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Kimber Eclipse

Posted by Gunner on December 8, 2006

I used to have a Kimber Eclipse when they first came out. As usual I decided I had to have something else and traded it. I regretted it ever since. The other day I was checking the local gun shops and spied this slightly used Eclipse in the case. After the usual haggling over price I gave in and bought this one. It’s as accurate as the first one was and has the internal extractor which I prefer over the recent trend of putting the extractor on the exterior of the slide. This time I think I’ll keep it:-)
The two tone finish is very classy as well as very functional. When you present the gun all you see is matte black. None of the silver finish is visible. The black part of the finish is also very durable. I’m not sure what they use but it does holdup very, very well. The Kimber sights are also extremely useable. They provide a very clear sight picture with just enough daylight on either side of the front sight to pick the target up pretty fast. They are also perfect in height. They use lateral serrations on both front and rear sights which cuts down on glare.
As with all Kimbers they are as accurate as most any factory guns. My Kimbers still don’t beat my Rock Island Armory in the accuracy department. In short Kimber makes a fine 1911 and I can certainly recommend them to anyone looking for quality and a beautifully made 1911.

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