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Marlin Model 7000 .22 Rifle

Posted by Gunner on June 25, 2008

Marlin Model 7000 Semi-Auto Target Rifle

   As with most shooters these days buying ammo is a real pain in the budget. Having that on my mind led me to buy a rifle I haven’t owned in years and that’s a 22 rifle. Saving money and shooting more isn’t the only reason to have a 22 rifle. A Marlin like this one is accurate at a greater distance than one might think. This model 7000 isn’t made anymore but can be pretty easily found. It has a heavy target barrel 18″ in length. The magazine holds 10 rounds of 22 long rifle. If you need extra magazines you can pick them up at WalMart which is convenient. The rifle comes with a black synthetic stock of the Monte Carlo type with a length of draw made for an adult. It also has sling rings which can be used to mount a bipod instead or you can add another sling ring to the rear of the stock front one for a bipod. The rifle weighs in at just over 5 pounds making it very handy to carry around the woods or range.

Right side view with a 4×32 scope Simmons.

   Something you don’t see very often on a 22 rifle is a bolt hold open after the last round is fired. It also has a bolt hold open lever at the front of the trigger guard. The safety is the usual button that pushes right to left to take the safety off and is located just behind the trigger. The scope that came with the rifle was a Simmons 4×32. After going to the range I decided I needed a bit more magnification and replaced this scope with a new Bushnell 3x9x32. This scope is brighter and has a cleaner view than the Simmons and came with heavy duty scope mounts. At the rear of the scope is a ring to set the scope from 3 to 9 power. Scope covers come with this scope.

Bushnell 3×9 replacement scope

   At the range I set the scope up for 100 yards. I know that may seem like that’s pushing the limits of a 22 long rifle but actually once the scope was calibrated the groups were around 2 to 2 1/2 inches using Federal hollowpoints. My best group was 2 inches firing 10 round strings. The balance of this rifle is very good. Comfortable to shoot and very easy to hold on target off hand. The groups I mentioned above were fired using a table with elbows resting on the surface. Not as stable as a rest but good enough for the groups I shot today. All total I shot 300 rounds without any problems at all even though it has been some time since the rifle has been cleaned. After cleaning I took the rifle back to the range and improved my 10 round groups by 1/4 to 1/2 inches. I used Lanigan products to clean the receiver as well as KG 2 bore polish which makes the inside of the barrel shine like a new penny. A lot of shooters buy a 22 rifle or pistol and never clean them. Sorry but I can’t do that and never have been able to. I want my guns clean inside and out no matter if it’s a 22 or whatever. I used Lanigan KG1 to remove powder residue and KG 12 Bore Cleaner to remove copper. If you can’t get your rifle clean with these products you can’t get it clean with anything. I followed up with Wilson Combat’s Ultima Lube gun grease which really slicks up the bolt and a touch of Wilson gun oil for other moving parts. Now you have a clean and very smooth action. The Wilson Gun Grease is especially noteworthy in that it is the slickest gun grease I have ever used and stays where you put it and last for a very long time.

   I was able to purchase this little used rifle with Simmons scope for $130 then traded in the Simmons scope for the Bushnell for a total cost of $145. Not bad at all for a Marlin like this with the heavy target barrel. In short this is a very nice rifle at a good price that has some nice features with much better than average accuracy at distance which I’m sure is due to the heavy match barrel. Of course your wallet feels much better after you purchase a brick of 22 long rifles rather than .223’s. That and they are just as much fun to shoot now as when you were 12 years old!

UPDATE: 6/29/08

I found our something interesting concerning ammo I thought I would pass along. The small groups I got were with Remington Copper coated hollowpoints. Yesterday I went out to the range and used some Winchester lead hollowpoints. The difference in accuracy was astounding to say the least. My groups opened up to 4 to 4 1/2 inches! The ammo wasn’t that old and there were no other factors to account for this difference in accuracy with the exception of brand and the lead bullet. I can only conclude that the Micro Groove rifling Marlin uses doesn’t like lead bullets at all. Just a little info for those who want max accuracy should stick with the copper bullet and leave the lead ones alone.

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29 Responses to “Marlin Model 7000 .22 Rifle”

  1. theflatwhite said

    Looks like you’ve got a nice little shooter there.
    Ah, 12 years old and 22s!

    I still have the used Ruger I bought at that age. Our family was on the poor side of middle class so I saved and worked odd jobs for several years before I could afford to buy a it.
    Lord willing, that gun will never be sold.

  2. Gunner said


    It’s just a load of fun to shoot!!!! It brings back memories for me to. I used to clean my dads office for a little money each couple of weeks and eventually saved enough for a Marlin Golden 39A. I still love that gun and we were about the same as far as finances back then so it was a real accomplishment to save enough for that sweet rifle:-) Still got mine to. Would you believe back then it had a lever on the trigger ring you could fold down so that everytime you worked the action the rifle fired. That would never happen these days!

