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Sig Sauer P6

Posted by Gunner on October 14, 2008

Sig P6 German Polizei Import

Photo Courtesy of Hi Powers and Handguns

As many of you know the German Police or Polizei have switched to the H&K line of handguns. All of the old Sig P6’s, or as we know them here the Sig 225, have been imported by Century International for sale in the USA. Conditions on these guns varies from good to very good. Most have not been shot very much and most wear is from holster carry. Of course this is true whether it’s an American trade in or a German trade in. You can certainly get a fantastic bargain on this particular pistol. The Sig P6 is imported for sale in the standard blue Sig case with two magazines supplied. Most dealers who carry these fine pistols sell out of them as fast as they get them in. It’s no wonder! Where else can you purchase Sig quality for around $300 to $350! This model Sig is essentially a Sig 226 in compact form using a single stack mag configuration with the mag holding eight rounds of 9mm. I owned the American version P225 back in the mid 1980’s and found it to be a very fine pistol with outstanding accuracy. It also is thinner than most compact pistols such as the Glock and conceals very well. I know many shooters feel that you should at least have 13 or more rounds of 9mm to be considered well armed. I take issue with this view. I feel that if the first mag doesn’t get you out of trouble and the situation resolved your are most likely in deep trouble!

Sig With Cor-Bon DPX Ammo

I hadn’t seen any of these pistols in any of the local gunshops until today. Most have been mail order only. I stopped at a gunshop on the way home just to look around for a few minutes and noticed what was obviously a trade in P6. They had about a dozen of these a week or so ago and were down to only three left. I asked to see all three so I could compare condition, trigger pull etc and pick the best of the group. This particular example showed very little holster wear and from the barrel condition had been shot very little. As is common with most Sigs the trigger pull is a bit heavy at first and eases up as the trigger comes back. This one had a bit better than average trigger and was very tight all around again indicating very little use. It was marked “Made in Germany” with “P6” on the opposite side. The price on this one was $350. That is one heck of a deal for any Sig! If you can’t find one at a local dealer the place to mail order one to be sent to your FFL is Centerfire Systems. You do have to keep checking with them often since they sell out as fast as they come in. Here is the link directly to the Sig .
The P6 is a comfortable pistol to carry at a shade over 28oz. with a 3.9 inch barrel. Any holster that fits a Sig 226 will fit this pistol. A great holster would be the Galco Yaqui Slide for a 226. I’m sure if you contact Erik Little at Rafter L Gunleather he can make a holster for you. This man can really make a quality holster in fact the best there is available anywhere!

On the way home is a public range so after a quick stop at Wal-Mart for some white box 9mm I stopped and fired about 50 rounds. It shoots just as well as I remember. Having shot the 1911 so much it will take a bit of time to become accustomed to the Sig trigger again but that’s really no big deal. I used a shooting C target in the 5 inch size. With other shooters on the line I couldn’t move into my usual range evaluation distances so all rounds were from the 25 yard line. Even with my struggling a bit to get used to the trigger again and people shooting AR’s on both sides of me making me dodge brass all rounds went into that 5 inch target no problem at all. In fact three rounds went right through the red bullseye:-) These are just very accurate pistols period and always have been regardless of model or frame size. I’ll shoot some evaluation rounds when I get an opportunity and post the results here. This pistol is a real bargain and worth looking for one especially at these prices.
I did pick some fresh carry ammo that I have heard nothing but good about. It’s the Cor-Bon DPX which uses the Barnes solid copper bullet with a very deep hollowpoint. This is a 115 grn. +P round at 1250 fps and 399 ft/lbs of energy. In testing this round retains 100% of it weight and expands to twice the bullets original size. It also expands every time according to those who have done extensive testing. They have taken this round and fired it into two layers of clothing and a leather jacket with complete penetration and full expansion in the ballistic media behind the clothing materials. They have also tested it against auto glass and doors and had complete penetration on these materials with full expansion coming out the other side and still retained almost 100% bullet weight. That’s pretty amazing but Barnes is known for making very effective bullets and most folks know that Cor-Bon is usually on the cutting edge of ammo design. I did some measuring which is rather revealing. The cavity of the hollowpint is very deep at 3/8th of an inch with the mouth of the cavity at 1/4 inch wide! That is one mean looking round looking at it head on. Several law enforcement agencies have gone to this round with very effective real world one shot stops in 9mm and 40 caliber. This may very well be my carry load in all calibers if the results continue as time goes on and more police shooting results come in. Between the solid copper bullet and high speed of the round I would expect no less. One other note- there have been no recorded instances of over penetration in real world shootings.

Cor-Bon DPX “Deep Penetrating”

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some additional evaluations in the next week or so and get them posted. Bottom line is if you can acquire one of these Sigs it’s a real bargain you won’t be sorry you purchased!
One other thing. I have to apologize for the poor picture quality this time. I had to use the picture capability of our video camera which doesn’t take the best pictures.

Safe shooting and as always any questions or comments are welcome.

