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Marlin Acquired by Remington

Posted by Gunner on March 27, 2010


It’s a very sad day. I just learned that Marlin firearms which was purchased two short years ago by Remington will close in June of 2011 with all employees losing their jobs. I’m hoping that someone will purchase the company but in this economy who knows what will happen. I’ve owned and shot Marlin lever rifles since I was 9 years old. In fact I’ve never been without one.
A spokesperson for Marlin stated that the Obama bubble which caused everyone to go out and purchase black rifles had a great negative affect on Marlin sales as well as all the competition from Italian companies making similar products. So much for Obama creating new jobs but I’ll not get started on that. So, after 140 years this fine old company will be gone. I for one will sure miss them!
If you love Marlin lever guns buy one now because prices are sure to skyrocket at some point.

Marlin Firearms to close North Haven factory next year

NORTH HAVEN (AP) — Marlin Firearms Co., a 140-year-old company which made a gun that was a favorite of Annie Oakley, is closing its Connecticut plant, company officials said Friday.

Workers at the Kenna Drive plant in North Haven say they’ve been told all 265 employees will lose their jobs over the course of the next 18 months.

Jessica Kallam, a spokeswoman with Madison, N.C.’s Remington Arms Co. Inc., which acquired Marlin two and a half years ago, said the Connecticut plant will close by June 2011 and employees would be offered severance and help finding jobs. She said Marlin is relocating its manufacturing operations to an undetermined site.

Kallam could not confirm if all employees in Connecticut are losing their jobs.

UPDATE 4/24/2010

Well it seems after some further checking Marlin firearms will still be made after all. True they will close the current plant but they are moving all the equipment to an unnamed Remington plant where they will still be made. I sure wish the press release had more straightforward about the intentions of Remington to continue making these fine old guns! So apparently we needn’t worry about them going out of business all together even though a delay on orders can be expected until the new plant is up and running. Still and all very good news!

30 Responses to “Marlin Acquired by Remington”

  1. DrFaulken said

    That is a shame. The first rifle I ever owned was a Marlin 60, bestowed upon me by my father after shooting for several years under his instruction. It was a rite of passage, and I have kept that rifle ever since.

    I recently purchased a Marlin Camp Carbine in 45 ACP and was hoping that someday they would release an updated model at a fair price. I guess that day will never come now.

  2. Gunner said

    I sure know what you mean. My first gun was a single shot 22 but my first real gun in my young eyes was that wonderful Golden 39A.
    I hope someone buys the company from Remington but as I said these days you never know. I was actually shocked when I heard this and I thought of that 140 years of history closing possibly for good. We can only hope!


  3. Steve said

    The factory is closing, but the company is not.

  4. Gunner said


    Is Remington going to make them or who is the buyer? Have you found a press release. I got my info from the SHOT show and all anybody said was they were shutting down period. Anymore info is appreciated.


  5. conant said

    This is not a bad thing at all. The company is paying attention to the political and economic situation in the northeast and moving on to more attactive and hopefully greatful surroundings. Better to move on than to fold.

  6. pete said

    this has nothing to do with Oboma at all. i am an employee of is not marlin closing the plant but cerberus-freedom group who have a monopoly on the gun industry.marlin’s had one of their best years in 2009.this is nothing but corparate greed by STEVE FEINBURG of CEREBUS
    and THE FREEDOM GROUP.all but a few of the 265
    employees will be let go.some guns will be made
    in kentucky some at the union plant at illion ny.
    both of these owned by remington.

  7. Gunner said


    Thanks for writing. The part about Obama came from a press release. But that’s not the main issue. No matter the cause somebody sure is killing a grand old company for profit or whatever reason. Even worse is the lose of all those jobs and the families that will have to try to find a new job in a poor economy.
    I do hope Remington will keep the brand alive to some degree anyway.


  8. TheGunGeek said

    Remington did the same thing with H&R and they’re still making those guns today- just in a different plant.

    In the meantime…. buy my 1895G Guide Gun while you still can… 🙂

  9. rappini said

    It’s a sad day when any Firearms facility closes for any reason.

  10. Gunner said

    Very true indeed. Even though the Marlin name remains and production of a reduced product line. Remington bought them so all those at the plant lost their jobs.

  11. cats said

    Marlin may be closing its new haven connecticut factory but think about the value of the rifles if it has the new haven connecticut stamped on it to my knowledge no one knows yet where the next factory will be. I see collectors value out of it so i am not sad, marlin will still produce just not in connecticut. Think about it.

