I may have overloaded you with info:-) In want you to have some good choices though.

    Holler anytime,

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