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1911 Vs. Glock

Posted by Gunner on July 17, 2012

We’ve all heard this argument many times. You know where I stand!


15 Responses to “1911 Vs. Glock”

  1. Greg Tag said

    Gaston Glock is a genius and one hell of a mechanical engineer. His guns:
    1) work,
    2) they are light,
    3) they are cheap,
    4) Most examples are very accurate, at the least they are adequately accurate.
    5) they are easy to train someone to a minimal level of competence with.

    On the down side:
    1) the trigger sucks,
    2) the grip angle is wrong,
    3) they are enormously fat for the cartridges they shoot
    4) the lack of any safety other than the trigger safety means when that “minimal level of competence” training ( see above) fails and JimBob has his finger on the trigger when he aint supposed to – someone gets shot in the foot, the ankle or the thigh.
    5) Did I mention that the trigger sucks?
    6) If you want a Glock in .45, you must go with a reduced capacity single stack that is still enormously fat – OR – you get to carry and manipulate a VERY large pistol with all the comfort characteristics and ergonomic finesse of a yellow pine two by four. You also need hands the size of King Kong.

    I carry a 1911. A Colt, actually.

    Its slim. It is reliable . It is mechanically accurate. The trigger is a crisp 4.5 pounds. The grip angle works. It is easy to handle, regardless of the size of your hands. It was designed to be soldier-proof and by and large, it is. 8 plus 1 rounds should be enough for most altercations, if not, you are under cover, your opponent is under cover, and a 1911 reload is a simple task. Even the spare mags are easy to carry. The sights arent plastic. I have found that a steel frame, fully loaded 1911 is not excessively heavy or inconvenient.

    As I tell my students : Carry what you want, of course. If you have a gunfight, I probably wont be there, so for good or ill, you will be stuck with the results of your own decision. Choose wisely.



  2. David said

    Glock rules! look @ the performance here.

  3. Gunner said

    Greg I couldn’t have said it better myself:-) In fact those are exactly the same opinions I have of the Glock. The grip angle is especially annoying!

  4. Gunner said


    There’s no link to go to?

  5. Winfred Dotson said

    Own Both 1911 & Glock. Like Both, Carry Both, favorite caliber 45.
    No smaller than 40. in Glock.

  6. Gunner said


    I respect everyone’s personal choice of firearms for the protection of self and family. The Glock is very reliable, that’s a given. I just can’t get around the extreme grip angle. My question is do you have a problem with switching between the two types as far as grip angle and point of aim? After carrying my 1911’s all the time when I draw a Glock I’m pointing to the moon:-)

  7. Winfred Dotson said

    I don’t really notice the grip angle or point of Aim difference.
    My Glock 45’s are SF models in Model 30 & 21. I have been using 45 .1911’s since 1980 & Glocks since 1996 so I probally am making adjustments without noticing the diifference. I do know I am more accurate with my 1911 Commander or Government Models than Iam with my Glock 40. Model 22 2nd Generation. I also always change my Glocks to 4.5 pound triggers pulls which also helps .

  8. Gunner said


    Ok that makes sense. I seldom shoot a Glock and don’t own one anymore so that probably is a factor in my difficulty with POA.


  9. Dale said

    Fire both the glock and 1911 nonstop, till one fails. I will gaurantee the 1911 will have a stoppage first. Show my 1911s to my friends, carry my glock for protection.

  10. Greg Tag said

    In the engineering world it is possible to design bridge that will carry 100 times the projected load. If design A is 100 times redundant, and design B only carries 10 times the projected load, is design B ” Inadequate ” ?


    You have described a meaningless test – Ill bet that a Glock 19 will go at least 3000 rounds MTBF. That is a liklihood of failure that is very enormously small.

    My usual carry 1911 ( maybe not Jim Bobs ) will go at least 1000 ( 980 by test) .

    The liklihood of a failure in my clean carry gun is merely ( compared to the Glock ) enormously small.

    I dont worry about it, any more than I would worry about the actual world reality difference between bridge design A, and bridge desgn B.



  11. Mark S. said

    A few years ago I picked up a Glock 21 for daily duty carry as the company I worked for wouldn’t allow me to carry my 1911 style Kimber Classic Custom since it’s SA. I qualified with the Glock having never fired it before qualification since I bought it the day before. I was very impressed with it to say the least. I DO find that my 1911 is a bit more accurate but that may be because I shoot it more. I don’t have any complaints about my Glock. I like the magazine capacity and ease of take down for cleaning. I find it well balanced and it feels great to me. Not sure what folks mean by the grip angle being wrong it seems fine to me. All things considered though I have been a fan of the 1911 since I was a little boy having seen it in movies and TV shows growing up. Both have their strengths and very few faults, IMHO. But of the 2 my favorite would have to be the 1911 can’t give a specific reason, it just is…..

  12. Gunner said

    Hi Mark,

    The Glock has that 17 degree grip angle which causes me to present the pistol and point way to high at which point I have to adjust my POA down. Not everyone has this problem but it is rather widespread. Not that the Glock is a bad gun it’s certainly not.It’s not a new shooters gun though.

  13. Mark S. said

    Guess I never noticed a difference in the grip angle….Hmmmm

  14. Mike M. said

    The Marine Corps. just placed an order with Colt for 200,000 1911 .45’s! With over 100 yrs. of great service it speaks for it’s self. They did not order a “Block” Who in there right mind would want to carry a “Block” of wood around for self defense? !911’s rule and always will. I have 21,020 rounds down the pipe in my 1911 .45 and all it ever has had, is springs changed. Nothing more, and at the bowling pin shoots The “Blocks always comes in 2nd place” and I don’t have too pull the trigger to take it down, Dangerous firearm with NO safety. Thanks John Browning for the worlds greatest firearm EVER!!!

  15. Gunner said


    I agree they are dangerous especially for a new shooter. That safety, as they call it, is no safety at all really. One correction on your comment. The order that MarSoc placed is for 4000 Colt’s with a replacement of two guns for each one purchased. The total will be 12,000 guns for 2.2 million. That also includes parts support etc.

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