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LaserLyte “Kryptonyte” K-15 Tan Military Model

Posted by Gunner on July 7, 2011


Laserlyte has been making firearm lasers for a good number of years. I’ve used their products on several guns but nothing has come close to this powerful green carbine laser. All a shooter needs is three inches of rail space to mount on any weaver or picatinny system. I recently acquired the new tan version which I mounted on my CMMG carbine. I can tell you right up front that this is “the” laser for the AR15 shooter!

The finish is hard anodized over an aluminum body. All markings are laser etched for durability. It runs on one C123 battery with a life of five hours continuous runtime. The run time is actually longer since most users will use the more conservative activation pad. Your choices are continuous, off and momentary. The laser comes with a cable which plugs into the rear of the body. The laser can be activated using the supplied cable that has a velcro attachment with a pressure switch. In the picture below you can see the cable leading from the laser to a Tango Down rail cover with built in pressure switch attachment. This is a great way to mount the switch. It’s very sturdy and easy to manipulate. The unit can also be submerged in water up to 10 feet with no damage.


The two turrets in the above picture allow the user to adjust for windage and elevation. You simply remove the covers and use a supplied hex wrench for adjustments. I sighted mine in at fifty yards. This allows for only an inch lower than POI at 100 yards and an inch higher at short range. I’ve used this at night of course but what surprised me was how much distance it’s capable of on daylight. With the sun overhead 35 yards practical distance is not unusual.

This video was taken a few weeks ago at our police range. You’ll see the laser as well as my Hoyt H-1 flashlight using the constant beam as well as strobe.

As I’m sure you noticed the laser is very easy to see even with the 155 lumen light on full power. I’d like to dispel a myth while I’m at it. Some people believe a laser beam of this power can be seen and tracked back to the rifle. This isn’t the case at all. Even in this video you’ll note all the shooter can see is the green dot. 

One thing that surprised me was the laser dot provided enough light to identify the target without even using the white light. That’s pretty handy when the shooter is trying to remain unseen by an aggressor. 


Some may believe a laser is an unneeded extra that just adds bulk with little practical value. I used to have that same opinion. After using the K-15 I changed my mind. Not only is the beam intimidating to an attacker it can be very good finding and engaging a target quickly in your home or outdoors. At a retail of $259 I’d consider it a bargain. Of course most dealers sell it for cosnideably less.

Another use for the LaserLyte is on a home defense shotgun. Mounted on a picatinny rail on the reciever takes just a couple of minutes. Examples would be the Remington 870 Tactical and the Stoeger double barrel “Double Defense”. Both come from the factory with picatinny rails. As I mentioned using the included wrench sighting in on any weapon is very easy. On a shotgun the owner may choose a closer sight in range than with the AR15.


Further information may be obtained on LaserLytes website:  K-15 Link


As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.


Happy Shooting!!

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