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Vortex Optics “Strikefire”

Posted by Gunner on July 19, 2011


Vortex optics makes fine scopes at very reasonable prices. The Strikefire is similar in appearence to an Aimpoint but differs greatly from there. Something most optics of this type don’t have is the ability to be used with night vision equipment—this one does and with a retail of $179! A 2X magnifier is included and screws into the rear of the optic. The red dot is 2MOA. 

Mounted using the included 30MM high mount and 2X magnifier attached

The sight uses one “N” size battery giving approx. 500 hours of runtime. Flip-up scope covers are also included as is the battery. Of course removeable caps adjust for windage and elevation.

Field of view on the Strikefire is normal for the type which translates into a fairly wide view with a bright very clear dot thanks to quality glass and electronics. When the 2X magnafier is attached the field of view narrows considerably. The red dot also increases in size to roughly 4X. Not bad at all but I would prefer a smaller dot for medium ranges.


In the photo above you’ll notice the on-off, brightness and night vision controls are on the side mounted control panel. Front top is the on/off switch while the rear has an up arrow to increase brightness and a bottom arrow to dim the red dot. The NV button is activated by simply pressing it in. The rear of the sight tube is knurled for rotation by turning it right or left.This allows the user to adjust for an individuals vision. Each end of the tube has a rubber ring for protection from rain or other moisture. The Strikefire is completely waterproof. The rubber ring also creates a waterproof seal when the magnifier is screwed in.


The Strikefire comes in two variations. The first has a setting for a green or red dot while the one I obtained for testing is a red dot only. I chose this since the red dot only has a considerably longer run time. Options available include a screw in killflash to prevent any light reflection from the front of the sight. A short mount is an option. In fact one is included with each sight you simply specify which one you want. A 3X magnifier can also be purchased seperately. The larger magnifier mounts seperately behind the Strikefire. This optic has a swing out mount.


After taking my AR to the range with the Strikefire mounted I fired 100 rounds at various distances with and without the magnifier. The sight held up well as did the mount with no loss of zero. Even with the magnifier and the larger red dot I was able to hit my targets at 100 yards without difficulty. I did take the time to remove the sight and then re-attach to see how much off my original zero had moved. As it turned out the original zero was still right on the money. 


The Strikefire as well as all optics from Vortex have what they call a VIP warranty. The unlimited lifetime warranty shows the confidence they have in the products they sell. It’s very simple you have it fixed or they send a new unit. No hassle and a very short turnaround time.

When one compares the quality of this optic and features not found on others at twice the price it’s a hard scope to beat! Most dealers actually sell these for $149.00! If your looking for this type of scope the Strikefire is certainly worth looking at.



Happy Shooting!



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