    Take Care Buddy,

  3. Richard Kerr said

    I still have a Marlin Glenfield Model 70 with the 18rd. tube magazine that I bought used back in 1998. The fella claimed it wouldnt hit anything (he had a real cheap “peanut scope on it he wanted to keep) so he sold the rifle to me fo $60! I went out right away and bought a 4×32 Tasco and some boxes of CCI Stingers and went to my favorite shooting place. I set the targets at the NRA small bore distance of 50′, if I had this rifle when I was on rifle team in highschool I would have shot “pinwheels” (10 rings) all day! The seller either didn’t know how to shoot or had a really poor “peanut scope” because it is accurate as anyone could expect. I wont be getting rid of it any time soon!

    Hope ya’ll enjoy yours, happy shooying!


  4. Gunner said


    I don’t think Marlin has ever made a bad rifle. My favorite is still the model 39. I love that old gun. You sure got a deal on yours!!!!

  5. Jerry said

    I’ve got a saved search at for the Marlin 7000 and haven’t seen one since you wrote this article. People must be holding on to these rifles!

  6. Gunner said


    I think they are to. I know I haven’t seen one lately either. I’m not sure how many years Marlin made them and that may have something to do with it. I’m sure hanging onto mine!
    By the way I have 1000 rounds through mine:-)


  7. Randy in N. Wisconsin said

    I have a 7000 that I really enjoy. When I picked it up at the gun shop one day, I didn’t want to put it back down. It was everything people were doing to the Ruger 10/22’s, better stock with a really nice shape, heavy barrel, etc. but it was already done and ready to shoot. Priced well under $150, I walked out with it and never looked back. Shot 100 yard buffalo sihlouettes with it this summer against the boys with the big target .22’s and held my own easily. It’s a shooter! I like using Stingers in it as we have problems with bigger critters around here. I consider it a mini .223 for the most part, with a low entry cost. As the days get shorter, I swap out to a red dot scope. In summer I use a nice 4X or a big scope if I’m shooting those pesky metal buffalo. If you can find one in fair shape, take it home. I don’t think you’ll ever be dissapointed. Have fun guys! Randy

  8. Alex said

    Qualcuno sa darmi un consiglio! Sono indeciso a comprare marlin 7000,ruger 10/22 e remington 597.
    Del marlin mi piace il magazin monofilare che secondo me è più affidadabile, l’old open manuale e mi sembra anche che la canna sia fissa alla carcassa e non smontabile (non sono sicuro),però non sono tanto convinto delle micro grove perchè sembrerebbe che con i proiettili ultrasonic siano meno preciso,perchè in alcuni casi scavalcano i solchi.
    Del ruger mi piace la qualità della costruzione e la qualità della lega usata per la carcassa e il sistema di bloccagggio della canna con 2 viti, però non piace lo sgancio del magazin un po scomodo e il carrello che non rimane aperto dopo l’ultimo colpo in automatico, ma bisogna farlo da noi con la piccola e scomoda levettina davanti al grilletto, forse il tutto soffre di un progetto un po vecchio.(1960)
    Quello più giovane è il 597 (1997) infatti mi piace il sistema dell’otturarote che come guide usa 2 aste in acciaio comprese di 2 molle che fanno da recupero in questo modo non vengono fatte guide all’interno della carcassa eliminando l’usura tra l’otturatore di acciaio e la lega della carcassa appunto, il carrello rimane aperto all’ultimo colpo e per il magazin c’è un comodo tasto sul fianco lato destro,però non mi piace la canna avvitata alla carcassa da un solo bullone e il sottoguardia tutto di plastica.
    Da Firenze Italia tanti saluti Alex

  9. Alex said

    a dimenticavo ciao Phil!!

  10. Gunner said

    Alex, It’ s sempre il mio piacere aiutare un collega tiratore in tutto il senso posso. Certamente capisco le vostre preoccupazioni fra le caratteristiche di ciascuno di questi fucili fini. Il Ruger è un più vecchio disegno ma sure ha sostenuto alla prova di tempo. Ruger inoltre è conosciuto come capo di mondo in leghe dell’arma da fuoco. L’ultima stretta rotonda aperta è caratteristica molto desiderabile per sicuro ma personalmente non sarebbe un fattore importante nella mia decisione. Cercherei l’affidabilità, la durevolezza e naturalmente il costo del fucile ed il costo fuori dagli accessori. Dei tre il Ruger durerà loro il più lungo tutte. So che la gente che ha avuta Rugers per 35 anni o più ed ancora li spara e sono esatte come il giorno li hanno comprati. Il pro’ la s del Remington è che è un più nuovo disegno con la stretta del bullone aperta e come avete accennato i doppi coni retinici il bullone guidate sopra. It’ azione molto regolare dello S.A. che richiede soltanto la lubrificazione molto secondaria. In effetti a molta lubrificazione nel Remington e nell’esso comincerà a funzionare incorrettamente. Ho trovato questo fuori dalla mia propria esperienza. Appena una coppia di gocce di olio lubrificante alla parte posteriore del bullone in cui il funzionamento dei coni retinici attraverso è tutto voi hanno bisogno di. L’esattezza è molto buona ed è probabilmente il fucile di riserva più esatto del gruppo con il Ruger che è una seconda molto vicino. La macaira isn’ t molto lontano dietro comunque. Il Ruger sembra essere meno munizioni sensibili che il Remington. La buona fortuna e ritiene libera di scrivere in qualunque momento Phil

