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Remington Wins Bid For Army M4’s

Posted by Gunner on April 22, 2012

The Army awarded Remington Arms Company an April 20 contract to make tens of thousands of M4A1 carbines. By outbidding Colt Defense — the original maker of the M4 — Remington may end up being the only winner in what many gun makers have labeled as the Army’s well-intentioned but doomed effort to arm soldiers with a better carbine.

On the upside, the award means that more soldiers will go into combat with the M4A1, a SOF version of the carbine that features a more durable barrel and a full-auto capability. The Army’s decision to dump the three-round burst setting will give soldiers a more consistent trigger and better accuracy.

It’s part of the service’s dual-path strategy to improve the individual carbine. Army weapons officials recently completed phase one of the service’s Improved Carbine Competition and will soon announce which companies proved they have the infrastructure and production capacity to turn out thousands of new weapons. Gun makers that advance to the second and third phases of the competition will have hundreds of thousands of test rounds fired through their prototypes before the Army announces one winner.

Many small-arms firms believe the endeavor is a waste of time since the Army has shown no interest in new calibers or features that would increase modularity. In the end, the winner of the competition will likely lose when the Army conducts a business-case analysis comparing it to the new-and-improved carbine that emerges from the parallel effort known as the M4 Product Improvement Program.

Questions have already started to surface over just how successful the PIP will be since the Army recently canceled a search for an improved bolt and bolt-carrier assembly. Companies such as LWRC International, Remington and Smith & Wesson that competed for the bolt and bolt-carrier assembly portion of the PIP were notified by the Army April 10 that none of the submissions offered enough improvement over the M4’s existing bolt and bolt-carrier assembly. It will be interesting to see if similar efforts to improve components such as the selector-switch assembly and the forward-rail assembly suffer the same fate.

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Great Deal From Daniel Defense for Police Officers!

Posted by Gunner on September 30, 2011

Financing your new rifle: A great program for cops
Under a new program Daniel Defense just launched for law enforcement, police officers (and agencies) can obtain a top-quality patrol rifle with no-interest financing for a year

While attending the National Tactical Officers’ Association annual meeting in Richmond (Va.) earlier this month, I spent some time with the Brent Slaughter from Daniel Defense talking about their latest news. While I had expected to be impressed with the rifles they had on display, I was ill-prepared for just how interesting the “paperwork” side of their news would be. Suffice it to say, with a new program the company just launched for law enforcement, police officers (and agencies) can obtain a top-quality patrol rifle with no-interest financing for a year.

Before we get into the stuff on financing (yeah, I know, “But Doug, I LOVE talking about financing!”), let’s just take a few moments to appreciate these systems. Under their recently announced financing offer, you can choose from four different packages (including the sling, optics, extra magazines, and other accessories you’d need) exactly the system that best suits your particular need. In essence, you can take the system right out of the box and be patrol-ready (assuming you’ve already done the necessary training to properly handle the weapon in a tactical environment).

While we’re on the subject of training, it should be noted that the company offers a variety of training programs that can get officers up to speed on the system (they even have a comprehensive armorer’s course). While at NTOA I spoke with Al Dustan of Close Quarters Tactical, who presently putting the finishing touches on a training course that goes with the purchase of every law enforcement package noted below. Dustan’s trainers will go to you, or you can fly to their state-of-the-art facility in Shelby Township (Mich.).

Lots of companies bury their rifles, submerge them in water, drop them from significant heights, and whatnot. Daniel Defense steps it up a few notches. (PoliceOne Image)
The Rifles
The program begins with the Daniel Defense Basic Patrol Rifle Package, which consists of the Daniel Defense M4 V1 basic model rifle, six Magpul magazines, a red-dot optic, and a patrol bag. The Lightweight Package consists of the M4 V5 LW model rifle (which weighs just six pounds and eight ounces, fully loaded) with 12-inch continuous picatinny rails, Magpul pop-up sights, the six Magpul magazines, the red-dot optic, and the patrol bag.

The Special Services Package consists of the M4 V4 rifle with an 11.5-inch barrel, which effectively covers a nice wide selection of rounds — you can train on less expensive ammo and have “the good stuff” in your magazines on patrol.

