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Springfield Armory XDm

Posted by Gunner on January 25, 2010

The XDm with case and included accessories

   I recently traded for this Springfield XDm in 9mm. This is a real value considering the quality of the pistol as well as the nice case with the included accessories of a holster, mag pouch, loading tool, extra magazine and extra backstraps. One interesting thing about this setup is that many of the items have a Picatinny rail built in so that accessories can be attached to other accessories. For instance the loader can be attached to the mag pouch to reduce the space taken up on your belt. You just push a button and the loader releases for use. The side of the main case has a rail also so that any other accessory can be carried on the outside of the case.

   The pistol itself is a definate upgrade to the standard XD. It’s not only about the “M” or Match build but the change in the grip ergonomics as well as the ability to change backstraps to fit your hand. The M also has a 4.5 inch barrel which I look at as a perfect size for this pistol. The 4 inch just seemed to give the pistol a look I wasn’t that fond of. The changes made as well as the two tone finish make for a handsome pistol. The longer sight radius is also a plus. The frame cuts allow for good indexing as well for your trigger finger whether shooting left or right handed. Of course it also has what has become standard on most pistols and that’s the light/laser rail. The mag release is also ambidextrious. The one problem I saw with the magazine release is that when you have a full 19 rounds in the mag it’s almost impossible to release the mag. It’s just to tight to push the button and release the mag. You have to load 18 rounds for the mag release to work properly. I don’t really look at this as a big problem but it should be noted. I doubt this is an isolated case rather a problem with all of these. I can certainly live with 18 plus one rounds:-) The loader is also a handy item since getting to about round 15 it gets pretty hard to add rounds to the mag. As mentioned the barrel and fitting of the barrel to the slide is match grade. The barrel is marked match and can be seen in the photo above. Believe me it shoots match quality groups! Another issue to mention is with the grip recontoured it’s much easier to conceal even though the size accomodates the large magazine. I’ve not had a chance to measure this grip width againest a standard XD but I believe it’s a bit narrower. The slide has also been recountoured so that the base of the slide is the wider portion with the top of the slide narrower.

   On to shooting:-) I set a target up and shot from 10, 15 and 25 yards. I used a combination of Remington flat point as well as Winchester white box and PMC “Brass” 9mm. The grip feel is better than the older standard XD. I changed the grip backstrap and found the medium strap to be the best for me. The trigger pul is also refined from the standard XD. Trigger pull is 5.4 pounds with a travel length of what I would compare with a 1911 and is crisp compared to the mushy trigger of many polymer pistols. Groups at 10 yards using a 5 inch Birchwood Casey target made one hole of 1 1/4 inch with all brands of ammo firing one magazine of 18 rounds. Moving back to 15 yards the groups opened up a bit with the Remington ammo achieving the best group at 2 1/8th inches standing unsupported. At 25 yards the Remington ammo again gave the best results with groups of just a hair under 3 inches kneeling resting with my elbow on my leg and taking my time. This pistol certainly shoots better than most and better than any other polymer pistol. I’m sure the match setup contributes to the level of accuracy I experienced. Is it a tuned match 1911 well no but this is a combat pistol not a true match pistol. In this role it excels.
  The pistol is a good natural pointer and comes on target fast. The sights are good with enough light on both sides of the front sight to help accuracy and speed. To be honest I’ve never been a big fan of polymer pistols especially Glocks. Ok don’t beat me up that’s just my take on them not a universal condemnation. This polymer I like very much because it feels and shoots more like a standard all steel pistol. Another feature I like is the ambi mag release. I prefer to release the mag with my index finger of my shooting hand because I don’t have to adjust my grip as much or at all. When all is said and done this is a good buy and a worthy contender for a daily carry pistol as well as local competition.
  Any comments or questions? Feel free and I’ll get back to you pretty fast usually. Be safe and enjoy our sport!

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15 Responses to “Springfield Armory XDm”

  1. Jerry said

    2 posts in one day and 2 acquisitions. I’m having trouble not coveting!

  2. Gunner said

    Hi Jerry,

    I thought it was about time I started to try and catchup after going so long without posting much–LOL! Those are in the last month and the first new ones in a good while.

    Take care,

  3. Charlie said

    Thanks Phil! I have been looking at the XD-Ms for a long time, but didn’t like the Glock 23 I had, mainly due to the trigger pull. You addressed my concern with this blog entry. Are you considering competing with it? They are somewhat popular for that now.