  12. Gunner said

    I did find out that Remington bought it. They moved the production to a facility they own but most workers still lost there jobs:-(


  13. roger l wallace said

    Its a sad day when the firearms you purchase are no longer made in the good old USA! Made in America used to mean something in this country! The only way this country can survive is to bring the jobs back that have fled to other countries! You cannot expect current employers to create new jobs when the demand for their product has not grown! Wall Street is a sham! When an American business profits go up, Wall Street cheers! But when an American business has growing profits and their work force is located overseas its a lie about the American economy! Buy American! I would pay more for a product if it meant keeping an American employed! I am non union!!!!!

  14. allan said

    Own a marlin 336 SS with the jm stamp and its a gem! I checked out a 336 @ Wholesale sports today in Winnipeg Manitoba with a Rem stamp on it and all I can say is Remington sure took the quality out. What a shame. Everything from the wood to the finish is crap. The action seems sloppy not to mention the salesman indicated two were returned this week. He pointed out how the iron sites are so off that even with sighting in guys are having problems shooting. What a sad day!

  15. Gunner said


    I’ve not had a chance to handle one of the Remington made 336’s but I have heard these same complaints from others. It’s just sad to see suck a fine old company ruined. I can only hope they begin to get it right. Very few of the original workers chose to move when the old plant closed and that is probably the main reason the quality has gone down.


  16. Curt Bibb said

    Remington…does it surprise anyone that if indeed the quality of Marlin firearms has dumped…this is a Remington S.O.P?

    This is arrogance. How long did Remington know about the safety problems of the 700 series? How amny people were killeda anr severely wounded because of a design flaw that the original designer warned the exec’s at Remington at the very early stages of production of Remington 700’s? What I’m saying is…money talks with Remington…and if the financial situation at Remington doesn’t change…Remington may well be a thing of the past.

    Remember Worlcom and Bernie other companies to show temporary imaginary profits the puuuffff!! Thousands loose their jobs and company gone….start your own look into Remington’s problems.

    And lay off the Obama crap!! Start pointing fingers at Walmart and total greed by the “Have’s and Have Mores” that call most of the shots in this country and around the world. Hey…I have an idea! Why not just stop buying anything not made in America. How long would it take for corporate America to move jobs back to Amerca if “WE” simply say no to crap made in China/Taiwan/Anywheres not stamped “MADE IN USA”!

    No stock options for CEO’s…jobs back in America!! And it really is that simple. By the way…my very first firearm I bouth was a Marlin 336 in 30-30. And I did have several Remingtons…years ago and yes…I had a couple of 700’s that would go BOOM when the safety was taken off…what did Remington do when contacted? Nothing!

  17. Curt Bibb said

    Just a refinement of my comment. I do not own a Remington model 700 series of firearms. I do own three Remington shotguns. Remington’s quality however across the board has nose dived….and as much as it disturbs me even to think about toying with the 700 series of Remington rifles…I am giving consideration on building rifle platforms using the action of the 700. But that means using aftermarket barrels/triggers/recoil lug/etc etc. I and even looking at the Marlin bolt action as an avenue for actions. But Savage actions are it as this time and appears to be so in the foreseeable future.

    You see…American made products with quality can be achieved. And when the open market demands Made in the USA….with quality…it will happen. Savage being a great example. So Remington (Well…the current owners of REMINGTON!)..if you want to survive…you’d best hear what people like me are saying. Quanity vs Quality. Pay once…cry once. Cause your crap isn’t selling like you want it to even though sales of Ruger, Savage and other upstart companies like Keltec are through the roof! Ruger stock prices up 400%.

    It is a fact that Remington’s 700 series barrels are rough internally….I find it soothing to konw that quality barrels are readily available…jsut not from Remington and why should people like myself buy a new Remington bolt action rifle that will shoot so-so..when we can buy a Savage (Remember when if you owned a Savage you were laughed at?!) 110 series are these will shoot as well as many custom made rifles!

    Just saying!

  18. Curt Bibb said

    Talked to a sales person at the local gun shop…these guys sell a decent number of firearms on a regular basis.

    Question I ask them was “What was the shops opinion/knowledge of firearms being produced by Remington/Marlin/H&R-New England Arms = = = Freedom Corp!!…quality etc. Answer is!!!!….Thumbs down!

