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Link To 100’s of gun owners manuals

Gun Owners Manuals

This link also has manuals for flashlights, scopes and other items.

98 Responses to “Link To 100’s of gun owners manuals”

  1. Jim Palladino said

    I’m looking for an Ithaca Model 72 LR Owner’s Manual. I’ve scoured the web and numerous gunsmiths to locate one, it appears there are none to be found. Can someone assist me in locating one?

  2. Gunner said

    Made from 1973 to 1979, this rifle was offered in .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum only.

    It had an 18 1/2″ barrel.

    The levergun was designed by Erma of Germany. Some years after Ithaca stopped production Iver Johnson picked it up and marketed it as the “Wagonmaster”.

    It is basically the same rifle that Henry is producing today.

  3. Gunner said

    Follow this link for all Ithaca owners manuals. It'[s a pay and download setup.


  4. Jon said

    I was looking for a pdf manual for a L1A1. Thanks for any suggestions. Also, any opinion on the .50 BMGs that are out there now?


  5. Gunner said

    Hello and thanks for your question. I attached a good manual in PDF for the Fn Fal which is the same rifle only in metric all other info is identical. If you find you need more info let me know. I have a full manual here and have access to other material. Also if you have specific questions I’ll be glad to help.
    The new 50 cal rifles are generally very good. The only down side is cost of the rifle and ammo. The rifle to have is one of the types from Barrett. They hace the best most reliable and accurate rifles in 50 cal. If you plan on shooting a good bit then reloading is a good idea since 50 rounds of that caliber will run about $6 per round or more.

    Thank again and I hope this helps you:-)


  6. Gunner said

    Oh one more thing the rifle cost on the low side will be $3800.

  7. ROY said


  8. Gunner said

    Roy information on these as well as date made on yours is available at the website above. There is also a manual for sale on ebay at a buy it now of $7.95

    Good luck,

  9. Rickey Sells said

    Imlooking for a rock river arms ar15 manual.

  10. Gunner said

    If you call 1-866-980-7625 they can send you one. Actually all AR’s are basically the same so any manual would apply. The link I have has Colt AR15’s listed and that should work on your gun.


  11. big t said

    were could i find an owners manual to 7.62-54r russian military rifle.

  12. Gunner said

    Click to access mosin-nagant.pdf

    This is the manual for the Russian bolt action rifle in that caliber.

  13. Ron Hall said

    I am looking for an owners manual for a Winchester Model 290 Semi-automatic 22 Cal. rifle. If none available, can someone tell me how to remove the forearm so I can refinish it?
    Thank you

  14. Gunner said


    Here is the manual for it. The 190 and 290 use the same manual as described at the top of the manual.

    Good luck,

  15. just picked up a nice HK P7 M13 very accurate,like to find HK P(S in 45ACP

  16. Gunner said

    Hi Joseph,

    Good for you:-) Your best bet to find that model is to keep checking Gunbroker and


  17. stonzee said

    I’m looking for a manual for the

  18. Gunner said


    FEG made the Charles Daly Hi Power so the manual is the same. All internals etc are identical. Here is the link to the Daly or KBI Hi Power.
    Charles Daly was KBI and they closed down a couple of weeks ago. Daly will reopen under new ownership in a few months.

    Click to access charlesdaly_hp-pistol.pdf


  19. Randy said

    looking for manuales for a 1911 SL winchester shotgun. and info on parts would also help thanks

  20. Gunner said


    I can;t be of much help on this rare shotgun. It was made for ten years and was Winchesters first try at an autoloader. I’ve never seen a manual for one of these and parts are almost non existent.
    They were considered pretty unsafe to fire even back then so firing one today could be a hazard. Here is a wikipedia link with information on them and it verifies my info on safety problems. Wish I could be of more help on this one.


  21. braquiplan said

    that is so cool, but unfortunately I don’t have a gun.

