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Read my gun reviews on “The Firearm Blog” as well as Gunners Journal

Posted by Gunner on January 7, 2011

My reviews for GFS have been moved to “The Firearm Blog”

Hello all I wanted to announce I will be writing gun reviews weekly for the online gun shop and accessories dealer Guns for These reviews will be posted from now on at “The Firearm Blog”—link above:-) I will still post on Gunners Journal.
My ethics that apply to the blog will be in place as always so the reviews you read on Guns for will be 100% correct and honest to the best of my ability.
Your questions and comments can be posted on their website and I will respond as quickly as possible as has always been the case here. They are good folks and I encourage you to look over the guns they stock at very fair prices.
The first article should be out in the next week or so.

Happy Shooting,

4 Responses to “Read my gun reviews on “The Firearm Blog” as well as Gunners Journal”

  1. rappini said

    Phil, what is your opinion of the Rock River Arms LAR 15 Entry operator 2. I have one on order and would like your review.


  2. Gunner said

    Hello sir,

    I have to tell you the Rock River AR15’s no matter what configuration are very well made. In fact they are one of the best AR15’s available. I owned the 16″ barrel version with rail front and a few other extras. All of the parts and general fitting is above average. I was particularly impressed with the trigger pull which is the best factory trigger I’ve ever used on any AR. Accuracy is very good as are most AR’s due to the 223/5.56 round.
    The entry model you have ordered is very handy and easy to handle in cramped places such as around corners in your home or for duty use of course.The shorter barrel will have a bit slower muzzle velocity than a full size barrel but not enough to really matter especially for the purpose of this rifle. I think you’ll be very happy with it overall and especially the trigger pull. If I can help with any other information please let me know.

    Happy Shooting,

  3. Horace Lambert said

    What woule you recommend for me to carry concealed? I need a automatic pistol that is small , very lightweight and powerful enough for me to have confidence to carry it anywhere I go. Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Gunner said


    That’s an easy one the Walther PPS in 9MM or 40 S&W. Light, great trigger, accurate very easy to conceal. It fits in the pocket of my jeans.
    Retail is about $550 and well worth it!

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