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The Taurus PT1911 Stainless Has Arrived

Posted by Gunner on January 5, 2008

   After a long wait the Taurus PT 1911 in stainless steel has finally started to arrive in gun shops. I’ve been waiting on this 1911 for many a month and my local gun store got one in a couple of days ago. Yea, I grabbed it even though I thought they had the price to high at $669!. Since I got it by doing some trading it worked out fine.
   It was to late in the day to go shooting so I took my new prize home took it apart down to the last part and examined the entire gun. I found it well made with no tool marks or other anomalies. I have always heard the advertisement from Taurus about it essentially being a custom made factory gun. This sounds like an oxymoron to me since a custom gun to my way of thinking is one made by hand by such renowned makers as Bill Wilson and Ed Brown. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt so here we go. Taurus states that each part is hand fitted and while the gun will accept stock parts from after market suppliers you will have to do additional fitting since they spend so much time fitting in house components. There are a number of MIM parts in this gun without a doubt. Taurus makes them all. In fact the CEO of Taurus stated at the SHOT show that ALL parts are made on site by Taurus to their specs.
 This pistol is well made with a very nice finish.The sides of the frame and slide are nicely polished with the top of the slide a matte gray to prevent glare. The ambi safety moved off and on with a positive click. The trigger Taurus uses is a proprietary part that needs no adjustment even though it does have an adjustment screw. The trigger pull is smooth with no stacking and is consistent throughout the trigger pull. I measured the pull at just a shade under 4 pounds using the trigger pull gauge at the gun shop. I honestly wondered if the trigger spring was moving fast enough to fire the primer. I was proved wrong at the range. The MSH is cut at 30 LPI and provides a good purchase for your hand. Couple that with the factory front grip strap also cut at 30 LPI and the gun doesn’t move at all when fired. Taurus also places a 30 LPI checkering on the bottom of the trigger guard. I’m not sure of the purpose behind that but it doesn’t hurt anything. All of the checkering is well done and evenly cut.

  The magazine release is slightly longer than normal but is well done and does not release the mag when holstering the gun. The magazine well is also beveled nicely. The hammer is of the commander shape with a safety locking system at the top. I’ll never use it but I think I’ll keep the two keys that come with it.

This lock is not as obvious as some others so I see no need to change the hammer. If you did change the hammer you have to also change the hammer strut since it’s not a stock shape and is a part of the key safety system. In the above picture you can also see the slide to frame fit which is very snug viewed from the rear! The beavertail is well fitted with even spaces on each side. The barrel bushing is also air gaged for a proper fit. The pistol has a FLGR which I’ve never been wild about but is really neither a positive or negative feature.

   The rear sight is shown above. These are Heinie Straight Eight sights made under contract by Taurus. The front sight has one dot also. You simply stack the front dot on top of the rear dot and your aligned. Simple to use and very fast. Both front and rear sights are dovetailed into the slide. The rear sight has the usual hex screw for adjustment. More unusual for a 1911 is that the front sight also has a hex screw on top for adjustment. The factory grips are plastic and are very thin but feel good in the hand especially for those with smaller hands. I chose to put a pair of Mil-Tac 1* grips on mine. I love the texture of these grips

   I did have a small reservation before I fired the gun because the slide to frame fit was so tight. I was correct to be concerned. My concern melted away after the first 50 rounds fired. During the first 50 rounds the fit was so snug I had several failures to return to battery and chamber a round. After the first box of ball ammo was fired the slide smoothed up greatly and I experienced no further problems. The slide is still snug but very smooth now.

   This target is three seven round magazines fired from 10 yards in fairly rapid fire. The group measures 1 1/4 inches side to side and 1 7/8 vertically. Not to shabby performance from a new gun. This target was fired using Blazer brass 230 grain ball. This is the first gun I’ve owned with these sights and I must say I’m very satisfied with them. In fact even at this early stage I prefer them over any other sights I’ve used because of the ease of use and the speed which you can align them. Even with 56 year old eyes they work very well.
   I fired a total of 250 rounds of various types of ammo after the first 50 rounds of ball ammo. I used Federal Hydra Shoks, Hornady 200 grn +P’s, Hornady 230 grn +P’s, some old Winchester Black Talons and 150 rounds of the Blazer ball ammo and Winchester white box ball ammo. Again, I experienced no malfunctions after firing that first 50 rounds of ball ammo. I mixed magazines using the factory mags which are very close to the ACT mags, Wilson 47D’s, Metalforms as well as some old Colt magazines. The Taurus didn’t have a problem feeding from any of them. I didn’t have access to a chronograph this time but I believe you can determine from my shooting results that this Taurus is a fine addition to the 1911 family. A very well put together accurate pistol that in my opinion you can trust for daily carry after you run some rounds through it to break it in as you would with most 1911’s.

