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Springfield Armory XDm

Posted by Gunner on January 25, 2010

The XDm with case and included accessories

   I recently traded for this Springfield XDm in 9mm. This is a real value considering the quality of the pistol as well as the nice case with the included accessories of a holster, mag pouch, loading tool, extra magazine and extra backstraps. One interesting thing about this setup is that many of the items have a Picatinny rail built in so that accessories can be attached to other accessories. For instance the loader can be attached to the mag pouch to reduce the space taken up on your belt. You just push a button and the loader releases for use. The side of the main case has a rail also so that any other accessory can be carried on the outside of the case.

   The pistol itself is a definate upgrade to the standard XD. It’s not only about the “M” or Match build but the change in the grip ergonomics as well as the ability to change backstraps to fit your hand. The M also has a 4.5 inch barrel which I look at as a perfect size for this pistol. The 4 inch just seemed to give the pistol a look I wasn’t that fond of. The changes made as well as the two tone finish make for a handsome pistol. The longer sight radius is also a plus. The frame cuts allow for good indexing as well for your trigger finger whether shooting left or right handed. Of course it also has what has become standard on most pistols and that’s the light/laser rail. The mag release is also ambidextrious. The one problem I saw with the magazine release is that when you have a full 19 rounds in the mag it’s almost impossible to release the mag. It’s just to tight to push the button and release the mag. You have to load 18 rounds for the mag release to work properly. I don’t really look at this as a big problem but it should be noted. I doubt this is an isolated case rather a problem with all of these. I can certainly live with 18 plus one rounds:-) The loader is also a handy item since getting to about round 15 it gets pretty hard to add rounds to the mag. As mentioned the barrel and fitting of the barrel to the slide is match grade. The barrel is marked match and can be seen in the photo above. Believe me it shoots match quality groups! Another issue to mention is with the grip recontoured it’s much easier to conceal even though the size accomodates the large magazine. I’ve not had a chance to measure this grip width againest a standard XD but I believe it’s a bit narrower. The slide has also been recountoured so that the base of the slide is the wider portion with the top of the slide narrower.

   On to shooting:-) I set a target up and shot from 10, 15 and 25 yards. I used a combination of Remington flat point as well as Winchester white box and PMC “Brass” 9mm. The grip feel is better than the older standard XD. I changed the grip backstrap and found the medium strap to be the best for me. The trigger pul is also refined from the standard XD. Trigger pull is 5.4 pounds with a travel length of what I would compare with a 1911 and is crisp compared to the mushy trigger of many polymer pistols. Groups at 10 yards using a 5 inch Birchwood Casey target made one hole of 1 1/4 inch with all brands of ammo firing one magazine of 18 rounds. Moving back to 15 yards the groups opened up a bit with the Remington ammo achieving the best group at 2 1/8th inches standing unsupported. At 25 yards the Remington ammo again gave the best results with groups of just a hair under 3 inches kneeling resting with my elbow on my leg and taking my time. This pistol certainly shoots better than most and better than any other polymer pistol. I’m sure the match setup contributes to the level of accuracy I experienced. Is it a tuned match 1911 well no but this is a combat pistol not a true match pistol. In this role it excels.
  The pistol is a good natural pointer and comes on target fast. The sights are good with enough light on both sides of the front sight to help accuracy and speed. To be honest I’ve never been a big fan of polymer pistols especially Glocks. Ok don’t beat me up that’s just my take on them not a universal condemnation. This polymer I like very much because it feels and shoots more like a standard all steel pistol. Another feature I like is the ambi mag release. I prefer to release the mag with my index finger of my shooting hand because I don’t have to adjust my grip as much or at all. When all is said and done this is a good buy and a worthy contender for a daily carry pistol as well as local competition.
  Any comments or questions? Feel free and I’ll get back to you pretty fast usually. Be safe and enjoy our sport!

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CMMG M4 Carbine From Black Rifle LLC

Posted by Gunner on January 25, 2010

Black Rifle LLC     Columbia,Missouri   

   This is a new AR15/M4 carbine from the retail outlet of CMMG out of Fayette, Mo. I can tell you if you love AR15’s when you walk into the Black Rifle store you will have a very hard time leaving:-) They carry in stock every configuration of AR15 you can imagine at reasonable prices. You’ll also find many tactical type shotguns as well as various brands and configurations of AK47’s. Optics of every major brand, ammo, Magpul PMags as well as many other brands of mags. They also have accessories for any tactical rifle or shotgun. They also take trade ins and have used rifles for sale. The place is just a wall to wall AR lovers dream:-) Also CMMG rifles have a lifetime warranty.