Update 10/19/08

I went to the range today to shoot my 200th round of ammo through this fine little gun. The picture above was fired at 10 yards. I drew and fired and fast as I could realign the sights. Total of eight rounds with some going into the same hole. I mentioned how accurate these pistols are as are all Sigs I’ve ever shot and I’ve shot about everyone they make except for the latest P250. The ammo was the Cor-Bon DPX 115 Grn.+P with the Barnes solid copper bullet mentioned above. You can get a good feel for the group size by comparing it to the magazine size. I have shot Remington 115 grn, Cor-Bon, Winchester, CCI and Remington 124 grain and finally Hornady TAP. All fed without a hitch and honestly I expected nothing else. Since the early 1980’s when I shot my first Sig 220 European I’ve never had a malfunction and that’s saying a lot. It’s the only brand I’ve ever shot that has never malfunctioned!
I do intend to replace the trigger spring with a lighter weight Wolff spring as I did on my H&K USP Compact. It should lighten the double action trigger pull and still provide reliable ignition. I’ll let everyone know how it works when I make the change. Replacement is simple by removing the grips which exposes the spring. Replacement should take maybe 10 minutes if that.

Update 10/20/08

This target is from 10 yards to 25 yards firing as you would practice for a critical situation. In other words pretty fast. There were a total of 50 rounds fired using Winchester white box.It’s unique for me but with the first long double action trigger pull I usually hit where I aim. That just a Sig and the way I shoot I suppose. The rounds that are a little off are single action shots from 25 yards. They are still in the the 8 inch target though so I’m pretty pleased. No malfunctions as usual even when I mixed various brand hollowpoints in one magazine.
Thanks to all for reading the blog!

The Sig P6 Notched Hammer

Many people have been very curious about why these pistols have a notched hammer myself included. I spent a great deal of time searching the internet looking for photos of Police carrying the Sig. I found a grand total of two. Between the two photos it appears there is a piece of material that attaches to the notch in the hammer then to the trigger guard or holster itself. It appears that maybe this is so that if the officer fires his weapon the material breaks. Or if the weapon is drawn the material breaks. I suppose this is one way of keeping track of an officers gun handling. The only problem is if that is indeed the case the material would have to be very flimsy to not interfere with drawing and firing unless it is attached to the holster.. Accidental breakage would seem to me to be very easy but then the holster in one picture has a flap. The flap was open in the picture. I tend to lean toward the weapon being attached to the holster. If anyone has information to the contrary please let me know.

Sig P6 Grips from Marschal Grips at

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  1. theflatwhite said

    Been tempted to try some cor-bons, but then remember I need to buy enough to sufficiently test before carrying, check the price again, and buy another box of speer gold dots. 🙂

    I really ought to try them out, they look so shiney….

  2. Gunner said

    Hi Paul,

    Your right about shooting enough to make sure they work ok in your gun. Gulp, I did do just that and it hurt my pocketbook everytime I pulled the trigger:-)
    I did reach for the Gold Dots then stopped and thought about the Cor-Bon ammo again. It took me 10 minutes to take the leap and buy two boxes of the CorBon’s at $36 a box of 20 rounds! I’m glad I did but hey the Gold Dots are great defense rounds! Either one will do the trick.


  3. John said

    Where can I buy a P6? Do you know of anyone that has it in stock? Thanks for your review.

  4. Gunner said

    John–email sent. I’ll see if I can find one.

  5. Jeff said

    I’be heard a lot of great reviews about these P6 German Police turn-ins and have given very serious consideration to acquiring one for home defense but I’m very concerned about what I’ve been reading about ftf’s using +p JHPs. I plan on using inexpensive ball ammo at the range and keeping Corbon DPX +P 115 in the increasingly rare and costly magazines at home. Should I reconsider? Please advise. Thanks. Jeff

  6. Gunner said


    Mine is one of the older ones from 11/79 and it feeds everything I put into it. I’m not sure what these guys are using but I’ve never seen a Sig that wasn’t very reliable. I really have my doubts about these claims of failures. I changed my hammer spring from the German 24 pound to the Wolff 18 pound which greatly improved the trigger pull. I can wholeheartedly recommend one for defense or just range use. Even though the CorBon is expensive I have shot enough to ensure that they work fine in the P6.

    In short they are great compact guns at a very good price. I carry it everyday now with the same ammo you are talking about using. I am very impressed with the Cor-Bon DPX. At 1296 fps and the expansion I’ve seen it’s a very impressive round.

    One thing to mention though is these pistols are getting hard to find. If you really want one I would get it now. Prices have started going up in the last couple of weeks since the supply is drying up. Probably the best bet is to buy one from Gunbroker or GunsAmerica. The auction sites still have some good prices. Several of the places that originally imported them are out and are listed as no backorder. Besides the auction places the Sig Forum has some people who bought extras in the beginning and are selling some. A company called Customized Creationz have some that have been refinshed and are for sale. if you call here ask for Todd. he will be the one to sell one if they stil have some in stock.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


    “I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I am an overcomer through Christ who strengthens me.”

  7. Lee Parker said

    Great Blog about the P6. I purchased one for myself @ 350$ with one clip and no extras, and just put another on layaway at another shope for my wife. The second one was 349$ and came with one clip, a police holster and a clip pouch. The first one has a bit of holster wear, the second one looks NEW. Too bad they did’nt come with two clips like most people get. Haven’t shot either pistol yet… Too much snow here.