    So…I feel certain that Remington and Step Childs will be up for sale before long. I’ve gotta say that for those who want to build a accurate rifle can fall back on Savage for Target/Hunting actions…and that’s not a bad concession!! Fact is…I have built up Savage actions or performed minor upgrades to Savage factory rifles to shoot has well…or better…than what I ever did with a Remington action.

    And on and on and on…blah blah blah.

    Sad in a way about iconic firearms being flushed down the Crapper for individual gains.

  19. Gunner said


    I’m not surprised at the opinion they have. Remington at one time was one of the best rifle makers ever but no more. Time will tell but the idea of the company being parceled out and sold is not without merit.
    I’ll take a Savage any day of the week!

  20. Curt Bibb said

    Can I say that I have…”A few” Savage rifles! Yeah…A few…wink wink!! Now if I can just finish these off and start on a new batch.

    Anyways…been working thru the website…there is a lot here for a certainty!

    God and it’s almost the begininng of another calender year!

  21. Gunner said


    Well if you find you have to many you can send me one in 308:-) I try to add more but writing for several places leaves little time for new content but I’m trying to get better at it.

    Happy New Year!

  22. Curt Bibb said

    Moving around this website…I found a article about the Savage 10 FP 24″ barrel…Choate Sniper stock I believe. Well…I built up a Savage 10FP…Bushnell 4200 elite (Yeah I know…non American made but working on that..had scope for 3+years now) 4×12 AO etc etc…one piece Picatinney scope mount/Warne rings and the Choate Ultimate Varmint stock.

    45.5 grs BL-C 2 using Nosler 168 gr Comps…ten shots were touching…measuring the best I looks like center to center of maximun spread shows approximately .35″ @100 yards. That is a ten shot target. Sad part is…I need to build up a secure rest…both front and rear. My bench I built and it’s a meaty beast!! My rest are O.K….but these needs upgrading bad! With top notch rests…hard to say.

    Guess for now I’m spolied…My bench is right at 100 from house door. Rough eh?

    Point is…I have less than $1,500.00 in the complete setup for this rig. Lapped scope rings of course and so on..but these Savage actions/barrels are unreal!! Building up a Savage 112 S.S. 300 WINMAG with factory 26″ barrel…
    had action trued/threads trued/lapped bolt lugs/precision ground recoil lug. Kind of waiting for a Go gage for belted magnums so I can head space and take it from there. Want to see what this Savage will do since any Savage I have up and running…shoots well. Hunting rifle is Savage 111 30-06..taken a lot of animals with this Poor Man’s rifle!!!

    Nice weather all things said for this time of the year…FOR HERE!!

    Northwestesrn Colorado.

    Curt Bibb

  23. Gunner said


    Yes sir it is a Choate stock and I really like it. Mine is box stock but it sure is accurate. I shot a 3″ group at 300 yards which has been my best group with this rifle. Man I’m jealous you have a great setup and obviously know what you’re doing! Range in the backyard—my dream:-) My range is only five minutes away so I can’t gripe much.
    Man it’s cold where you are but at least you can run back in and warmup:-)

  24. David said

    Whats happening with MARLIN, havent they re-started to make Marlins yet, I desperatly want to buy a model 39, but cant find any anywhere, they just dont seem to be in production right now anywhere ???

    WTF is wrong with Remington, if they aint gonna make the Great Marlin rifles, then they should sell the company to someone who will!

  25. Gunner said


    Let me get back to you tomorrow with the structure of these companies. Remington is actually not the primary company calling the shots. I heard they will start the Model 39 line up before long. Quality wise it may not be a good thing for some time since most of the Marlin employees are gone that worked on 39’s for many years.
    Anyway, I’ll line out all the companies under the umbrella of the main company and how it effects us!

  26. […] […]

  27. Wheather it is true or not, there was a comment sent through the internet just recently, that George Sorros and his anti American and corrupt Socialist Organizations have been behind all of the buying up as many as they can get there hands on, the ammo and american gun manufactering companies in america.
    It was stated that it was all part of the big plan on disarming the American citizen and embracing the new world order agenda.

    You can’t control an armed citzen!!!

  28. Gunner said

    I have heard that but I haven’t been able confirm it.

  29. Jim Stevens said

    Remigton,hugh??? Maybe thats why my new 336 lever action
    is so lousy. Almost have to use 2 hands to ccrank it!! Same quality materials just lousy action.

  30. Gunner said


    It’s a possibility. To be fair I haven’t heard a great number of complaints but I’ve heard more than I should. The changeover has been a bit rough. New employees taking the place of those who have done it for a very long time!

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