Finally, there’s the Designated Marksman’s Package, which is a long-range weapon in 5.56. This setup includes the Bushnell 2.5-16 optic on the top rail with a DRS 25 red-dot optic mounted off to the side, making it a multi-purpose platform so you can move through the close-quarters environment to a standoff position and take a precision shot should that need arise. This was the system which had me most interested, mostly because it’s pretty different from what I’ve got in my safe at home.

I don’t (yet!) own a Daniel Defense rifle, but I have a friend who owns one of their systems and loves it, and I’ve come to appreciate how solid they are. I mean solid. Nothing shakes, jiggles, moves, or vibrates, even under the harshest conditions and most dynamic action. The company does incredibly rigorous testing on their rifles. Lots of companies bury their rifles, submerge them in water, drop them from significant heights, and whatnot. Daniel Defense steps it up a few notches. I don’t remember ever seeing a “drop test” like this one, and I know for certain I’ve never seen a test that uses a commercially-available product called “Southern Thunder.”

Check out this video, then scroll down for information on how you can get one of these systems.

The Financing
When I spoke with Brent Slaughter during our time together at NTOA (and via phone a week or so thereafter), I learned that the testing you’ve just watched is done on all their systems. Very impressive indeed. What’s even more impressive is what Brent told me about the company’s new financing program for law enforcement.

Slaughter travels overseas a lot — he’s a business development manager whose “turf” includes police organizations in a variety of foreign countries. He returned home one day from a trip to an Asia-Pacific country and knocked on the boss’s door, saying, roughly, “Why don’t we have special programs for individual American law enforcement officers like we do for some governments in other countries?”

The boss said, roughly, “Good idea. Make it happen.”

So he did.

“What we’ve done for those departments that want to partner with us,” Slaughter told me, “we’re going to offer financing, training, and other support to an individual officer or an agency to purchase Daniel Defense rifles specifically for patrol use, and we will finance that officer or that agency for up to a year, interest free. It requires a small down payment to initiate the order, and have the rifle shipped out.”

When you go to the Daniel Defense website, you’ll notice that most of their rifles are “sold out,” but the fact is that the company has a stock always set aside for law enforcement so when your order is placed, the system is shipped.

“For law enforcement, we know they need their weapons now, so we have an inventory for them. If a police officer orders a package today, it will be shipped out tomorrow, and he’ll have it for use the next day. All we ask is that the department guarantee the loan through a payroll deduction. The department takes out whatever that payment is — whether they’re paying guys every month or every two weeks or whatever it is — the department then sends us payment for the collected number of packages we have going to that municipality or agency. What that does it is minimizes some of the complications in the accounting. Instead of us getting 13 different checks from 13 different guys on 13 different days, we have one payment for everyone in that agency who has a Daniel Defense package.”

The payroll deduction can — if the agency chooses — be made pre-tax, and of course, since the purchase is for duty use, is tax-deductable.

The Bottom Line
So, how much will one of these systems set you back?

“We’ve standardized the pricing so it’s the same for every single agency no matter what size, no matter how many officers get these rifles,” Slaughter explained. “Each of these packages, with the down payment program, each solution comes out to about $80 per pay period if you get paid every two weeks.”

In order to be considered for the LE discount, you need to first register an account on Once you’ve been verified, you’ll be notified by email that you’re free to order through the website at the discounted price.

I don’t usually write about firearms here on PoliceOne. My friends Dick Fairburn, Ron Avery, Andrew Butts, Lindsey Bertomen, Bill Campbell, Lance Eldridge, Tom Marx, Jeff Hall, Tim Dees, Glenn French, Ken Hardesty, Dan Danaher, Mike Boyle, and Dennis Haworth are far more knowledgeable than me and are almost certainly also better marksmen than me. But the fact is that the Daniel Defense packages of top-notch weapons systems, coupled with top-notch training and support, coupled with a top-notch financing opportunity was too compelling to ignore. Check it out for yourself at, or email me and I’ll forward your contact information over to Brent Slaughter at Daniel Defense.