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24 Responses to “The Taurus PT1911 Stainless Has Arrived”

  1. Horace J. Lambert said

    That is a very fine range report,gunner. Its been a long time coming for the stainless steel model and it looks terrific. I wonder if changing the FLGR would void the warranty or not. Take care and enjoy your new 1911.

  2. Gunner said

    Hi Horace,

    Thank you sir! You can change out a FLGR or about anything you want as long as you don’t get into the internals or have someone do any physical changes to the frame,slide etc.
    In other words if you can put it back to original if you need warranty service your ok.


  3. […] Taurus PT1911 has been well received by the mainstream gun press, which is always somewhat suspect. Here is a very good write up on the model, from Gunner’s Journal, basically confirming it is a very good […]

  4. Tam said

    You’re not planning on swapping out the hammer? The one with the lock in it felt kinda chintzy to me. Obviously they work, but I’d sit up all night worrying about it…

  5. Gunner said


    I was going to order a new hammer the day I bought the gun but I thought I’d better check with Taurus.The person I spoke with told me it would void the warranty on the gun. Granted I’ve never been one to be to concerned with warranties especially on a type of gun I can fix myself should something break. The main reason I left it on is that Taurus told me I would have to change out more than the hammer. Among other things I would have to buy a new hammer strut,hammer and a small plate to fill a gap left by replacing the hammer.
    I could probably do all this without a problem but after thinking about it awhile I decided to just leave it alone since it worked fine and I can live with the looks of the factory hammer.
    On a side note the earliest Taurus 1911’s didn’t have the hammer lock and I wish the lawyers had stayed out of it and left the standard hammer on them.

    Take Care,

  6. pistolsandmore said

    I got my PT 1911 a few weeks ago and have been Very happy with it. There is one thing though, it has a blemish on one side in the finish. Didn’t notice it until I got it home. If I’m not mistaken, Taurus will correct it under the warranty – I think.
    Still though, I’m very happy with the pistol; reminds me of my old Colt 1911 I once had.
    Great write-up!

  7. Gunner said

    Thanks very much for your comment:-) It’s a surprisingly accurate and well made 1911 for the price. Pretty handsome as well. I hate to hear it has a blemish on the finish. Is it a lighter colored spot and can you tell me the size of it? I’m trying to get an idea of what could have caused it so that maybe you can have it fixed without sending it in. Taurus will take care of it with the lifetime warranty. If it’s on the slide you could just send the slide in and of course that would be much cheaper than sending the entire gun in.
    Just let me know and maybe I can give you a fix for it.

    Take Care,

  8. pistolsandmore said

    I just posted an article on my blog here on wordpress – basically to show a picture of the blemish. Take a look and see the blemish there.

  9. Gunner said

    Ok, heading there now—

  10. fkink said

    I agree whole heartedly with you thoughts. I bought mine after doing some horse trading with two other pistols. I read the article in the Sept. 2008 American Rifleman. I was impressed to say the least. At that time I had two 1911’s. Both from Springfield Armory. They were just fine but I wanted all the bells and whistles. I made a very good trade for a NIB PT1911SS. I shot it today and man am I impressed! It was smooth and acurate. I mean ACURATE. Doing double taps and body armor drills was unreal. The gun was like an extension of my arm. I’m very impressed. If you buy one you’ll see for yourself. There is no need to spend hundreds more. Taurus you rock.

  11. Gunner said

    Hello sir,

    They certainly are a great gun at a very reasonable price. The accuracy is very surprising considering the price. I’ve purchased 1911’s that have cost a considerable amount more than the Taurus and didn’t shoot as accurately. Taurus does do some hand fitting of critical parts which makes the price all that more amazing.

    Safe and happy shooting!!!!


  12. CJ said

    Hey Gunner,

    Thanks for the site/blog, it is great. First let me say a great big THANK YOU to you and your LE Brothers out there that keep the rest of us safe. I am glad to know that there are still some level headed LE Officers that acknowledge the need for good honest citizens that are armed and capable of keeping evil at bay.

    Regarding the Taurus PT1911 SS. I recently purchased a used one and must say that I love the gun and I am impressed with it. The previous owner of this gun must not have liked the satin finish on the top and front bottom of the slide and attempted to polish it off. As you can imagine the steel under the satin finish is not as uniform as the steel on the side of the slide and as a result looks a bit unusual, shiny but blotchy….It has not hurt the functioning of the weapon but I would like to get the satin finish back in place if I can.

    Is there a way to get the satin finish back in place myself? Or will I have to send the slide back to Taurus for that? Or will they even do that kind of thing for one of their guns? Any advice or guidence on this will be great.

