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Syd’s Podcast and his Views on the upcoming electoral Apocalypse

Posted by Gunner on October 16, 2008

Syd’s Podcast

Syd is a good friend and we share many of the same views on current and future trends we can expect to experience if Obama is elected. Hang onto your guns people and stock up on ammo and mags as well as any black rifles you want. The future is not bright for all of us sportsman and we must be prepared to be active in the protection of our rights under the constitution.
Please take the time to listen to Syds Podcast! Just click the link marked “Syd’s Podcast” listed above.

One Response to “Syd’s Podcast and his Views on the upcoming electoral Apocalypse”

  1. Rich Kerr said

    Excellent pod-cast, it is an excellent Heads Up Warning of what may be about to come. What really raises the hair on the back of my neck is the apathy of the public on the issue of gun controll. Many don’t know the issues and there are those who just don’t care; they have the “thats what the cops are for” attitude. Except that by the time the police do arrive the perpetrator is long gone and it is now an investigation instead of a prevention.

    My wife knows how to shoot and actually likes it not to mention shes sharp on the trigger. She has fired my .45 1911A1 and didn’t find it all that unpleasant, I also took the time to praise her ability (6rds. at 20yds.) which made her want to do it all the more!

    One last thing on the 2nd Amendment… If gun are just for the “Well regulated Militia” If we dont have military type weapons how can we form that militia? In our forefathers day when the call to arms came they reached up over the mantel piece and grabbed what ever shooting iron they happened to have hanging there. So these so called “Asault weapons” and import weapons bans somewhat silly. By the way; how did Mr. Hinkley manage to get past some of the supposedly best security in the world (Secret Service) and shoot then President Reagan and Mr. Brady as he did? Well of course; it was the guns fault and had nothing to do with sloppy security or the fact that Mr. Hinkley was off his rocker! Yep ban the firearm and all our problems will just vanish into thin air… (NOT!).

    Is this country run by idiots? Are they really afraid of an armed populace? Would you passivly just hand over your firearms beacuse the BATFE is at your door and says so?

    Think aboput it…


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