Camo Project on Springfield Armory M1A

May 9, 2007

This is an update from last months post on my new M1A. I decided that as much as I love wood stocks I wanted to try a synthetic stock. I bought a USGI synthetic in OD green. For this project I wanted to see how the stock would turn out using regular automotive type paints. I checked my local hardware store that just happened to have spray cans of all the colors I needed to make a woodland camo pattern. These paints were made for painting hunting trucks, ATV’s etc. The stock itself was like new and cost $75.00. When I finished buying sandpaper,paint and a spray can of matte clear sealant I’d spent about $25.00. Now that’s an economical project!
I started out by lightly sanding a few minor spots that needed smoothing. I put a base coat on in a light tan. After drying I used each individual color allowing each coat to dry before going on with the next color. I had no particular pattern in mind when I started and just kinda eyeballed the places I thought the paint pattern would look the best. After finishing with the application of the paints and allowing time for drying I sprayed two coats of the clear matte polyurethane coating to seal it and provide some protection from wear and scratches.
I think it turned out pretty well at minimal cost. Try it, you’ll enjoy yourself and have a stock you can use for hunting or just taking out and shooting without worrying about scratching and denting that nice wood stock:-)


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