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S&W Model 19 Refinished in DuraCoat

Posted by Gunner on September 20, 2007

Here is another example of the DuraCoat finish. Here are the before and after pictures. A very good friend of mine sent this S&W model 19 off and had it done by a company that specializes in gun refinishing. They did a very good job with this gun. It was cured over a one week period which is a good idea. The finish is certainly more durable as time passes. In my experience it hardens considerably after a couple of months. This is not to say you can’t shoot your gun until it cures that long. I shot my 1911 I refinished after two days with no problems at all. I just noticed the finish has gotten less likely to scratch after a period of time. When you clean and lube your gun these scratches go away and don’t come back. Now it’s almost impossible to scratch! I’m convinced that this is one of the best finishes you can apply to your gun. There are a great number of colors available as well.
One thing I neglected to mention when I covered refinishing my RIA 1911 is that the amount of hardener used will determine the amount of gloss in the finish. If you do this yourself you need to keep this in mind. You have to use the amount of hardener indicated but not to much:-) If you want to have your gun refinished with DuraCoat there are many companies that offer this finish. This model 19 was done by Jim’s Gun Supply (law enforcement discounts available). Another good source is your favorite gun forum. If you don’t have a gun forum you participate in try There are lots of good people on the forum as well as a wealth of information on any topic you can think of.

4 Responses to “S&W Model 19 Refinished in DuraCoat”

  1. Interesting article, but god that color is ugly. You should have just reblued it.

  2. Netpackrat said

    You took a perfectly good Combat Magnum and turned it into that abortion? For shame.

  3. Gunner said


  4. Gunner said

    Thanks for the comments on the article David. I sent an email about the guns color.
    My friend has shot it a lot and the DuraCoat has held up very well with the heavy blast of 357’s.

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