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Daly Hi Power Completed Upgrades

Posted by Gunner on May 9, 2008

Charles Daly HP with Novak Sights and Craig Spegal Grips

This is my Daly Hi Power after the upgrades.

  I added several upgrades to my Daly Hi Power. These are actually fewer additions than if it had been a Browning since the Daly has the proper slide cuts for easy addition of Novak sights.

Craig Spegal Custom Grips From Novak. These are the grips on the Daly.
Beautiful Work!

  I added these Spegal grips as well as a set of  Novak plain black sights to replace the XS sights. The other Daly will keep the XS sights. I wanted the Novaks on this one to be more precise in my shooting when on the range. The later model Daly HP’s use a standard 1911 Novak slide cut which certainly makes it easy to change these sights out. The folks at XS told me they didn’t want a proprietary slide cut so owners wouldn’t be limited to the XS sights. They decided that the Novak cut for the 1911 was the best possible solution sense these are the most prolific sights on the market. My hats off to them for this decision! Novak only charges $59 plus shipping for these sights. The grips were $75 and graded Std+.
 Installing these sights was a very simple task and took about 30 minutes with only very minor fitting on the front sight with none on the rear. The rear Novak sight was an appropriately snug fit that only needed a tightening of the set screw on top of the sight. The front sight needed a few light passes with 1200 grit wet dry sandpaper to fit properly. After that it was just a simple matter to sight the pistol in. Using the plain black sights allows a very good sight picture with ample space on either side of the front sight.
  The Spegal grips fit like a glove as expected but did come with detailed instructions for fitting should yours need it.

Novak Sight Selections

 Along with these last additions there was also the addition of the Cylinder and Slide trigger, reduced tactical spring kit which included the extra power trigger return spring, mainspring, extra power firing pin spring and the addition of a C&S sear spring. With the exception of an extractor spring and new extractor most all the internals are now from C&S. This makes for a wonderful trigger, reliability and no MIM parts. The only other addition will be a Bar-Sto match barrel in a couple of months. It’s very accurate as is and this will make it a tac driver for certain.
 The sight used is pictured above as the top left and also pictured on the bottom right. The product codes are as follows. LMC01 Colt plain black, DFS02-3.225 black front. These are the standard Novak slide cuts for the 1911. Now this is for the later model Daly HP’s finished by Magnum Research. The earlier guns finished by Dan Wesson used a standard Novak cut for the series II Hi Power. Check my original review for the serial number reference to make sure you order the correct sights for your gun.
 Even though the high quality parts added a good amount to the Daly project it came out very nice. Of course if you choose to do the same with your Browning you will need to send your slide in to Novak to have the slide cut for the sights. Turnaround time is one week or less depending on your location and mailing time. One other thing I have to commend Novak on besides the usual great customer service is the shipping time and cost. Many companies add to the profit for parts etc. by charging high shipping cost. Novak will not do that. Two Day Air shipping from UPS was only an $8.00 charge from Novak. Now that’s very reasonable!
I hope you enjoyed the review on my mods to this pistol and will find it useful.

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10 Responses to “Daly Hi Power Completed Upgrades”

  1. theflatwhite said

    Thanks for sharing – it looks beautiful.
    What sort of grip (skateboard tape?) is on the front strap, or is it just shadow? Also, is that a C&S hammer…dosen’t look like the typical brownish one on the stock Daly.

  2. Gunner said


    Thanks for your comment! That is skateboard tape. I started using it several years ago and it sure is a cheap way to increase your grip.I usually can go by a skateboard shop and pickup enough scrap for free to last a long time. oops I left that hammer out of the list:-) It is a C&S. I started to get the 1911 shaped one but decided to stay with the traditional shape. The hammer fit well without much fitting at all.

    All the best,

  3. theflatwhite said

    Your very detailed descriptions on the mods you made are great. It’s inspired me to do similarly to my CD HP (not too proud to be a net copy-cat 🙂 ).

    Curious, were did you get the non-MIM extractor? C&S doesn’t have one listed in the BHP parts section.

  4. Gunner said

    Hi Paul,

    Hey copy all you want! That’s really why I went into detail to let folks make the mods if they wanted to. I probably didn’t make it clear enough on the extractor. That was one part I couldn’t replace. I never could find an extractor but I’m keep my eyes out for one. Somebody has to make one.
    One other thing is if you don’t feel like doing the sights yourself Novak will put the plain black sights on for a total cost of $89 and return the slide to you within a week.

    Have fun and happy shooting!

  5. Hobie said

    It is an excellent post!

  6. Gunner said


    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  7. Arch Stanton said

    I’m thinking about buying a Charles Daly Hi Power. Do you know Cylinder and Slide SFS kit will fit this Hi Power? Also, can XS Night Sights be installed and if so, do they take the Hi Power or 1911 XS Night Sights? I found your review informative. Thank you.

  8. Excellent site and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here: this .. as it’s taken me literally 1 hours and 15 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  9. Hey Phil,
    Great article-I called Novak a few months back and a guy told me that their sights wouldn’t fit-he said they’d fit the dovetail but that the dovetail was too shallow and the sight wouldn’t hug the slide and he had no idea what height front sight I would need. Does yours fit right? Does it regulate properly and at what range? I want an adjustable 3 dot system.

  10. Aw, this is an extremely fantastic post. In theory I want to write like this also – spending time and actual effort to make a great article… but what can I only say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

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