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Marlin Acquired by Remington

Posted by Gunner on March 27, 2010


It’s a very sad day. I just learned that Marlin firearms which was purchased two short years ago by Remington will close in June of 2011 with all employees losing their jobs. I’m hoping that someone will purchase the company but in this economy who knows what will happen. I’ve owned and shot Marlin lever rifles since I was 9 years old. In fact I’ve never been without one.
A spokesperson for Marlin stated that the Obama bubble which caused everyone to go out and purchase black rifles had a great negative affect on Marlin sales as well as all the competition from Italian companies making similar products. So much for Obama creating new jobs but I’ll not get started on that. So, after 140 years this fine old company will be gone. I for one will sure miss them!
If you love Marlin lever guns buy one now because prices are sure to skyrocket at some point.

Marlin Firearms to close North Haven factory next year

NORTH HAVEN (AP) — Marlin Firearms Co., a 140-year-old company which made a gun that was a favorite of Annie Oakley, is closing its Connecticut plant, company officials said Friday.

Workers at the Kenna Drive plant in North Haven say they’ve been told all 265 employees will lose their jobs over the course of the next 18 months.

Jessica Kallam, a spokeswoman with Madison, N.C.’s Remington Arms Co. Inc., which acquired Marlin two and a half years ago, said the Connecticut plant will close by June 2011 and employees would be offered severance and help finding jobs. She said Marlin is relocating its manufacturing operations to an undetermined site.

Kallam could not confirm if all employees in Connecticut are losing their jobs.

UPDATE 4/24/2010

Well it seems after some further checking Marlin firearms will still be made after all. True they will close the current plant but they are moving all the equipment to an unnamed Remington plant where they will still be made. I sure wish the press release had more straightforward about the intentions of Remington to continue making these fine old guns! So apparently we needn’t worry about them going out of business all together even though a delay on orders can be expected until the new plant is up and running. Still and all very good news!

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