  8. Gunner said


    Glad you liked the writeup. I know you’ll enjoy those Sigs. It’s amazing how new most of them look. On your pistol believe it or not you can take a small amount of Birchwood Casey Perma Blue and it will blend into the color that Sig used and get rid of those wear spots. You don’t need much and you can apply it with a small cleaning patch. Use sparingly though. It worked on mine very well.
    You didvery well on price as they have gone up to almost $400 now if you can find one. I tried to help someone find one and they were all sold out. For extra mags they have them on Gunbroker. You can get Sig used mags for about $28 each.
    I do knowwhat you mean about snow I haven’t been able to get out in almost two weeks!

    All the best,

  9. Stephen Nichols said

    I have an older P6 made in 1980. Sig modified the ramp a bit in the mid 1980s to reliably feed hollowpoints. My P6 doesn’t like any of the HP that I’ve tried. I’ve tried 115 gr and 124 gr from Winchester and Federal. I have a box of 147 gr HP from Winchester and some 124 gr Gold dots that I haven’t tried yet, and I am ordering some Corbon DPX to give them a spin. The P6 is quite accurate with FMJ and with the HP that manage to feed correctly. The double action trigger pull is a bit stiff, but I’m buying a Wolff mainspring to solve that problem.

  10. Gunner said


    Mine is a 1979 and I haven’t had a bit of trouble with any ammo I’ve tried. Just lucky I guess:-) I’m carrying the DPX all the time now. That is one very good round! Your 100% right about the spring. The Wolf I got really made a big difference. I ended up getting a 16 pound spring and it’s been 100% reliable. I believe that’s the lowest power they have but it works in mine.

    Take care,

  11. I’ve been carrying a Sig P228, Military designated M11 for over 5 years now. Although it’s a 9mm chambering I too use the Corbon DPX +P 115 grain loading. I generally shoot WWB for range time but I alway’s shoot at least two to three mags of the Corbon before I exit the range.

    Without getting into the .45 vs 9mm debate I will say that I don’t feel undergunned with Corbons loading and the DPX soldid copper composition stuffed inside of such a solid and reliable gun, the Sig P228.

    I would trust any of the Sig classic lines with my life, anytime, day or night, rain or shine.

    Thanks for the write up, I’m just catching up here on your journal.

  12. Gunner said

    Howdy sir,

    I missed this comment sorry. You know the caliuber debate has always really been a pet peeve of mine. Granted some rounds are more ffective than others but like you if I have my pistol loaded up with 9mm DPX with that solid coper Barnes bullet I feel perfect;y well protected. I do love my 45acp pistols but I also enjoy the 1911 in 9mm. I can put a lot more accurate rounds down range in 9mm than I can with a 45 especially if it’s in a small frame pistol.
    I bought a Star Firestar yesterday and it’s a heavt pistol and very small but today my hand is sore from the rather warm 45acps I was shooting:-) For $200 I figure I can get my money back if I don’t like it.
    Enjoy the journal and by all means if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to post.

    Take care,

  13. P Downey said

    the notch in the P6 is so that if the officer dropped his weapon the notch on the hammer would close from impact. The armorer would then know that the weapon needed to be broke down,looked over and maybe serviced

  14. Gunner said

    Thanks–that’s it alright. I emailed the German Federal Police and one of the firearms instructors emailed back and confirmed that indeed that was the purpose and that they ordered them from Sig that way.


  15. Daniel said

    Just purchased one of these P6’s today. As you said, holster wear and very little of that. Bbl
    is perfect and action slick, feeding both mags
    as fast as I could pull the trigger perfectly.
    I paid $330 and am tickled pink with the deal.
    Dark when I got home so the range firing will have
    to wait but I don’t anticipate any problems.
    Thanks for you article,

  16. ernest said

    I recently purchased a Sig p6 with the notched hammer, from what I understand, it was to identify if the weapon had been dropped.

  17. Gunner said


    That is true. I emailed the German Federal police several months ago and the armory supervisor emailed back that when they made the contact with Sig they specified the hooked hammer for just that purpose–to identify any damage to the pistol. Enoy it that is a fine pistol!!


  18. P Downey said

    Started working on mine: 19# Wolff MS brought that heavy Da trigger down to about 7lbs and no problems with primer strikes! Since the top slide was the only part showing wear, I only sandblasted that part, K-Phosed it and refinished with GunKote in Flat Black while still hot out of oven I rubbed down with oil until cool then very gently and carefully avoiding any edges lightly rubbed down with fine steel wool giving it a nice smooth finish the color almost matches perfectly!Next I Polished the barrel and feed ramp to a mirror finish/no problems feeding any brand HP’s.I just put on TRUGLO FTO Sights and wow is all I can say about them excellent sights day/night fast acqausition is amazing! The short trigger from Customcreationz is on its way should be here next week next will be some nice wood grips and maybe a SS recoil rod. After that its going to be to stockup on parts and ammo,Kudo’s to a fine 9mm

  19. Ty said

    click on link below, this makes more sense regarding the hammer than the other explanation…and he has the “zip ties” to prove it. As for the dropping explanation, it might deform if it was dropped on the hammer…what are the odds of the firearm being dropped on that exact spot, the end of the hammer, 1/99th of the gun?