  4. Gunner said


    Good deal I’m glad that helped. We have competition about 50 miles away where they hold the Bianchi cup. It’s not terribly expensive but it sure is a popular place. I’m really thinking about it for this spring and summer.
    I sure like this pistol and 20 rounds can’t be beat. I’m hoping the magazine issue will take care of itself when it’s been used some.

  5. Horace J. Lambert said

    Hi Phil,
    I bought a new 9mm XDm with the 3.8in barrel about three weeks ago. I really love this pistol. I shot it from the 15 and 25 ft distance at the range and had great results. It is light enough for me to carry everyday and the capacity is enough that I rarely carry an extra magazine. I started to buy the sub-compact in 40 s&w but decided on this one and am very satisfied with my choice.It is on the cover of this month’s Combat Handgun magazine also. Thanks for the test because I trust your word on pistols.

  6. Grizz said

    I have the XDSC9 and the XD45C and both of them have the magazine issue you mentioned. I just push up on the floorplate to ease the pressure on the mag catch. It’s caused by the ammo being jammed against the ejector. A half-full mag has almost no pressure. But I figure that tactically you’re not gonna want to dump a full mag anyway, right? And when the mag is empty the slide locks open to let you know, and then the mag drops free with no problems.

    Just another happy XD shooter…,

  7. Gunner said


    Ah that must be something recent. I had one a few years ago when the Tactical in the 9mm version came out and it didn’t have that design problem. So, this must be something fairly recent with the redesign.
    From a Tactical standpoint your correct by the time you reach the round count to change mags they will drop free. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea to build that into a pistol when there is a possibility that the mag won;t seat all the way and after the first round is fired the mag falls out.
    I’m darn happy with the pistol though no real complaints here.


  8. jacob said

    PLEASE order and keep in stock .380 acp ammo targetmasters seems to think ther ammo is made of gold
    38 dollars for low grade jhp man how i miss the good ol days..
    thank you and keep up the good work

  9. Gunner said


    380 ammo is very very hard to find and people like TargetMasters seem to take advantage of the situation. I don’t have a store so I don’t stock ammo but I can usually find what people need. Cabelas has 380 on sale now at 100 round boxes of Winchester for $36.99.
    Better get it fast because most places ell out fast. Also Wolf is $179 for 500 rounds.

    Best of luck,

  10. brandon said

    Hi I just bought the new springfield xdm 3.8 and I can’t change the grip. I know it is possable but i cant get the pin out. I really dont want to beat on my gun. How much force does it take to push it out?


  11. Gunner said


    I do know what you mean it does take a fair amount of force to drive the roll pin out. I went to the hardware store and picked up a 1/16th brass punch as well as a 1/8th. I used a small hammer that you can also pickup at the hardware store. They are small flat ended hammers made for small jobs so you don’t slam the pistol so hard. You won’t hurt it but you have to put some power behind your strike to get the pin moving. Once you get the pin moving and about half way out you can use needle nose pliers with little pressure squeezing it to hard. Most pins go out from right to left so that’s what I did on the XDm then to replace it by driving it back in from the same direction.
    It can be a bit disconcerting but you won’t crack anything. That frame material is tough!

    Best of luck,

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  13. Horace Lambert said

    Thanks Phil, I have owned my XCm 3.8 for almost a year and have shot it often at the range. I am very happy that I made this purchase because it ii the perfect carry pistol and the weight with about 15 bullets in the magazine can be carried all day even with my bad back. I love shooting it . I reload with Hornady’s XTP 25 grain JHP and they shoot very well with tight groups. I almost purchased the Beretta PX4 Storm compact but I truly believe the XDm is a better buy. I carry my XD in a Galco King Tuk inside the waistband holster because it is very comfortable.

  14. Ryan said

    Yes i fully agree on the mag release. Im a bit spoiled coming from a SW M&P 9. The mp drops as released to gravity and the xdm sticks. I have big hands and i think a strong grip even. I did put a little hoppes gun lube on the inside mechanism which helped some. I just came to realize that ill have to be conscious of that and practice dry firing w that in mind. Thanks for ur post!

  15. Gunner said


    That was aggravating and surprising. I just left one less round in the mag. I was afraid to use lube because of primer contamination. Glad you enjoyed the review!

    Happy Shooting,

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