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Century Arms C-93 (H&K93)

Posted by Gunner on June 22, 2011

I recently wrote a review for “The Firearm Blog” on the Century C93. This rifle is a clone of the H&K 93 at a much more affordable price. This turned out to be a very pleasant experience. I hope you enjoy the review and as always feel free to comment:-)

Click this link to read this review: C-93 rifle

12 Responses to “Century Arms C-93 (H&K93)”

  1. Eric said

    Have you shot the HK and is it worth the price difference? If money was not a huge consideration which one would you go after?

  2. Gunner said


    I’ve owned both. The Century model performed very well and as well as the H&K. That being said I would take an original 93 if money was no object. They run about $3000 to $3500. The 91 is hard to find and the 93 is darn near impossible. They only imported a total of approx. 65000 H&K’s during the years they were imported.

    Take care,

    PS I don’t mind posting your link:-)

  3. Mark Singer said

    I am SERIOUSLY thinking about picking one of these up after reading your review. I have always wanted an AR but the cost involved has mad that pretty much out of the question. I have handled a couple of CAI’s C-93’s at local guns stores and liked it as an alternative to the AR. When I do finally get one I will let you know what I encounter. I can’t thank you enough for your review and find it to be one of the most well rounded I have been able to find on the web.

    Mark Singer

  4. Gunner said

    Mark,That’s great and I’m sure glad the review helped you decide. It’s accurate, durable and reliable—enjoy! I look forward to hearing from you when you test it out!!


  5. Mark Singer said

    I would like to ask what your thoughts are on the ” Bolt Gap ” issues with these rifles. I have recently found several, although older, postings on line that bemoan the gap being to low and shortening the useful life of the rifle. Is there any validity to this?

    Totally Confused,

    Mark Singer

  6. Gunner said


    It seems with the nature of the internet if 5 people have a problem it blows up to a widespread 1000’s of problems. Aggravating to say the least. I’ve had no problems with the gap on any of the ones I’ve shot. I’m not saying it can’t happen. Even if it did the fix is simple. They make assorted size roller drums to replace the factory ones. It’s just a parts swap. Honestly I wouldn’t be concerned about it.

    Take care!

  7. Mark Singer said

    Well Phil I didn’t get the C93, My Father in Law got me a CETME for Christmas! Hell of a deal too! Rifle and three mags for under $500 at a local gunshop. I will Let you know how it shoots once I’m done healing up from foot surgery and can get to the range! Hard to tell I’m excited huh? Thanks again for all your information and support.


  8. Gunner said

    Good for you Mark! Yep, I can tell your excited and don’t go to the range until you heal!!!! You are very welcome:-)

  9. Mark Singer said

    Sorry to report that my Cetme suffered a catastrophic failure when sighting in a scope. The extractor rod bracket in the trigger group sheared off causing the bolt to misalign in the upper receiver making the receiver crack down the right side from the front of the ejection port to nearly the rear sight along the grove in the receiver….damn.

  10. Gunner said


    Man that’s scary and highly unusual for a Cetme. Have you contacted the gun shop about it? Please let me know what happens with it so I can post the results. You didn’t get hurt did you?

  11. Mark Singer said

    No Phil I wasn’t injured when it failed and the Gunshop we got it from exchanged it for another firearm. Really sucks because I had gotten it dialed in dead on out to 200 yards. It WAS an extremely accurate rifle up until it blew itself apart….lol I really miss it though. All in all it would have needed a new upper AND lower receiver and trigger group so it was basically toast…..

  12. Gunner said


    I’m sure glad to hear you weren’t injured. I bet that was one heck of a bang though! I’m glad the shop treated you right:-) They are very accurate. I had an H&K 93 in 5.56 back in the 1980’s with a factory sniper set trigger with a heck of a scope. It was a tack driver. Yea back in 1985 it cost $450!

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