    That being said,I enjoyed your review of the gun, and I like your blog/website. I am buying a P6 tomorrow and cant wait! Thanks again for your blog, I truly enjoy reading it.

  20. Gunner said


    I’m very glad you enjoyed the blog and the P6 review. It’s a fine gun and getting hard to find so congrats on getting one! A friend of mine makes holsters for these that are fantastic. He has the blank coming shortly to make them. The web address is
    I read so many explanations for the hammer issue that I finally wrote to the German Federal Police. The head firearms instructor wrote me back about a week later and confirmed that indeed the Federal Police stipulated to Sig that they wanted a hammer like this to show if it had been dropped. The director said they tested the pistol before making a decision and that 9 times out of 10 the pistol when dropped landed on the hammer because of the balance of the pistol. Strange but true but that’s straight from the source. I was betting on the plastic tie before I got that reply but you can’t argue with the guys who actually asked for that feature.

    Enjoy the pistol!!!

  21. John said

    Thank you for the review!

    Prior to 2009, P6 pistols were also imported in the U.S. by P W Arms Inc., 8525 152nd Ave Ne, Redmond, WA 98052-3510.

    If you want a quick method to load the P6 magazine and save your thumb, try the Uplula, it’s made of plastic and a wonder. You’ll see them at the shooting range.

  22. Gunner said


    Thanks I didn’t know that. I’m glad you enjoyed the review. I do use that loader for my AR mags and it sure helps as well as saving your thumbs:-)


  23. Wendell said

    Thanks for the info on the blog. I just bought a P-6 today. I test fired it with FMJ and Gold Dot 124 HP. Both functioned w/o problem. Price was $389 and he threw in a spare mag. I have owned and carried 2 different P228s in the past and loved them. I think I like the P-6 equally well. The slender grips are great and 8-9 rounds are plenty for a chance encounter with trouble,if I felt otherwise, I’d carry my shotgun.

  24. Gunner said


    Your very welcome! With prices these days and the lack of supply you really got a good deal. A new mag is worth $40 if it’s like the stock Sig mag! No worries because it will feed anything. Mine has had many types of rounds through it and now has over 500 rounds without a failure. I love the slim grip especially for summer carry but honestly it just feels perfect. In fact it’s as good a grip as a Hi Power which is the best ever. I agree completely if the problem isn’t solved with 9 rounds your in deep trouble. Of course anytime you can you want a long gun as you said.
    I had a P228 as well as an early P225 and while the 228 is a handsome pistol the grip and overall feel isn’t as good as this best bargain.

    Take care,

  25. Bill said


    A great article about the P6. I just got a 1979 version that is in mint condition for $350 (and it had a second mag)!

    Do you know where the best place to get some contrast sights (not night sights) would be? The stock sights leave a little to be desired.

    I am searching for a IWB holster and have not yet found what I need yet.

    Again, thanks so much for the article and especially the explanation of the hammer! I have not yet changed the spring to lighten up the DA pull, but it is on the ‘to do’ list.

    With kindest regards,


  26. Gunner said

    Hi Bill,

    Glad you liked the article:-) The best place to get a good choice of sights is Novak. You can save some money by sending in the slide by itself and have them put the sights on. You may need to adjust them but shipping is way cheaper. Turnaround is a week which is very good. You can get plain or with a gold front dot about anything you can think of.

    All the best,Phil

  27. Bill said


    Looks like Novak Sights will be a great resource. I am planning to try the 3 dot sights. And shipping the slide only will save a bunch on shipping!

    Thanks for your information!


  28. Gunner said

    Bill—-My pleasure anytime at all:-)


  29. Tom said

    If I recall correctly it says right in the manual that the notch in the hammer is to show if the pistol has been dropped on the hammer, because doing so would damage the firing pin blocking mechanism.


  30. Gunner said


    That’s true the German federal police special ordered them with that hammer for just that reason. I spoke with the head of the range in Germany who verified that.

  31. Kyle said

    I own a P6 and have been looking for Hogue rubberized grips for it and haven’t been able to find any. I was wondering if you knew if they make them?

  32. Gunner said


    Pachmayr is the only company who makes them and they are listed as a P225 which is the same as the P6 grip.


  33. jason said

    I had a 225 p6, it shot over 600 rounds with no jams, no failures of any kind, what a reliable gun that thing was, got it for 300. i traded the gem because it only held 8+1 for its fairly large size. Great gun, but i think i did even better by getting a sig 220, awesome .45

  34. Gunner said


    My first Sig 220 was actually before Sig imported guns and had the Browning name with a heal mag release and even then it was a fine pistol. I’ve had several newer models with the same satisfaction. A lot of punch for a light gun.
    I really like my P6 as you know from the blog and it’s staying right here:-) By the way the P6 is engineered from the 220 and is basically a cut down version of the same.


  35. Freebore said

    I’m buying a P-6 later this week. Thanks for all of the good information!