  22. Gunner said

    Thanks! It’s never to late to get one:-)

  23. Steve Bottoms said

    Do you have a link to a manual for a S&W 640-3

  24. Gunner said


    They make a general manual for new model revolvers here You can also contact S&W direct and they will email a manual specific to your gun.
    I also have a review on your model at yours is about three quarters down the page.
    Hope this helps you!

  25. Jordan Robinson said

    In the process of researching a gun, i found your website. I’m not having the best of luck finding parts or an owners manual for a Marlin model 55-12 guage “goose gun.” If possible, may i ask for your assistance on this?

  26. Gunner said


    Man that’s a tough one. They are only valued at about $100 and they didn’t sell terribly well even though that was my first shotgun in 1963. You might join this forum–Shotgun World and see if anyone has a manual they would copy for you. Another idea is to call Marlin and see if they may have any. Doubtful honestly since Remington bought Marlin and they are in a transition period. Numrich has the best selection of gun parts so they are worth a call. They also have a schematic for it.
    Sorry I can’t come up with more than that but it’s a place to start.

    Take care,

  27. J.R. Smith said

    Found your site looking for a gun manual. It is very interesting and informative. I’m looking for a manual, in English, for a Sig Sauer P6/P225. I just bought the gun, which said it came with a manual. It did, but it is in German.

  28. Gunner said

    Manual sent JR:-)

  29. caleb said

    Do you have a link for a Stevens model 9478 single barrel break action shotgun 20 gauge.

  30. Phil said


    There are no manuals for this shotgun that I could locate. Can you tell me if there is something about the gun you have a question about I can help you with? The halfcock on the hammer perhaps?


  31. Alan Straka said

    Looking for a owners manual for a Remington Model 58, The shotgun is in very good shape and has been taken care of since new. I need to break it down further to do a complete clean of the internal parts. Gun has been in my family since new and just this weekend was out hunting doves and it works like a champ everytime.


  32. Perry James said

    I am looking for a manual for a Charles Daly model 100
    It has B.Hiroky Firearms Mfg on the barrel
    It is a 20 GA

  33. Gunner said

    Perry–Manual sent


  34. dan said

    ive been looking for info on a steven model 85 22 but havent had any luck . all i know is it like a 3in1 gun due to way the bolt locks. also could you help me find a winchester model37 manual it a 20ga.

  35. Gunner said


    Video on the Stevens Here is a manual for the Winchester.

    Happy shooting,

  36. DC said

    Sorry messed up first post.
    THis ia sterling 22LR Auto

  37. Gunner said

    No problem I knew what you meant. The manual is in a file attached to this email. I believe this is the gun you talked about.


  38. DC said

    Thanks so much

  39. Gunner said

    You are very welcome:-)

  40. Looking for a owners/users manual for a Savage Shotgun,Model 30,Series E,16 guage,3”.I am passing on to my grandson and would like to provide a manual with it.Thanks

  41. Gunner said


    This the first gun I have been unable to find a manual for. It has limited value these days so publishers just haven’t printed them. I also checked with Savage and they have none going back that far.


  42. Raul Moises B Morales said


  43. Raul Moises B Morales said


  44. Gunner said

    Manual sent:-)

  45. Gunner said

    The manual I sent is an owners manual. Repair manuals are available but they are a purchase item from AGI.

  46. Steve Stites said

    I have been looking for an owner’s manual for an Ithaca Mag-10 shotgun. I can’t find it on Steve’s pages or any place else on the web. Do you know where I can find such a manual?

  47. Gunner said

    Here is a schematic for your shotgun. Contact Ithaca at this link for an older manual
    If they don’t have one contact me at this email and I’ll dig a bit deeper.


  48. Steve Stites said

    Thanks for the help in finding an Ithaca Mag-10 manual. I loaned it to Steve Ricciardelli and he now has it posted on Steve’s pages.