CMMG AR15 14.5 inch barrel as bought at Black Rifle

    This is the second CMMG I’ve had and I couldn’t be more pleased with both of them. This one was purchased as you see it above for $870. When you consider it came with a 14.5 inch barrel, Yankee Hill rail, Tango Down grip. Clubfoot stock, Magpul magazine,Phantom flash suppressor, Troy front and rear BUIS, match trigger well you just can’t beat the price especially these days. The barrel also has a 1 in 7 twist which is a good all around twist rate for an M4 style to obtain the best accuracy from standard 55 grain bullets all the way up to the 70 plus grain hunting bullets. It also does very well with 22LR bullets in 38 grain with the conversion kit but more on that later.

As it looks now completed with Aimpoint M2 red dot, Surefire light and mount and Spikes Tactical VFG

   This by far is the best setup I’ve ever had in an AR15/M4 configuration. It has all I need and no extra bling I don’t need. No I’m not going to paint it with a spray can to mimic a real desert warrior because I’m not my son is! Enough on that subject:-) One addition I didn’t mention in detail is a best buy and that’s the Spike Tactical forward vertical grip. It was listed on the website at $35 so I thought it has to be plastic. When it arrived I was plesently surpised to find it is CNC machined aluminum with an anodized finish with rubber rings that fit in the ecternal slots to provide a better grip. This a real deal considering many of the plastic models are $80 plus. This VLTOR stock gives a great cheek weld and provides waterproof space for battery storage as well as other parts. The new Magpul magazines are very reliable and cost is no concern at all. They have a window in the side of the mag with a red line that travels as you deplete ammo and tells you right away how many rounds are left without guessing or taking the mag out to look. A very handy mag at $18.

 This view gives a better look at the Viking Tactics light mount

   The last addition I just purchased allows me to practice a lot more without spending a ton of money of 5.56 for practice all the time. That addition is a CMMG 22LR conversion kit. Most of these kits I found were at the $200 mark but I found mine at Dynamic Armament for the regular price of $139 which included a 22LR magazine. I’ve shot about 500 rounds in the last week of American Eagle 38 grain 22LR without one malfunction and there was no cleaning during the 500 rounds fired. I strongly recommend this conversion so you can practice all you like without breaking the bank.
    Changing out the standard unit for the conversion is very simple. You remove the charging bolt 3/4 of the way out and remove the 223 bolt then slide in the 22LR conversion bolt, close the rifle up and insert a 22LR mag. That’s it your ready to go. These mags also hold 26 rounds of 22LR.
   Shooting this rifle with the conversion is a blast! Accuracy is extremely good. Standing unsupported at 25 yards you can shoot 1/2 inch groups all day long. This is not something I expected since this rifle was in no way constructed to fire 22LR as the new batch of 22LR only rifles made by Sig and Colt. I’m not griping believe me. Even at 100 yards groups of two inches or a little less are common. CMMG makes a fine product regardless of some who look down on them because they don’t have one of those high profile names even though they supply to the military just on a lower profile.
This conversion kit is available from Guns for——-Great folks to deal with!

CMMG 22LR Conversion Unit with one extra mag

   On to shooting with the 5.56. I tend to use brass cased ammo but I’m in no way appossed to using Wolf or Bear brand steel cased ammo. I have never repeat never had a rifle adversly affected by using them. After putting on the red dot sight I set the BUIS sights up as well so they co-witness. I began at 50 meters since that is the advised distance to sight in so that all shots out to 300 meters are accurate. After sighting in I started at 25 yards standing unsupported. My groups were less than 1/2 inch and closer to 1/4 inch. This is a much more accurate AR15 than I have ever owned before. I moved out to 100 yards and setup a rest and fired several groups at a 5 inch Birchwood Casey target which is much easier to see at that distance. I was shooting groups that made one hole right on the red bullseye of the target. As I said this is a very accurate rifle! These groups were shot with PMC brass cased ammo. I changed over to Wolf and the groups opened up a bit but still came in at less than one and a half inchs at 100 yards using the red dot.
  This is one nice rifle that performs very well and sells at a very reasonable price. Black Rifle LLC is also a very good dealer who has excellent customer service and would be worth anyone checking into if they don’t mind having a rifle shipped to the local FFL they frequently use. Black Rifle will also build one to your specs if they don’t have one in stock already:-) As always if you have any questions please comment and I’ll answer any question you may have. If I don’t know the answer I’ll find it.

Happy Shooting!

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