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AR15 From CMMG

Posted by Gunner on October 12, 2008


I ran across a new manufacturer of AR15’s named CMMS. They are a small company in Fayette,Missouri. I stopped in to Mark’s Armory and saw this AR and saw that it was a bit different than most run of the mill examples. The lower is a DPMS with collapsible six position stock. The upper is the heavier variety found on match AR’s. The upper is also from DPMS and is the upper used on the Panther Race gun. In fact the upper is almost twice as thick as the steel on a standard model which makes this rifle more stable and therefore more accurate as it turns out.The upper is also made from extruded aluminum alloy. There is no forward assist or dust cover which is fine for the average shooter. The foregrip is a free float barrel type with an M4 chrome lined barrel from DPMS.

In this picture you can see how thick the metal is on the upper

All of the parts used are very good quality. Another addition that CMMS added is a cheek rest from Command Arms. This rest is very easy to add to any AR15 and provides a very good cheek weld when sighting. It also has two water tight compartments for carrying battery’s or other odds and ends. It an excellent addition for your AR.

Command Arms Cheek Rest

After deciding to take this one home with me and hoping my wife wouldn’t kill me I saw some scopes that looked a lot like an ACOG. Not being one who can afford an ACOG I was interested. The company that makes these is NC Star. I know I know they are inexpensive but not cheap if you know what I mean. I expected an $85 scope to be blurry and just not very clear at all. I was surprised to see that I was wrong the optics are very clear as is the Mil-Dot reticle. There is a rheostat on the left side that runs off a watch type battery. Turning the knob clockwise the reticle turns green with one more notch dimming the reticle. Turning it counterclockwise and the reticle turns red. Handy for low light situations. With the power off the reticle is black. It has an eyepiece adjustment for nearsighted or farsighted people at the rear of the scope. They make several variations of this scope but this one is a straight 6X42. At the top is a knob for bullet drop calibrated for a 62 grain .223 round. Range on this 100 to 500 yards. The reticle as mentioned before has the Mil-Dot crosshairs if you choose to use this feature instead especially if you happen to use a different load than what the scope is calibrated for. The knob on the right side is the standard right and left windage adjustment. One click is 1/2 inch at 100 yards. Mounting is very simple since this scope uses a lever to lock the scope in place. Removing it and replacing it had no effect on the zero. We’ll see how it holds up over time and many rounds of recoil. So far it works very well.

After getting it home I cleaned the rifle and lubed it with the usual Militec. I went out to the range and setup at 100 yards to sight the scope in. It only took three rounds to have it right on the money. I fired the group below at 100 yards standing unsupported. The results are pretty good:-)

The circle is about 3 inches across

After this group I used a sanbag rest off the bench and had groups that averaged about 1 3/4 inches using Black Hills 62 grain match ammo. I moved back to 200 yards and had groups open up to a bit over 2 7/8th inches with the same ammo. This is certainly better than the groups I’m used to with the standard AR15 having the stock upper and non free floated barrel. This is certainly not your stock configuration but it looks good and shoots very well. To get a nice AR such as this one for $680 and a decent scope for $85 it won’t break the bank.
With the elections coming up very soon and should Obama win you better stock up on ammo, hi-cap magazines and any “black rifle” you have been yearning for because if he gets in office the push to take away our guns will be a high priority with him or so he has said. If you think the last assault weapons ban was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet!
On the main blog page at the top is a link to Mark’s Armory if you are interested in an AR15 like this one. You sure can’t beat the price especially for what you get!

Troy Single Point Sling With Mount

As always I wish you safe shooting and an enjoyable time at your range. Remember comments and questions are always welcome.

4 Responses to “AR15 From CMMG”

  1. theflatwhite said

    Yup, I’ve just about reached the saturation point.

    Every time I think about Obama and what he and his facist mentors would do to this country if he’s elected with a Dem majority in congress, I swear blood shoots right out of my eyes.

    Let us know how the scope holds up. ACOG’s may be the best, but I’m with you. 1K+ on optics is a bit beyond my budget.

  2. Gunner said


    I have about reached that same saturation point. I know if Obama is elected all the progress over the last few years on concealed carry, repeal of the assault weapons ban will be overturned and we will be back under the heel of a Democratic controlled country and that is scary!
    Once I get about 500 rounds shot I’ll let you know about the scope. I honestly think it will be fine.


  3. Jerry said

    Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s election goes well and all the talk of Osama taking away our guns was premature!

    How’s your new AR15 doing? The price has me interested. Do you have other ARs? How does this compare … since it’s so inexpensive compared to some I’ve seen?

  4. Gunner said

    Hi Jerry,

    That new AR is doing just great. No malfunctions and it’s a straight shooter. No complaints at all. It compares well with the DPMS and the Rock River. The Rock River has more bells and whistles and a match trigger but it was $1100! This rifle is really a great buy at $680. I’d buy another from them.

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