  49. Gunner said

    That’s great that you shared it with Steve. I’m glad to help out anytime:-)


  50. Tom T. said

    Could you please post a link or send me an owners manual for a Kassnar (Italian – Sabatti) Churchill Highlander rifle? Thanks, Tom

  51. Barbara Shetzer said

    Can anyone direct me to a Marlin Model 57 .22 Magnum disassemble/reassemble manual?
    Ive searched high and low to no avail.
    Thank You
    aka lostfuzzy1

  52. Gunner said


    I’ve looked high and low and I just can’t find anything on that particular gun—sorry.

  53. I have inherited several shotguns and rifles from my dad. I have been able to find owners manuals or at least parts illustrations/lists for most except (3) Winchesters. A Model 41 410, a Model 74 22 long, and a Model 24 12 ga. Do you have any sources for manuals for these?

  54. Gunner said

    email sent

  55. Khubi said

    hello Gunner
    How are you doing? hope fine šŸ™‚
    Operator Manuals are required for these
    please help me to find them out
    2)MG 3
    3)G.3 (GEWEHR-3)
    7)Dragunov SVD

    Please help me šŸ™‚ Thanks

  56. Gunner said

    email sent—-

  57. Ted Rigg said

    I have a Winchester model 25 12 gauge shotgun. I am wanting to clean the internal parts, and see why the shells won’t stay in when you put them in the tube of the gun. It is suppose to hold 2 shells, and 1 in the chamber. the stop to hold the 2 shells in the tube is not working correctly. The gun is not suppose to be broke down, but i don’t see any other way to properly clean it or fix the shell stop without taking it down. Cannot find any information on the web thought i would see if you could help. Thanks

  58. Gunner said

    Hello Ted,

    I wish I had better news for you. The model 25 was only made from 1949/1954. The gun is basically a non-takedown model 12. There’s no way for the owner to get to the part that needs replacement. In most shotguns there is a hook like attachment that is spring loaded on most of them. If the spring is worn out or the part breaks it will do just what your describing. About the only thing you can do is have a gunsmith replace the part. I doubt a model 25 part can be found but a model 12 part should work on it.
    I believe the reason they were only made for that short period is the fact you can’t disassemble them.

    Take care,

  59. nvwood said

    Just got a Winchester model 72A .22 and having a tough time finding a repair/takedown manual. Any suggestions. I figured it would be fairly easy to locate.

  60. Gunner said

    I’m afraid you’ll have to buy one. Here’s the link

  61. Greg said

    Hey Gunner,

    You’re doing a great thing here! I’m looking for manuals on a Sterling 22LR Auto and a Remington Model 1100 12 gauge (trap). Any suggestions?

  62. Gunner said

    Thanks Greg—Let me see what I can find. Greg I found the manuals and emailed them to you:-)

  63. Charles Dawson said

    Please Gunner can you help me locate a manual for Uberti Henry 1860 and 1873 rifles?
    Charlie Dawson

  64. Gunner said

    Stoeger Industries
    Attn: Service Department
    901 Eighth Street
    Pocomoke, MD 21851
    Phone: (301) 283-6981
    or (800) 264-4962

  65. C.J. said

    Hi, Gunner!
    Looking for a manual for a Savage Model 6, .22 rimfire. Thanks in advance!

  66. Gunner said


    There are no manuals from Savage for this model. Is was considered a pretty poor design so there is very little interest which means no manuals usually. However, they did make these as identical rifles for Springfield, Stevens, Sears. Montgomery Wards etc.
    On this link to Numrich you can get a PDF download of the exploded view and other information you will need to service it and order any parts.

  67. Jeanne said

    Hello Gunner. Any chance you have a manual for a AWI 9mm luger maufacturered by Eaton or AWI in Colorado? They haven’t been much help and there isn’t anything on the internet in the way a a manual. Any help you can provide will be appreciated..! Thanks, J


  68. Gunner said


    Wow of all guns:-) There are very few of these guns out there. They were made once before and the company went out of business was picked up by another company which only makes them as they are ordered. Most manuals are for guns that have been out for some time and have a good amount of popularity.
    I’ll make a call for you and see what I can do.