  11. Dale said

    I also own a marlin 7000 and probably 8 or 10 other .22 rifles. Have to say the marlin is in the top 3 for accuracy. My thompson or Anschutz are the other contenders. Too bad marlin could’nt put a better trigger in it to match that barrel. I think you’ll find if you shoot standard velocity ammo like wolf target or cci standard velocity your groups will shrink considerably. .22s are mighty finicky about what you feed em.

  12. Gunner said


    I sure agree it would be a better rifle than it already is if the trigger was a bit better. Darned accurate rifle though. I’ll give the Wolf target ammo a try.


  13. Dale said

    Phil, just read your test on the 597. My father has the standard light barrel. It also loves the cheap rem. golden bullets. But before you crown the heavy barrel 597 king of the semi-autos,I hope you shoot a thompson classic. I have the heavy barrel version the Benchmark. My buddies classic shoots nearly identical to mine and its about 2.5 pds lighter than my benchmark and your 597. Weight in a blessing on the shooting bench, but not straped to your back.
    You have a great websight here, hope you dont mind my input.


  14. Gunner said


    Heck no I’m always glad to have your input! I do know the Thompson and I would have to give it top marks for sure. It is a better rifle than the Remmy. I’m glad you enjoy the website!

    Take care,

  15. Kim Hector said

    Great write up on the Marlin 7000! Try using the new Remington CBee 22 ammo with it. subsonic 22 longrifle with a 33 grain silver-tip hollow point bullet that is notched at 750 fps. No powder just primer. super quiet for backyard safari. When stealth is mandatory this is just the medicine. You must recycle each round manually as there is not enough juice to recycle semi-auto.

  16. Gunner said


    That sounds interesting. I’ll have to give those a try. I’m glad you enjoyed the write up!


  17. Kim Hector said

    I would like to recommend English only as it is the only language I can understand!

    An ignorant American!!!!!!

  18. Gunner said


    He’s in Italy:-)

  19. Kim Hector said

    One thing I did want to mention is the Remington CBee 22 ammo is super-accurate in the Marlin 7000. At 50 feet from the bench it will shoot through the same hole dead center! Try a little Break-Free on the trigger mechanism (sparingly) and it will lighten that trigger right-up! Also I agree that the action should be cleaned and lubricated regularly, however, the barrel does not need to be cleaned as most .22 ammo leaves a little lubricant as it goes through the barrel. I admit I can’t understand why Marlin would discontinue such a great firearm as the Marlin 7000 !!!

  20. Gunner said

    Good info Kim—I have no idea why they would discontinue it either. It was only made a few years as it is.

  21. dummidumbwit said

    Put up a Dragunov post, I’ll do one sooner or later? Nice post, I’m to much a of History buff to get excited about a real sporting rifle though, but that’s just me, good work!

  22. terry said

    Do you or any one know where to buy an adjustible trigger of complete trigger assy for the marlin 7000. I have one that I am polishing on but it is old and needs replaced to offset the heavy pull.


  23. Gunner said


    Brownells has the factory parts for the Marlin 7000. They don’t list the entire assembly rather by part name like the sear etc.
    Midway also has parts for the trigger of the 7000. Outside of these two contacting Marlin is about the only way to go.

    Best of luck,

  24. bob nelson said

    Love my marlin 7000 but need info on where to get parts for it. I broke the magazine realease and need a direction to head for parts any ideas???

  25. Gunner said


    Here is a link for you at Brownells. The schematic has part numbers then below are the parts for order.


  26. Anthony said

    Love my model 7000. Have owned it for 10 years and it has been my go to squirrel gun. Only problem is recently i pulled my scope off and parts of the dovetail started breaking off the gun. Any advice on what to do about this?

  27. Gunner said


    You mean the actual receiver! If it’s the top of the receiver it’s an alloy so that in itself is a problem. I doubt even a gunsmith could mend that. What I would do in your place is have a gunsmith smooth that area out and drill mount holes for a picatinny rail. It would be permanent mount but that would solve your problem. You may need a different set of rings to accommodate the extra width of the rail setup but that’s a minor expense.
    Let me know if you have any other questions on mounts etc.

  28. Don Marsh said

    Do you know a web site that I could see a exploded view of a Marlin model 7000 22 lr. I just got one off a fellow that the gun doesn’t have the trigger or trigger guard and there maybe other parts missing. I would like to get it functional again and give to grand kids. Thanks for any help you can.

  29. Gunner said

    Yep here ya go Don——

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