  36. Mike said

    Got one lasy weekend in Very good-excellent+ w/ 2 mags. Seller was asking $495 for it but I got it for $350. Great pistol. Mine was made 1/82 according to the slide ID.
    J&M Sales in Prescott AZ sells them for $350 if anyone needs a source. Don’t miss this one. Good as new and 1/3 the price of new.

    “An armed man is a Citizen. An unarmed man is a Subject” – Thos. Jefferson

  37. Christopher said


    Thank you for the very informative article. i just purchased a P6 from my local shop based in part by your input. Enough wear to notice but expected for a pistol made in 11/79. Came with 2 magazines and the thigh holster. Not too terrible for $325.

    I am going to try out the Corbon DPX and see how I faire with it.

  38. Gunner said


    I’d say you got a good buy because since they are getting harder to find the prices are going up. That DPX ammo is the best for defense that’s for sure. Expensive at $35 per box but it’s worth it for your protection.
    Enjoy and also you can check that article and get a lower power spring to reduce the trigger pull a bit.Wolff makes those at

    Take care,

  39. Bill R. said

    Just picked up one this past Saturday at one of my local gun shops in excellent condition with 2 mags (already have 2 other mags at home from previous 225’s), manual, factory target and blue case for $350.00. It’s my third 225 and I will NOT sell this one like I did my previous ones! Can hardly wait to try it out at the range. Now to buy some Trijicon night sights for it as the stock P6 sights are pretty poor.

  40. Bill R. said

    I forgot to ask… How does one go about determining mfg date from the data on the slide?


  41. Gunner said


    You just got the best buy in a super quality CCW pistol. I love mine and carry it everyday! I got my night sights from Novaks.
    Here is a link for you and you can also mail them the slide only and save some money. They will have it back in a weeks time.

    Happy Shooting!

  42. Gunner said


    The date is on the right side of the slide at the front. It will be marked like 11/79 which is my date made. November 1979


  43. Gunner said

    This page has hammer springs that will reduce the trigger pull on your P6. I bought a 16 and a 18 pound. My pistol was reliable with the 16 pound while some folks had to use the 18. Stock spring is 24 pounds! You can see how that would smooth the trigger up.


  44. Bill R. said

    Thanks for all of the info Phil! I can’t believe I missed a date stamp like that, but I’ll look again when I get home this evening. I just assumed it was coded into the S/N like some other brands.

    Regarding the Wolff hammer spring, I looked those up this morning… just wasn’t sure what strength to get. Think I’ll go with the 18lb for reliability.

    On the night sights, I always installed my own Trijicon sights on all of my previous Sigs, so will just buy them from my local gun shop and put them on at home.

    Thanks again for the info!

  45. Gunner said

    Hey glad to help anytime at all. Trijicons are very good I just like the shape and low profile of the Novaks. I also like the ability to have a green front and yellow rear.
    You’ll be amazed with the trigger pull and the new spring.


  46. Bill R. said

    Just looked for the date on my slide, and it was right there in plain sight… I just didn’t see it until you mentioned it! (I’m not feeling too smart right now!) Mine is stamped 4/83. Looks great for a 26 year old pistol! 🙂

  47. Hi webmaster – This is by far the best looking site I’ve seen. It was completely easy to navigate and it was easy to look for the information I needed. Fantastic layout and great content! Every site should have that. Awesome job

  48. Gunner said

    Thank you sir it’s very much appreciated.

  49. Chris said

    Hi Phil. Really wanred to compliment you on your site. Fantastic all around. I just picked up my second P6. I’ve carried Sigs for 20 years now and when my 229 isn’t on my hip, there’s a P6. GREAT pistol, especially considering the price! I actually have had feed concerns with Corbons and have stuck with Gold Dots in the P6’s. Pachmayr grips make all the difference for me on these as well! Really glad to find a concrete answer to the notched hammer finally! Thanks again,


  50. Gunner said


    Thanks very much for writing. I’m always especially pleased to hear that a reader not only enjoys the blog but gets good information they are seeking.
    I’ll be adding a review on the Walther PPS and a Match Uberti “El Patron” single action for Cowboy shooting.
    You sure picked some great guns to carry. A Sig of any kind is hard to beat and that P6 is really handy!

    All the best and holler anytime you need anything,

  51. If you are looking for a P6 have your dealer (FFL only) contact RSR, Dallas, TX. I just received 2 of them 5-15-10. I kept one from a previous shipment of 12. Some had holster wear, sone did not. I kept one that looked as if it had never been issued. All have come with 2 magazines, no holster, book or target. All have been extra clean. Where else but the USA could this happen?

    Mastiff Arms

  52. jason said

    I just bought a used police turn in from the local gander mountain. I went there looking for a cheap serbian 9mm i had seen online, but when I looked in the used gun cabinet i saw the Sig 6. I don’t know much about firearms, and even less about handguns, but I knew the police backround of these guns, and saw some heavy holster wear, but the barrel and breech looked great! I decided to take a chance and buy it for $350. I wont get it for 3 more days, but reading all your comments have made me even more excited to test fire it on FRI morning! Thanks for the great reviews!