    CJ in Ohio

  13. Gunner said


    Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you. I have been recovering from some hernia surgery. I usually answer the same day:-) I surely do appreciate your comment of thanks for myself and our LEO brothers for what we do. I tell you what most of the regular officers are very much pro CCW. It’s only when an officer reaches the rank of Captain and above when the become politicians and forget where they came from that they turn on the anti gun views. They may not even believe it themselves but it’s expected of them. There are exceptions but you’ll not see any in the larger cities especially in the northeast.
    These folks have been doing hard chrome finishing a long time and are very good at it.
    If you send it back to Taurus it will take a long time to get it back. Somehwere around two months most likely. That would be way to long for me. I think the best thing to do is to just have the entire pistol hard chromed so it all matches and the finish is uniform. It will look a lot better than any type of repair. If you decide to give Metaloy a call and for some reason it takes to long or cost is to much let me know there are some others that do good work I can recommend.

    Thanks for writing and all the best,

  14. My husband bought this for me for Valentines Day this year. I love this gun. My husband was very impressed at how well it shot right out of the box.

    I just like shooting it. It is a great gun. My 15 year old daughter shot it and had the biggest grin on her face. She wants her own now…

  15. Gunner said


    I love to hear from ladies who enjoy shooting. My daughter is 18 and a college student and when she comes home she goes to the range with dad from time to time. I do know that grin you mentioned. The biggest grin comes when I tell her to empty the mag on my AR15:-)
    There are some great 1911’s out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg and the Taurus is one of them. They do a good bit of hand fitting on those which certainly accounts for the accuracy without any extra work.
    The only problem these days is finding enough ammo and taking out that bank loan to buy it–LOL! Your husband did well buying that one for you!!!


  16. onegirlriot said

    *sigh* I wish this pistol was on the California list of “approved” guns. I have a Rock Island Officer’s model and love it, but I want this one, too.

  17. Gunner said

    That’s ridiculous! I don’t know if Ca draws lots to see what’s allowed or what but it makes no sense. Still that Rock is a great pistol:-)

    Happy Shooting,

  18. onegirlriot said

    actually, it’s more a case of whether the manufacturers want to jump through the hoops California sets before them. I’m guessing Taurus sells enough of these 1911s that they don’t want the headache of getting on the CA list. *sigh*

  19. Gunner said

    Now that makes more sense. That and they probably are looking at the expense in the future.


  20. Tim said

    I just bought the Taurus PT1911DT. New out of the box it was shooting 6-8 inches to the right at 10 yards consistently. I tried using the allen wrench provided, but it doesn’t fit the front or rear sight. Any thoughts on this one? The model I bought has the Novak sights. I tried some other small allen wrenches and didn’t find anything that worked. To be honest, even under magnification, I couldn’t see an allen screw in the rear sight. I got to figure out how to adjust this thing!

    Side note; even though the gun was not sighted in (or doesn’t appear to be), I could adjust my aim and nail the middle of the target almost at will. It may not be accurate right now, but its sure is consistent.

    Nice write-up! Love the site, going to look around some more.

  21. Gunner said


    Sorry it took a bit to get back to you I’ve been away from the computer a couple of days.
    Well sir mine has the Heinie sights so if they used the Novak type they must have changed or been out of the Heinie sights which they actually make under license. It is possible if they used the Novak type a screw was not used if the fit was snug enough. If you can’t see a screw I’d say just get a brass punch to move the rear sight. You may find one at a local hardware store but if not Brownells has them.
    Using this type of punch and a small hammer with a small head you should be able to drift adjust the rear sight. It sometimes takes a bit of force depending on how tightly fitted they are.
    I would probably contact Taurus customer service give them the serial number and see if those are indeed installed without an allen screw. Usually I can hold the pistol between my knees and tap the sight that way. Make darn sure it’s unloaded of course:-) You can mark either side of the sight with a pencil so you know you are moving it and how much.
    I’m glad you enjoy the blog!

    I hope this works for you,

  22. I’ve had several problems with the PT 1911 I bought two years ago. First the thumb safety
    fell out after about 20 rounds. Taurus fixed
    that under warranty but they kept it 4 months.

    Then I experienced light firing pin strikes causing misfires. I sent it back to Taurus and they sent it back saying they could find nothing wrong but it still missfires. I tried removing the Series 80 firing pin block and tried a heavier hammer spring but it still misfires. It does this with handloads and factory ammo.

    Any ideas?

  23. Gunner said


    That’s very unusual for a Taurus 1911 to do that. I know the only gripe I have with Taurus is service time which is bad.
    What I would do is buy a series 70 firing pin since you removed the series 80 garbage. I would also replace the firing pin spring with a Wolff firing pin spring. That has more to do with light strikes than anything else. Let me know if that doesn’t cure the problem.


  24. Darrell Horne said

    traded for a slightly used pt1911 blued last year.had problems with the ambi thumb safty.replaced it with one from works great.buddy with a colt gold cup wants one now.accuracy is has never failed or jammed after the safety was replaced,i love it wish they had a conceal carry model like kimber.dhorn

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