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Camo Project on Springfield Armory M1A

Posted by Gunner on May 9, 2007

This is an update from last months post on my new M1A. I decided that as much as I love wood stocks I wanted to try a synthetic stock. I bought a USGI synthetic in OD green. For this project I wanted to see how the stock would turn out using regular automotive type paints. I checked my local hardware store that just happened to have spray cans of all the colors I needed to make a woodland camo pattern. These paints were made for painting hunting trucks, ATV’s etc. The stock itself was like new and cost $75.00. When I finished buying sandpaper,paint and a spray can of matte clear sealant I’d spent about $25.00. Now that’s an economical project!
I started out by lightly sanding a few minor spots that needed smoothing. I put a base coat on in a light tan. After drying I used each individual color allowing each coat to dry before going on with the next color. I had no particular pattern in mind when I started and just kinda eyeballed the places I thought the paint pattern would look the best. After finishing with the application of the paints and allowing time for drying I sprayed two coats of the clear matte polyurethane coating to seal it and provide some protection from wear and scratches.
I think it turned out pretty well at minimal cost. Try it, you’ll enjoy yourself and have a stock you can use for hunting or just taking out and shooting without worrying about scratching and denting that nice wood stock:-)

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Springfield Armory M1A

Posted by Gunner on April 24, 2007


I was at one of the local gunshops last week just as a guy was leaving an M1A on the counter. I don’t know about anyone else but finding a used M1A is not easy. I jumped on it right away especially after finding out it wasn’t really used. It had been sitting in a gunsafe since 1996 and had not been fired! I’ll never understand buying a gun and letting it sit unused for years or one day for that matter!
I picked it up yesterday and went straight to the range. I had already stopped by MidwayUsa and picked up 200 rounds of Winchester M80 ball that they were selling for $90 per 200 rounds. Military overrun I believe. I don’t know how long this ammo will last but it’s a great price! After getting to the range I set a 5 inch target up at the 100 yard line. Amazingly enough I didn’t even have to adjust the sights,they were right on the money. I normally use an ART scope on my AR15 so I’m a bit rusty with iron sights. This is not a national match rifle but it’s a darn good one because not one round went outside that 5 inch target. I fired 40 rounds and had two rounds that were one the edge of the target. The rest of the rounds were not outside the 8 ring. That’s very good accuracy from a stock rifle. This rifle feels like a rifle. I didn’t realize how much I missed shooting the last of the steel/wood stocked guns. I would say nostalgic but since we have taken many M14’s out of the armory and issued them with various scopes (or iron sights) and given them to a units designated marksmen serving in Iraq and Afganistan they have once again become current issue. Until I started doing some research I didn’t realize how many of these fine rifles we have issued. They are very sought after weapons especially by special forces. Lots more range and knockdown for the distances involved in Afganistan especially.
Enough rambling on. If, like me, you are enamored with the AR15/M4 don’t forget the old warhorse M1A/M14. It’s a joy to shoot as well as fun. Add one to your collection you won’t regret it!

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