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Detonics Upgrade Kit

Posted by Gunner on August 3, 2011

Detonics has created an upgrade kit that will fit standard 1911’s as well as the older Detonics Combat Masters. As I understand it this kit includes all that is needed to complete the upgrade. Listed below are the parts included in the kit.
The Detonics Combat Master Upgrade Kit includes everything you need to put right on your 1911 style frame. Unlike other 1911 uppers, this includes all required parts, including: barrel, barrel link pin, barrel link set, extractor, guide rod, firing pin, firing pin spring, firing pin stop, front and rear sights installed, reverse plug, recoil spring set, and slide.

Available for Pre-Order immediately in the store.

Combat Master Upgrade Kit: $449.00

The kits are in production and will be available soon. From the information I have the kit will be in .40 cal. No .45acp’s will be offered.
The magazines will be $35 and $40 depending on caliber and size. Detonics magazines will be available separately from Detonics website.
Detonics website
I would have added pictures but the website does not allow copy and paste of any photos.

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