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Mil-Tac Grips For All Sig Sauer Pistols

Posted by Gunner on November 7, 2008

Mil-Tac G-10 Grips

I received an email today from Craig Sword who owns Mil-Tac knives and tools and produces some of the finest G-10 grips made. In 2009 he will have grips in all the common colors and grip surfaces to fit all Sig gun models including the P6/P225! Great news for those of us who would love to have some of his grips on our newly acquired P6’s.

Mil-Tac Website

Click on the link below the above logo to visit his website.
Mil-Tac Grips Review

Mil-Tac grips are very durable and really look great on any pistol. I’m sure the two tone gray grips will dress up the Sig P6 and give a very solid comfortable grip. It might not be a bad idea to pre-order now for the grips to fit your Sig!

Another place to obtain grips for the Sig P6/P225 is a company called Grips 4 U. If you like wood these are very reasonably priced at $79.00 Walnut Grips

News Update! Mil-Tac is now selling G-10 grips for the Sig P226 and will soon have them for the P220 and P229! Good news indeed for those of us who love Craigs grips:-) Yes this picture is large but I wanted everyone to get a good look at the details of the grip.

G10 Sig Grips

6 Responses to “Mil-Tac Grips For All Sig Sauer Pistols”

  1. Louie said

    where can i get the wooden p6 grips

  2. Louie said

    where can i get these

  3. Gunner said

  4. Gunner said

  5. James said

    Well, it’s 2010 and MIl-Tac still doesn’t have grips for the P225/P6. Sad. However, Pachmeyer now does and it’s under $40. Hogue also has their aluminum grips starting at $114.

  6. Brian said

    Do you know where to purchase p226 digital desert camo grips

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