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Novak Custom Springfield Armory 1911-A1

Posted by Gunner on February 25, 2010

Springfield 1911-A1

   I was in my new favorite gun shop the other day and ran across a Springfield 1911that caught my eye. What I noticed was it had some features that were not stock for the period this 1911 comes from. As it turns out the person who traded this one in sent it off to Novaks for some custom work then pretty much stuck it in a gun safe and left it there. It’s had about 100 rounds fired through it since it was purchased in April of 2000. The information came from the previous owner who lives close by. He had Novak put some of the standard Novak sights which are the best sights you can have on about any pistol. They also did a complete reliability package and trigger job which measures 3 1/2 pounds. I bit light for carry for some folks but it’s just about right for my preference. It sure is smooth and crisp and just feels great! The trigger as well as most of the internals were changed and fitted with precision from they way they look. Novak also added a beavertail grip safety and a match trigger as well as an extended thumb safety. A full length two piece guide rod was also installed. Basically they did the works on this pistol to make it an ideal carry piece. The trigger feels as good as some $2000 full custom 1911’s i’ve shot.
  The markings on this one have 1911-A1 on the left side with Springfield Armory on the other with the company logo in the opposite location from where they place them now. I contacted Springfield who as always was very helpful and by the serial number dated it’s manufactor date to January of 2000. The way it came from the factory it had GI sights and hammer and just pretty much a plain jane 1911. This early model also is pure series 70 without the series 80 safety system which is another reason the trigger job turned out so well. This is one premium 1911 and yes it came home with me:-) These days if you wanted to have this much work done on a 1911 it would cost you darn near $1000 just for the custom work so for $600 it’s really a bargain especially since it’s almost new from a use standpoint.

   As many of you know I used to buy all my guns from Cott firearms and had a link up for them. Well as things often happen the owner decided it was time for a change and moved very far away closing the shop. The new shop is in Cairo,Missouri and is owned by a very nice couple named Ron and his wife Konda. Their shop is called K&R firearms and I couldn’t recomend them more. They also order guns for customers and will do transfers to you FFL. I’ll create a page with more details later. The best part is they have very reasonable prices unlike many shops these days. They can be contacted at 660-295-4446. Besides they can’t be bad folks they both carry 1911’s at the shop when they are working!
   I’ll be posting some targets from the range shortly but right now a few mags is about all I can handle with 12 degree temps. My range session started at 7 yards to establish a point of aim point of impact to ensure the sights were adjusted correctly. The sights were right on the money so with that done I backed up to the ten yard line well at least as close as I could since the yardage markers are under 8 inches of snow:-) My first mag resulted in a group of 2 inches with subsequent mags reducing the group size to 1 1/4 inches. Not an easy task for me when wearing gloves. I backed up to 15 yards and fired two mags which gave me groups of right at 2 inches again with the gloves on. I’m sure when it gets warmer and I can shoot without gloves I can reduce the group sizes especially the way this 1911 is tuned.

   I’ll be posting additional information and range results hopefully next week. As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to comment and I’ll respond right away.

As promised here is an update from my range session yesterday. It was a bit more comfortable outside and the results showed it. Novak did in fact do some accurizing on this pistol. I set the target and backed up to the 10 yard line. My very first round obliterated the red dot bullseye of this 5 inch Birchwood Casey target. It couldn’t have been more dead center if I had measured it. The second round went perfectly into the first with the third round doing the very same! I’m impressed! I backed up to the 15 yard line and you can see the results below.

10 Yard Target

After these very pleasing results I moved back to the 25 yard line and fired two mags of Winchester 230 grn. flat nose target loads. Here are the results below.

25 Yard Target

This the most accurate 1911 I own now or ever really. It just goes to show what a person who knows what they are doing and does what is really fairly minor fitting can achieve with a 1911 platform:-)


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7 Responses to “Novak Custom Springfield Armory 1911-A1”

  1. Kevin Delaney said

    Congrats on your 1911 find! I just bought my first Springfield 1911. It is a loaded Bi-tone with wood grips. It hasn’t had any work done to it but only time will tell! Good to see you posting again. Keep us posted on your range experiance with it. I took mine out and it shot low left but i think it was me pulling it. Im going to try to find time to reload more 45 and get back out this weekend!

  2. Gunner said

    Thanks Kevin I appreciate it. I’ll start posting more often now. Good deal on your Springfield I do love those bi-tone pistols

    Have fun this weekend!

  3. Charlie said

    Well, it looks like someone got their tax refund back (LOL). Looks like you got a good deal. Congrats!

  4. Gunner said


    Yep somebody told:-) It’s a good one alright!

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  6. bill said

    after owning nice but stock 1911 for years i finally have my 1911-a1 loaded in th sacs they couldn’t be nicer to work with, fair prices for high quality work. i pretty much replaces everything with tool steel parts, night sights, matte stainless finish, iam excited and though i can’t shoot as well as you i hope my new custom pistol is up to the task, thanks for your info om yours, what a great deal, bill

  7. Gunner said


    You’ll love shooting it and I bet your scores will go up a good bit with the trigger they worked up for you.


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