  53. Gunner said

    Your very welcome Jason! I know you’ll enjoy it:-)


  54. Shannon said

    I have a P6 I need to sell. I have not even fired it. Bought for my hubs, but he is a leftie and the decocker is not good for him. Asking $350 for gun in original box, two mags, new duty holster and trigger lock. Any help appreciated!

  55. Gunner said

    email reply sent:-)

  56. Gunner said


    I have a bit more time to elaborate today. There are two services I can recommend one is Gunbroker and the other is GunsAmerica. Signup is easy and you can have your add cover the entire country.
    They are and I hope this helps you sell it the price is certainly fair.

  57. mike w. said

    Shannon – The decocker is an issue? I’m a bit surprised by this. Decocking is an administrative function that need not be done with any real urgency. I’m a lefty and I decock my P6 (and all my Sigs) using my trigger finger.

  58. Gunner said

    Mike I emailed your response on to her—–

  59. Jonathan said

    Awesome post. I just bought one of these yesterday. Nine days until I can pick it up.

  60. Gideon B. David said

    Great article Gunner, thanks. I’ve owned one P6 and really liked it but . . . it would not reliably feed hollow point ammunition. I tried Federal Hydra Shok in 124 and 147 grain. I tried Speer Gold Dot in 124 grain. Every magazine had at least one stoppage and I had ten (10) Sig Sauer magazines, not after market magazines. I traded it for a S&W 3953. Now, I’m getting another P6. The present owner assures me it reliably feeds JHP ammo. I’m taking him at his word. He and I have been patrol partners for 15 years . . . if it doesn’t feed, I know where to find him. 🙂

    I will submit a field report in about 2 to 3 weeks.


  61. John said

    Great web site and great source for P6 information. I have just ordered one from J&G and am pleased that the price has remained in the same general range from when this thread started almost two years ago. Thank you again for great job managing this site.

  62. Gunner said


    Thanks very much for your comments. This is one pistol worth a lot more than they charge. The mod to change the hammer spring to a Wolff really makes the trigger much sweeter.
    It’s always great to hear you like the blog and article. I do my very best to help fellow shooters out!

    Happy Shooting!

  63. John said

    I finally had the chance to swap out the hammer spring and also added a Sig tritium front sight. The original trigger was crisp but hard. Your suggestion to swap the hammer spring is spot on. This has to be the best deal going for a quality firearm. Thank you again for being a great resource and being so helpful.

  64. Gunner said

    You are very welcome John that’s what pleases me to no end!


  65. Dan K. Evans said

    Excellent info. I hope there will be others. Thanks. Dan

  66. Gunner said

    Hi Dan,

    I’m glad the information was useful and that it was enjoyable. That’s what I like to hear. It let’s me know I’m doing things right:-)

  67. Steve said

    Just picked up my P6 2 days ago (slide say’s 10/81) and am searching for all the info I can (that’s how I ended up here)
    get on this beauty.Paid 400.00 w/ one mag and a W/German holster. I’m very happy w/ this weapon. Called Sig about mags… 3 for 120.00.

    Great write up and look forward to exploring your site.

  68. Gunner said


    No doubt about it was a great pistol then and now. You sure can’t beat the price! Some folks have tried the ProMag in place of the Sig mags. Primarily because of price. I’d stay with the Sig since they will last forever. They are worth looking at and maybe trying one. I’ve not tried them with mine so I can’t say how good they are.

    Enjoy! Glad you like the blog

  69. William Rainey said

    I’ve had mine for about 2 years now and have done nothing to it except add Trijicon night sights. It goes bang every time without any kind of failures, and remains to this day one of my absolute favorites!

  70. Gunner said

    It’s just an excellent pistol!

  71. Eric said

    Mine is stamped

    on the right hand side of the slide, forward of the P6. (I figger that has to mean it was made in Sept of 1976) I’d been warned by several other owners that a pre-1980 version would have trouble feeding hollow points, but the European rounds are slimmer at the tip; it has no trouble at all with S&B.

    Three years and well over 2000 rounds after purchase, I’ve yet to have a complaint that was not caused by the wrong ammo or an after-market magazine. The pistol performs like most any German-engineered device; flawlessly. Sighting is the most intuitive of any weapon I’ve fired. I’ve stopped carrying my Glock 19, equipped with a CrimsonTrace laser grip. I really fell…who needs it?

  72. Gunner said


    I agree it runs like a Swiss watch! Mine was made in 1979 the same year as your in fact the same month I believe. Mine has never missed a beat no matter what I feed it!

    Happy Shooting

  73. art said

    Picked up a P6 from J&G in November of last year for 325 I think? I changed the main spring and also the recoil spring just because it was cheap. The wear on mine was average . I shot probably 3-400 rounds through it with out any issues. I swapped out the factory sites for three dot sig sites and its better but still not as good as it could be with fiber optics.

