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Kimber Custom II

Posted by Gunner on April 11, 2007

This is my basic model Kimber custom II. The basic Kimber has all the needed accessories anyone should need in a working self defense gun. Even being a basic model it has a match barrel, trigger, beavertail grip safety and a lowered and flared ejection port. The trigger on all the Kimbers I’ve owned or fired have been very consistant and normally break at approximately 4 pounds. The only problem I can see is after 100 or so presentations from a standard holster I started noticing wear on the finish. The areas showing wear were around the front of the barrel, the thumb safety and front of the trigger guard. To be fair you expect to see some wear at the muzzle after awhile but I have never had a 1911 show this much wear this soon. Oh well maybe it gives it a well used rustic look:-) Seriously though I may use my recent experience with refinishing my RIA Tactical with DuraCoat and do the same with the Kimber. DuraCoat is one tough finish!
Couple this 1911 with a Milt Sparks Heritage IWB holster and you have a fine combination for daily carry.

3 Responses to “Kimber Custom II”

  1. Gunner,

    Nice blog. Most of the guys here at Gunner’s Alley are also big 1911 fans. Have you had an experience with the Les Baer line of 1911’s? I own 2 (Premier II and Concept VI) and absolutely love them. In my humble opinion, they offer the best value you can find for a custom 1911; although I also like nearly all the other 1911 models that you listed on this page.

    Again, nice blog. Keep up the good pro-gun work.


  2. BradmanTaz said

    I LOVE my Custom II, only “improvements” I made to mine was swap in night sights like on the TLE model, put on a Pachmayr wrap-around grip, dump the FLGR for a Ed Brown GI plug and guide rod and that’s it – for 1911’s with those changes it fits, points, and shoots the way I want it too, and to think I was actually saving up for a Wilson, not anymore!

  3. Gunner said

    Good choice over the Wilson if nothing else you get the same performance and save a ton of money! I carry my Aegis II out of the custom shop almost everyday. I wasn’t sure about a 9mm but it’s so accurate and reliable as well as with the reduced recoil getting back on target is a simple exercise. It’s my favorite!

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