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Mark Craighead (Crossbreed Holsters) We’ve lost a good man

Posted by Gunner on August 29, 2012

As most of you know Mark Craighead, owner and designer of Crossbreed holsters, passed away last Friday from a heart attack. Mark has made a great number of contributions in the firearms world with his very innovative holsters as well as his many other activities most people aren’t aware of.

Anyone who keeps track of what’s new in our hobby know about his holsters but many don’t know what a fine man he was. He not only made one of the best concealment holsters you can buy he was also a contributor to many charities and was very active in the protection of our second amendment rights. He was also a fine family man who’s loss will be felt for a long time.

Mark started his business about three years ago from his home in Republic Missouri. Republic is a small town in southwest Missouri a stones throw from where I grew up in Springfield. I’ve spoken to Mark a good number of times and I’ve never known anyone who was as dedicated to his customers as he was. He always went that extra mile to ensure his customers got what they needed. He would even call customers himself which is rare these days.

Mark was too young to leave us but then God sure has a great guy with him! I’ll miss him. My prayers are with his family and those who’s lives he’s touched.

I’ve blogged about his holsters before if you want to read the review from 2010:

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Read my gun reviews on “The Firearm Blog” as well as Gunners Journal

Posted by Gunner on January 7, 2011

My reviews for GFS have been moved to “The Firearm Blog”

Hello all I wanted to announce I will be writing gun reviews weekly for the online gun shop and accessories dealer Guns for These reviews will be posted from now on at “The Firearm Blog”—link above:-) I will still post on Gunners Journal.
My ethics that apply to the blog will be in place as always so the reviews you read on Guns for will be 100% correct and honest to the best of my ability.
Your questions and comments can be posted on their website and I will respond as quickly as possible as has always been the case here. They are good folks and I encourage you to look over the guns they stock at very fair prices.
The first article should be out in the next week or so.

Happy Shooting,

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Crossbreed Holsters — The very best IWB holster made!

Posted by Gunner on May 28, 2010

Springfield 1911 in a CrossBreed Super Tuck holster

     As many of you know from previous post I take my gun leather very seriously. When it comes to good leather and spending a good bit of money I’ll spend the money. The price of not investing in a quality holster can have disastrous consequences. This is one holster that doesn’t require an expensive investment yet you get the best IWB holster made! Make no mistake even the owner of Crossbreed holsters Mark Craighead says they are ugly:-) In this case beauty is in function. This holster is the most comfortable and functional IWB holster I’ve ever used and so much so it’s amazing.

Belt clips

    I’ve used this holster everyday for several weeks now and I have no complaints whatsoever as far as fit, function, comfort and the ability to hide a full size 1911 under a regular polo shirt. I believe the reason it works so well is the width of the leather backing that holds the kydex holster. It seems to distribute the weight over a greater area instead of holding all the weight in a 4 inch or so area. The Kydex holster is fairly thin but still stiff enough to hold the pistol securely and allow for easy re-holstering. You have a choice of belt clips. The standard ones are in the photo above and work just fine. You can also order the type that hook to your belt if you prefer. Most of the time I’ve used the clips that hold firmly on the belt but with the width of this holster the amount of area allows these types of clips to hold the whole rig very securely. They can also be adjusted for height and cant if you prefer.

    As you can see from the picture above the base of the holster flares at the base which makes it much easier and faster to draw you pistol. It also has an area behind the top of pistol that protects you skin from any abrasion which could be caused by the pistols hammer or sights. The following pictures show the holster on my right side with my shirt tucked in. As you can see or rather not see it conceals very well.

     From these pictures you have to be impressed with how well this holster conceals and this is with a full size 1911! Another feature I need to cover is not only is this holster comfortable even wearing it all day you really don’t even notice it’s there because of the way the design distributes weight.

    Any of the holsters Mark makes are available in cowhide or horsehide as well as tan or black in color. He also makes several other models to suit your needs. This will be my permanent choice in an IWB holster for all my CCW guns. Crossbreed Holsters can be ordered by contacting them at or by phone at 888-732-5011. The prices are great and you certainly won’t be sorry relying on this holster or any of the other IWB types.

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Rafter-L Gun Leather— Sig P6 Holsters

Posted by Gunner on November 6, 2008

Front View #1 Holster

Rear View #1 Holster

Rafter-L Gun Leather

Rafter-L Holster Review
Please read the earlier review of Erik’s products by clicking the link above.

As many of you know I’m very particular about my holsters. With that in mind I know for a fact that I have the best holster, mag pouches and gun belts made. All have been crafted by Erik Little who owns Rafter-L Gun Leather.
I spoke with Erik a short while ago about all the German Sig P6 pistols that have been imported into the USA and the need for a high quality holster for them. Yes, you can find a holster for the P6 but they are usually made for another gun like the Sig 226 which is of course longer and a bit wider than the P6 by 1/4 inch. That makes for a pretty sloppy fit and doesn’t hold the pistol securely.
Now for the news! Erik is now making holsters specifically to fit the Sig P6 and Sig P225. This is great news since from conversations with friends and post on many of the forums there are a lot of fellow shooters who have the P6 and love the gun but are having a very hard time finding a holster to fit them. The search is over:-) Erik is making the holster in the number 1 pattern which is very similar to the Askins Avenger which is one of if not the best holster design ever. Erik has improved on the original design. I own his products and wouldn’t use any other holster for any of my pistols.
Also available is the single or double mag pouch and his excellent gun belts.

Single Mag Pouch

Gun Belt Available in Tapered or straight Configuration

Contact Erik at 307•684•5808 or visit his website at you won’t be disappointed!

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