    I ended up up dropping it off to Todd at Customized Creationz last winter and had it refininshed in Sig black slide and slainless on the lower. He also polished the feed ramp for me while he had it there. I get lots of compliments from the guys at my club on the new finish. I carry this one alot and after a few minutes I barely know I have it on. Love how this gun feels in the hand, balance and function. This is from a Kimber owner 🙂

  74. Shane said

    Recently I purchased a P-6 and not knowing a lot about it I did some research and all I can say is WOW! What a history. Mine is date 11/79 with a three digit number under the date (Im guessing that is a series number or production number). Houge grips and night sights rounds out a great pistol. Some of the internal work is replacement trigger, new main and recoil springs, new grips and new magazine springs. Thanks for having such a informative site.

  75. Gunner said


    They are great pistols no doubt about it. It sounds like you did just the right thing to bring it up to like new condition:-)Enjoy!

  76. charlie said

    thanks for all the info. my neighbor behind me has a p6 in good shape and i am trying to deal for it–sometimes its for sale and other times it’s not got to catch him in the right mood.but i will have it soon i hope. also i have heard know negutive responces about the p6. Charlie

  77. Gunner said


    I hope you get it! Having two is better than one:-) The only thing I ever heard was one of those Internet rumors (seldom true) that the old ones have trouble with hollowpoints. I’ve sure never seen that problem. Everyone I’ve shot has been flawless!

  78. Bill R. said

    I have one of the older ones that supposedly has “issues” with hollowpoints. So far it has eaten everything I’ve fed it without complaint, no matter what! 🙂

  79. Gunner said

    Yep, I’m not surprised. You have to take these internet forum rumors with a grain of salt:-)

  80. Chip said

    Bought one a few years ago. I gave it to my god son when I bought a police turn-in P7. I regretted giving it away ever since. A couple weeks ago I ran across one in a gun store for $500 with 4 magazines. Jumped on it. It turns out it has the same issue date as my original and a S/N a few hundred off, and is in great shape. These are the finest guns produced (along with the P7) as far as I am concerned. No one gets this one.

  81. Gunner said

    thanks for writing and yes sir they are fine pistols. I have to say I did the same thing—dumb! Like you I replaced mine and also like you my new one was made the same month and year as my old one. These newly imported ones are in much better shape yours and mine!
    Glad you got yours replaced as well:-)

  82. Josh said

    First things first, this is a great site. I was pleasantly surprised. I just picked up a P6 today. Came across it on a local gun board and couldn’t resist. The price was right at $400 (It came with 2 mags, the original box, paperwork, and 200 rounds of target ammo.) This is my second Sig and if it is anything like my P229 I’m sure I will fall in love again.

  83. Gunner said


    Thanks very much.If the 229 is a favorite then I bet the P6 will be right up there:-) You did get a good deal) by the way.


  84. peter said

    I found a P6 in a pawn shop yesterday and it caught my attention i paid the broker $450.00 for it and started to dig into its history mine being an 83 model it has very little wear and tear on the outside proably from holster use and was quite dirty when i picked it up it was cleaned and shinned up like a brand new penny i think now i am going to stick to using sig sauer products even though i am used to the military issue barretta being in the army i havent shot it yet but i believe it to be a great tool of defense and for pleasure i can’t recommend a better handgun thanks

  85. Steve said

    I have 2 of them and just love them. I feel they are the perfect size and have a great feel to them. A great gun for the money. That’s why I bought a second one. I’ve had them a few years now and the price paid was similar to all the folks who posted. I did read the entire blog and was looking for something that no one ever mentions. I don’t think it is a problem with the gun per se, but has anyone noticed when breaking it down for cleaning that there is a shiny spot on the slide on one side where it rubs along the frame. I’ve mentioned it at various gun shops and the guys there just nod and say “all sigs do that”, but no one knows why? Have you noticed it on your P6? Again, it sure doesn’t seem to bother or matter with how it shoots, that’s for sure. I just wanted to mention it. I think the P6 or 225 is the best looking and shooting gun out there and just love mine. I don’t see them much around now in the gun shops around here. Great Blog. keep up the good work. Thanks, Steve

  86. Steve said

    Please remove my last name please. That was a mistake.

  87. Gunner said

    Thanks Steve,

    Honestly I’ve never thought of all of them having that mark. There is a part on the left side of the frame that does wear a tiny amount of finish but it’s nothing to be concerned over. I’ll try to get some closeup pics tomorrow and see if I capture that area.

  88. Gunner said


  89. Steve said

    Yes, I have seen it on mine and a couple of other P6’s. Also on a P226. The gun shop guys just kind of dismiss it saying it just rubs on the frame and hits a part which causes the shine but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. I just wonder why Sig wouldn’t have fixed the slight problem if it was a problem at all for that matter. By the way I have tried the Pro Mags and they worked just fine. Thanks for writing back. Steve

  90. Steve said

    When I read the whole blog I noticed you mentioned a firester pistol. I have one of those in 9mm and I think it is wonderful. It is solid for sure and pretty accurate. It is in the starvel like a stainless finish. I also have a FM model detective HI-Power from Argentina. These 2 pistols along with the P6 are my 3 favorites. Do you have a blog on the Firestar or FM? Steve

  91. Gunner said


    Sorry I never did have a chance to do an article on the Firestar.I did own two Argentine Hi Powers. The exact clone of the high power was very good.

