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11 Responses to “Building An AR-15 From Brownells”

  1. Hi, we want to find a supplier of quality arms?
    Barry Larkman

  2. Brownalls is a scope, we want the rifle from Russia?

  3. Gunner said This company, Centerfire Systems has a large number of AK47’s as well as other Russian rifles. Good Luck!

  4. Jeffrey said

    Love your sight. can anyone tell me what night sights to use, or that would fit my S&w1911 Doug Koenig model. I have factory ones on there,and anytime I ask this question I never get a correct response.The most common answer is Lasergrips. I asked my local gunsmith and he told me to call S&W and ask them what would fit. So I emailed them and recieved info. where I would actually have to make changes to the gun by drilling and tapping. Is this that hard to figure out,F<#* im not trying to put a red dot on it. HELP.

  5. Gunner said


    This is a no brainer for me since I’ve used them so many time. Novak sights. You can call them and discuss what you want and they can fix you up with a turnaround of one week. They have plenty to choose from and they don’t have to cut the slide or anything such as that.
    I’ve used Novaks for over 25 years and swear by them.
    Did you want info on AR sights also????
    Best of luck,

  6. Jeffrey said

    I have a question concerning Bull pup Rifels.Steyr Arms Aug/A3SA has one. MSAR STG-556,and FN FS2000. Basically I cant make my mind up when it comes to an AR-15 type gun. or should I just say any auto loader rifle. Has anyone ever a BullPup and an AR. And Has a strong opinion over one or the other. I know when I bought my Ruger Mini .223 with the ATI STOCK basically the tactical version I was displeased. Sold it the next day after firing it. Help opinions anything would help.

  7. Gunner said


    Well sir this is going to take while be patient with me. Lets talk price first. The Styer Aug is $3500 with the FN’s in the $2000 to $2300 range while the 14.5 inch barrel AR15 can be had for $1100 with extra add ons such as backup sights etc. The Aug copy sells for around $2000. Changes have been made so that it will not use FN mags. For that you have to modify the rifle.
    As far as caliber the above guns all fire the 223/556 round with the exception of the FN P90 which is the smaller 5.7×28 which is very fast and above 3000fps on average. The ammo is higher priced and harder to find. 223 is much easier to buy and much less cost.
    If you are set on a bullpup the smallest of course if the P90.
    Here are some thoughts on the FN models
    US made copy

    My choice primarily from a financial view is the AR15 carbine with a 14.5 inch barrel which is legal with an appropriate size flash hider. I do have a review of mine on the blog. So, my thoughts are that in a time of difficulty the ar15 parts would be much easier to find whereas the others would be very difficult to find as would the ammo. The only alternative after spending so much on the weapon is to buy reloading equipment which would be another $500 or so for minimal bullets, primers etc as well as the reloading setup.

  8. Jeffrey said

    First of I would like to thank you for all of your advice and info. on the questions I’ve had. Got another one. Did FNH make changes to there Five-Seven handgun all of a sudden i notice a drop in prices all over. I know that they say the gun has a delayed blowback operation. Now when I read about them it says nothing of the such except on one that said it was a original tactical version.And once again the few gun stores I trust tell me no no changes like that. My response is well why a few months ago was the guns selling for 3-500 more dollars. Can anyone put my mind at ease on the subject.Thank you.

  9. Gunner said


    These are the current specs on it. The reason the prices have come down is slow sales. When you look at it the pistol is pretty large for concealed carry. The ammunition is pretty expensive. The ammo can be pretty hard to come by as well. There is only one place within 50 miles of here that sells it.
    Honestly I think slow sales are the reason for the lowered price. Holler anytime you have a question:-)


  10. BUB said

    I have a dpms and a L1A1 .I want to build an me a weapon that has it all. I need all the tips and pointers Ican get

  11. Gunner said

    Hey Bub,

    Ok no problem. Lets start with what you want to do with each rifle like distance–short for the AR long range for the L1.? Optics etc. Just give me a starting place:-)


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