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Rafter-L Gun Leather— Sig P6 Holsters

Posted by Gunner on November 6, 2008

Front View #1 Holster

Rear View #1 Holster

Rafter-L Gun Leather

Rafter-L Holster Review
Please read the earlier review of Erik’s products by clicking the link above.

As many of you know I’m very particular about my holsters. With that in mind I know for a fact that I have the best holster, mag pouches and gun belts made. All have been crafted by Erik Little who owns Rafter-L Gun Leather.
I spoke with Erik a short while ago about all the German Sig P6 pistols that have been imported into the USA and the need for a high quality holster for them. Yes, you can find a holster for the P6 but they are usually made for another gun like the Sig 226 which is of course longer and a bit wider than the P6 by 1/4 inch. That makes for a pretty sloppy fit and doesn’t hold the pistol securely.
Now for the news! Erik is now making holsters specifically to fit the Sig P6 and Sig P225. This is great news since from conversations with friends and post on many of the forums there are a lot of fellow shooters who have the P6 and love the gun but are having a very hard time finding a holster to fit them. The search is over:-) Erik is making the holster in the number 1 pattern which is very similar to the Askins Avenger which is one of if not the best holster design ever. Erik has improved on the original design. I own his products and wouldn’t use any other holster for any of my pistols.
Also available is the single or double mag pouch and his excellent gun belts.

Single Mag Pouch

Gun Belt Available in Tapered or straight Configuration

Contact Erik at 307•684•5808 or visit his website at you won’t be disappointed!

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