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Springfield Operator Milt Sparks Holster

Posted by Gunner on September 12, 2007

This is a variation of the 55BN holster modified to fit the Springfield Operator 1911 with a rail system. The holster will also work on most railed 1911’s. The size of the holster isn’t much different than the original 55BN. If you look at the back of the holster you’ll notice it has two loops for a belt to go through. This is the same setup the old Bianchi Askins Avenger holster used. This holster holds your 1911 closer to your body than any other holster ever made. It’s very comfortable to wear for long periods of time and fits the gun like a glove which is typical of all Milt Sparks holsters. The mouth of the holster is reinforced so that reholstering is straight forward and very easy to perform. The holster is available in an FBI cant (butt slightly forward). The materials and construction of this holster is top notch all the way around. You may purchase this holster from Milt Sparks directly or you may find one in stock at Craig and Audrey own this company and are fine people to deal with. I’ve been able to get two of my Milt Sparks holsters from them which were in stock and received within 5 days.

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Milt Sparks Holters

Posted by Gunner on December 8, 2006

I recently received a wonderful rig of holster, belt and mag pouch from Erik Little at Rafter L Combat Gunleather. Now since I crowned Milt Sparks top dog in holsters I have to back up a bit. Eriks holsters are second to none including Sparks. Now I know that’s a big statement to make but I’m willing to put my reputation on the line to say that Rafter L Gunleather is every bit as good as Milt Sparks products and has a couple of features Sparks holsters do not.
Erik has been able to craft a holster for my Hi Power that no bad guy will be able to remove from the holster which is like the 55BN that Sparks makes. That’s the difference Eriks keeps the pistol secure whereas the Sparks does not. Quality is so close there is no way to put one above the other. Features make the difference and that’s where Eriks product pulls ahead!
Erik can be reached at Combat Gunleather

The two holsters pictured are the 55BN on the right and the “Heritage” on the left. The 55BN is an old Bruce Nelson design which at one time was made by Bianchi as the Askins Avenger. Milt Sparks created this variation which rides high and is pulled tightly into the body by the belt loop on the back of the body of the holster. With the FBI cant it’s very concealable as well as being very comfortable. The fit is excellent with no concern of loosing your gun during strenuous activity. It’s been my favorite holster since 1980. The “Heritage” is also an old Bruce Nelson design updated my Milt Sparks. It is very comfortable to wear all day long. The construction is such that there are no uncomfortable spots anywhere on the holster. The mouth of the holster is reinforced such that it will not collapse with the gun removed and makes it super easy to re-holster. This is true of the 55BN also.I tend to use the Heritage in the summer months and the 55BN during the fall and winter. Both holsters ride so close to your body they never ever hang out away from your body giving away the fact your carrying. That and comfort are the two main reasons I always use Milt Sparks holsters. Some folks have mentioned the waiting time. Well there is a way around this most of the time. It’s a company that carries Sparks holsters in stock and they are wonderful to deal with. The website is Lightning Arms. You’ll speak with Craig or Audrey a husband and wife team that owns the company. The materials and production method are so good that you can reasonably expect the holsters they make to last for decades. They are the best holsters ever made! Just click anywhere on the darker gray text to go to the Lightning Arms Sports website.
Of course he offers mag pouches as well as belts and other accessories also of the highest quality.

Update 10/19/07

The new Axiom Holster

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