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Rogers Super Stoc Adopted by Colt

Posted by Gunner on August 22, 2011

I’ll have a review of this stock published on “The Firearm Blog” shortly. When I have a link I’ll post it here. In the last few days Rogers secured a contract with Colt to supply all Colt AR15/M4 rifles with this fine stock.So, if you buy a Colt AR you’ll get this stock with it.You heard it here first folks:-)

Link to the review on “The Firearm Blog”

Link to Rogers website

I’ve been using and testing this stock for two months now and it’s now my preferred stock for any AR I own.

Happy Shooting

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MGI Military AR15 Buffer/Recoil Reducer

Posted by Gunner on August 7, 2011

Many shooters see assorted buffers advertised on various websites but many of these buffers are just ideas without any scientific design. The MGI buffer has been designed by engineers for optimum effectiveness in reducing recoil and rate of fire on semi or full auto AR’s. This buffer does everything it claims! Simply I’ve fired many 100’s of rounds from my 14.5 inch CMMG Carbine and this buffer will stay in this AR and any other I acquire.
The buffer also comes with a “D” ring which fits over the spring of the extractor. It’s called the “D-Fender”. It’s function is to increase extraction reliability and ejection force by a factor of 4X. A picture is shown below. It also works as advertised whether the rifle is very dirty of freashly cleaned.
I’ve tried just about every buffer on the market with mixed results. The MGI buffer made me a believer. Here’s how it works. The buffer body is a fairly lightweight steel with the base housing a spring loaded tip. Internally there are three Tungsten cylinders. As the weapon is fired the bolt moves to the rear againest the buffer body which in turn moves rearward under spring pressure. The Tungsten cylinders move forward againest the rearward pressure. Since there are three cylinders each one moves forward againest the rearward pressure slightly seperated. At the end of the recoil stroke all three cylinders have struck each other and stopped forward motion when the bolt has compressed the internal spring. The bolt then moves forward with the process reversed and the Tungsten cylinders moving to the rear. As I mentioned the rear of the buffer has a sturdy tip that is spring loaded and aids in this recoil reduction process. This also makes the buffer very reliable in function and in my opinion increases the reliability of the rifle. A simple way to look at it is taking two hammers and swinging them together one in the right hand one in the left. When they meet they cancel each others energy.
When I first got this buffer I installed it which of course took all of two minutes. I also installed the D-Fender over the extractor spring. I went to the range with the usual 55 grain plinking ammo. I could feel the difference in recoil with the first round fired. As I continued firing rounds I admit I got a bit of a smile on my face after finally finding a buffer that works! The price is higher than most but to me it’s worth the money.
When I fired about 100 rounds I decided to shoot some rapid fire to see just how effective the reduced recoil was at allowing me to shoot double taps into a small area without having to pause and re-sight using the EoTech 516. As it turned out I was able to fire my first round where I wanted it then not loose sight of the red dot and almost immediately fire my second round placing it within two inches of the first at 50 yards. Using the bipod the rifle moved very little allowing smaller groups than the first that were fired standing unsupported.
Body with rear spring loaded plug
Next up was a local PD’s select fire M4. The MGI buffer was installed and testing started. On full auto the results were startling. The rate of fire dropped by an average of 200 rounds per minute according to our PACT timer. In no way was there any adverse effect on reliability. Controllability was enhanced noticeably. I setup a small video recorder to compare muzzle rise. While muzzle rise with a standard buffer is not very pronounced with the MGI buffer installed it was almost non-existant when observed in the short video.This is where the buffer really showed it’s stuff. I also noticed less felt recoil on full auto. Any reduction in recoil is a very desireable factor when used in police work. Many agencies operate in crowded cities where repeat rounds fired accuracy is very important. The local PD was so impressed they left the range with plans to add the MGI buffer to both of the departments M4’s. I would post the video but the PD took it to present to the powers that be in order to justify the upcoming purchase:-)
The buffer is also self regulating so that any AR platform in any caliber is compatible. The rate of fire reduction is somewhat dependent on barrel length.
With the D-Fender installed my ejected rounds were going approximately twice the distance they had been as well as landing in a 2 foot circle. I feel certain the buffer will also reduce the wear and tear on your rifle as well.
Currently the buffer is being used by a number of law enforcement agancies as is the D-Fender. I would also expect the military to take an interest in these excellent additions to the M4. In a war zone any device which increases reliablity and accuracy is a big plus for any soldier or Marine.
I recommend this buffer and D-Fender ring without reservation of any kind.

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