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G10 Grips

Posted by Gunner on September 24, 2007

Mil-Tac 1* Grips on my Springfield Armory Operator

First lets see what G10 is. This is a laminated composite of woven glass fabric, carbon graphite fibers and epoxy resin. In short that’s what G10 is. I guess you would have to be a chemist to know what all that means but in practical terms it means a material that is extremely durable and has an operating temperature of -50F to 180F with a maximum temp of 284F to destruction. That’s tough stuff!
I use these grips on all the 1911’s I own. Most come from MilTac. I also have grips made by VZ(VZ’s are Micarta not G10). There are several other sellers of grips with this material as well as so many knife makers using this material it would be impossible to list them all. Gunner Grips have a golf ball type dimple pattern and are very popular. As I said I usually buy mine from Craig at Mil-Tac. He is very easy to work with as well as being a very patriotic man who donates a great deal to our troops overseas. Any grips on his web store can be ordered with several variations. You can have them with the thumb cut out on the left grip panel to make it easier to reach the mag release. Most all companies offer the G10’s in a traditional shape as well as a flat bottom to allow use of a mag well. Mil-Tac is also licensed with Gary Paul Johnston to apply the 1* symbol on the grip panels. If your not familiar with this it means “one ass to risk” pretty neat idea.
One thing I have noticed is that the VZ grips do get a little dirty whereas the Mil-Tac grips don’t. This is because VZ grips are made of Micarta and not G10. It’s easy to clean these grips whether they are Micarta or G10. All you really need is a stiff bristle toothbrush or nylon gun brush and some dish soap. Water the grips down (once they are removed from the gun) then put on some detergent and scrub until you break up some of the worst surface dirt. Rinse, then do the whole thing over again until you are satisfied with how clean they are. All G10 grips are impervious to any and all solvents. You simply can’t hurt them without a tremendous blow of some sort. I’ve never damaged mine and that includes hitting them on door frames, grinding them on gravel while getting a suspect under control (before I retired) and just general long term use. I know many people who would never use anything but wood grips and I respect that but these are attractive grips and will last a very long time and still look great. Also, for those in the military and law enforcement Mil-Tac offers a law enforcement discount. If you are a Browning Hi Power fan you can also get G10 grips from Mil-Tac for the Hi Power and most clones of the Hi Power.
You can’t go wrong using these grips especially on a working gun! Whether wet or dry they give you an excellent grip surface that is not abrasive at all.

2 Responses to “G10 Grips”

  1. I just recieved two sets of VZ Custom “Operator” G10 grips over the weekend for both of my RIA 1911’s. I can’t say enough about the aggressiveness of the texture and the fit.

    It’s like whole new 1911 to me with these on the guns. VZ are good to go also as are the Mil Tacs.


  2. Gunner said


    Good deal! Your right they give you a great firm firm grip but aren’t abrasive to your hand. Those and the Mil-Tac G10’s make that second followup shot a lot faster.


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