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Interesting New Revolvers From Charter Arms

Posted by Gunner on December 1, 2008

New Charter Arms Rinless Revolvers

I’ve never been a huge fan of Charter arms revolvers but this new line of revolvers peaks my interest.On the other hand I’ve always liked rimless revolvers that use moon clips. They are certainly fast to reload in fact faster than using a speed loader. The choice of calibers gives the shooter a wide range of options. From .380 to 45 ACP there something for everyone. Another consideration is the rising cost of not only ammunition but firearms as well. With Charter arms you do get a pretty good revolver a for a decent price. I certainly want to give the 45 ACP a try. Or maybe the 40 hum tough decision there:-)

Here is the partial press release with the relavent details of these new revolvers due out in 2009.
Available Calibers: Charter Arms will first offer the .40 S&W chambering, followed quickly by the .45ACP and 9×19 mm Parabellum (the 9mm Parabellum revolver will also chamber factory .380ACP). All three of Charter Arms’ Rimless Revolvers (9mm, .40 and .45) are rated for higher velocity +P loadings.
The advantage is now the average gun owner can own an affordable, trouble-free revolver chambered in these popular semi-auto rounds without the need for specialized ammunition clips and a specialized gun.
Back up and self-defense: For law enforcement work the always ready-to-fire, fiddle-factor-free revolver is the back up to have; especially if is the same caliber as the officer’s carry gun. As a primary self-defense carry gun, these three calibers mean reliable protection in popular semi-auto self defense-calibers.
If more power is needed, step up to +P ammo. The advantage with Charter Arms Rimless Revolvers is they will fire any mix of cartridges while maintaining 100% reliability. For plinking with .45ACP or 9mm surplus and discounted military type ammo, the affordable Charter Arms Rimless Revolver will prove to be very economical and it’s also a .380 revolver.
The secret is the patent-pending Charter Arms Rimless Revolver Round System. Basically, when a round is loaded into the chamber a specialized spring engages the cartridge’s ejector groove. When the cylinder is opened and the ejector rod operated, it extracts and ejects the fired cases.
Models: Initially snub barrels (2″ 9mm and 2.2″ .40 and .45ACP) as these revolvers are designed for self- defense and back up. The 9mm is built on Charter Arms’ compact and lightweight undercover platform featuring an aluminum frame and weighing only 12 ounces. The .40 and .45ACP built on the popular and robust Bulldog frame due to the larger diameter of these cartridges while maintaining a compact profile.
Availability: First quarter of 2009.
MSRP Prices: 9mm $399.00, .40 $449.00, .45ACP $449.00

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