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FMK C91 Catastrophic Failure

Posted by Gunner on December 2, 2011

There are times when I receive information from very reliable sources. In this case someone I know very well.This information pertains to a catastrophic failure of an FMK Arms C-91 pistol. This particular pistol was a test gun for evaluation. The pistol itself looks very much like many of the new polymer pistols we are all familiar with.Obviously there are some design issues! The company was contacted with no response.That in itself is disturbing. A new gun was sent but my source wasn’t terribly interested in firing it.

The pistol in the pictures below was received and cleaned before being taken to the range for testing. My source loaded the pistol with Federal ball ammunition in 9MM. On the fifth round fired the pistol detonated! To say it scared him to death would be an understatement. He had some minor injuries to his hand but nothing a few band-aids wouldn’t take care of. He was very lucky it wasn’t much worse! The pistol came apart in several pieces. If you look closely the fired round is still lodged in the barrel. The pictures give you an idea of the violence of this failure. All I can say is buyer beware!

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The Federal ammunition was tested and found to be loaded within normal limits.

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