  92. Gunner said

    A good friend has a blog with older guns you might like One other blog you might like is one I moderate, write for and manage.

  93. Steve said

    I just read another blog about the P6 and the guy was hard on the P6 saying it wasn’t relevant because it had only 8 rounds and that all sig magazines had “lip problems” with the lips separating after hard use and caused failure to fire. I have NEVER heard of anything like this at all. He said it was com-mon knowledge about sig magazine problems?? I certainly never heard of or have had any problems at all. Have you ever heard of something like this?? Some people will knock anything. But to bash on all SIG factory mags?? Doesn’t seem right to me in my opinion. I’ll take my P6 8 plus 1 any day and will feel quite well armed indeed. Thanks, Steve

  94. Gunner said


    And he probably hates Sigs. I can tell you for certain he’s full of it. That’s not a common knowledge thing at all. I have Sig mags that are almost ten years old and still work fine. Geez some people!

  95. Steve said

    Hi, Yes, I agree with you completely. I don’t know the guy nor do I want to know him but if you look up “Sig P6 reviews” you will see him right on the first or second page asking the questio: “Is the SIG P6 even relevant anymore” I saw that and said: “Wow” Why the heck is he even trying to knock a proven time tested gun like the P6 from a well known manufacturer like “SIG” !! You should read his blog as it isn’t too long but I thought it was all wet!!

  96. Gunner said


    If you haven’t been around the gun forums as well as blogs man are you in for a shock. Make no mistake there are many great guys and girls on the Internet gun websites but there are a significant number who are only online to make themselves feel like a big guy trying to impress people with the knowledge they don’t have but think they do. Then you have those who are there only to start a fight or flame war. Then there are those who are just not very nice.
    These kinds of people can ruin it for everyone else if we don’t keep a leash on them. I have had very little problem here but the blog I mentioned that I work for has more than enough. Part of my job is moderating the blog and Facebook page. When some are warned they back down while others don’t. In that case they are banned before they knew what hit them. It’s a shame I have to spend so much time just making sure there are no political discussions, hate talk—well you get the idea.
    My theory is a lot of them don’t have a life and act this way to make themselves feel important or tough. The Internet can be a strange land:-)

  97. Steve said

    Yeah, you seem to hit it square on the head there. I like to read about things that interest me and others with same like interests. But to think that some people would go to extremes to bash something needlessly and possibly affecting people who are just looking at the blog. That’s the part the bothers me. People wrongly influencing other people. But I guess I must be living in another world I guess. Keep up the good work. On another note I have a French model 35 and isn’t it amazing how similar the old French 32 Longue looks compare to the Sig 210!!! Charles Petter was a genius in my mind and the Swiss were smart buying the patent of the 32 French to make their 210….For that matter the Star model 43 and the Star model 30 were all Built on the same Petter design. Full body rails {like the P6} and Petter’s inward rails were just fantastic. The model 30 is a work of art to me. Steve

  98. Steve said

    Yesterday I left a post talking of the swiss sig P210 and how it originated from Petter’s model 35 design and spoke of the P6 full length guide rails but the post seems to have vanished?

  99. Gunner said

    Steve I have no idea what happened but I didn’t get that one?

  100. Steve Amaral said

    Hi, I went into the website and now I see it. I didn’t notice it when I wrote the short follow-up but it shows there now??? Hopefully you can see it now. I basically mentioned the French 32 Long gun of WW2 designed by Charles Petter. He invented the full rail with the slide running inside the frame to give it a more solid/smooth ride. The Swiss bought the patent of the 32 French Long and upgraded it to make the famous Sig P210………Look at the 2 guns and they look almost exactly alike although the Sig is bigger to handle the 9mm. Same design though. The Star guns like the Firestar series all have this inside the rail design………The Star Model 28 which became the Model 30 back in the 80’s also had this Petter design………..I like it and you don’t see it around at probably because it is too costly to make. Heck the P6 has at least the full length guide rail system which I really like. Thanks, Steve

  101. Steve said

    Hello, I read on another site about the never ending question about the slit on the hammer. I know you said and many others for that matter say it was by the armorer to see if the gun fell and so forth…..Maybe that is true but another guy says it was for a light paperlike strap going around the trigger guard to the hammer that broke very easily if the gun was used, and that stimulated a report by that officer on return as they turned in their guns on every shift change.

  102. Gunner said

    I actually was so tired of the speculation I went ahead and contacted one of the German officers with their Polizei and he told me it was indeed a special request from the federal police as a design feature to make sure it hadn’t been dropped or otherwise abused. Seems strange but that’s from the source:-)

  103. Steve said

    It does seem strange. A gun can fall and land many ways. A while back at the range, I saw a gun fall and it certainly didn’t land on the hammer!!! It was an accident and all was ok, but I think I made my point. I did read earlier in your blog about the request from the police about it. It just seems so odd. I would like to find out if it were true about the guns being returned at the end of the shift though. There must be more to the story. Did you hear more of the slide wear on the one side? I guess it didn’t hurt the pistol any, just took away the bluing there, but I did notice some dimpling there…..It’s funny though that the aluminum frame always looks terrific on these guns though!!

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