  69. Jeanne said

    Hi Gunner, Thanks for the response and any help you can provide. I did find a manual for a AWI 22 but its got a different trigger group. The trigger is what I need help with. Took the thing apart to clean it and a very small black part dropped out and we’ve got no idea where it goes. The rest of the gun is as simple as can be. Thanks again for your help..! Jeanne

  70. Gunner said

    Oh no problem at all. That’s what I’m here for:-) If all else fails maybe some pictures of the trigger group and the part and I can figure out where it goes?

  71. Jeanne said

    Hey Gunner, I took a couple of pictures and have looked at the manual for the mini AWI 22. It seems that the triggers are basically the same. Now that I have studied it a bit more, I don’t think the little black part came out of the trigger group. It was not covered with oil or dust like the trigger group components were. Its clean, like it hasn’t seen the light of day since the gun was put together. I’m not sure how to post the pictures on here but I would like to send you the manual and the photos’s. Thanks..! Jeanne

  72. There are many gun owners manuals available for viewing & download for FREE @ Steve’s Pages, Here’s the Link, I’ve made one of the manuals on this site the picture disassembly manual for the Ruger P-89 & also gave the S&W M547 manual to him to host there..

  73. Gunner said

    Thank you sir for contributing to Steve’s pages. My link is actually to his website.He sure did a heck of a fine job putting them together.

  74. Joel said

    Hi…I have just recently come in possession of a ted williams model 100 30-30. Where can I get an owners manual for this? thanks…Joel

  75. Paul Morton said

    Hi there, I’m looking for an English manual for a 1943 Mosin Nagant sniper rifle. Any idea where I could get one ? Thankyou, Paul.

  76. Gunner said

    I’m sending it to you now:-)

  77. Gail O said

    I’m looking for a manual for a F. I. E. Standard Cal 38 special. Can you help me?

  78. Steve Howard said

    looking for a firearms owners manual for Savage Model 6A

  79. Joe Bertinetti said

    I’m looking for a Franchi Veloce 20 ga manual

  80. Jake said

    Glenfield 778 12g pump

  81. Joe Fersch said

    I need a disassembly manual for a Stevens 12 gauge, 58D, bolt action, 2 round magazine shotgun. Thanks Joe

  82. Ed Conception said

    Hi Gunner, I am looking for an english manual for the Winchester Model 50, I’ve been looking around for an online manual but had no luck so far. Thanks. Ed.

  83. Patrick said

    I’m looking for an owners manual for a PolyTech Sure Shot 87 410 shotgun. I can’t find one ANYWHERE! Please someone share if at all possible.

  84. Ben said

    Stevens High Power lever gun PDF Manual.( cal.Remington 35)
    I like to have 1 like this.

  85. Justin Bazzle said

    Im looking for the schematics on a 1947 Winchester model 74. Can anyone help?

  86. Peter said

    Hi Gunner
    I have a Stevens 425 in .35 Remington and I’m looking for a manual,any idea where I could find this?
    have a nice one bye bye and tx

  87. Peter said

    is this page down?


  88. Paul Keddy said

    I am looking for a Manual for a few r61. Any idea where I can fund one. Thanks

  89. Jim Parker said

    is this page down or only dead?

  90. tom said

    gunner i recently bought a stevens 9478 12g and it has a half cock that will still fall if you pull the trigger. i was wondering if you would enlighten me…I noticed that you had posted a comment about it

  91. James D.Stokes said

    I need an owners manual for a Taurus PT945 (45acp). Can you send me one? Thank you, James D.Stokes, 1542-2 Bradshaw Terrace, Lenoir, N.C. 28645

  92. Gerard said

    this is a fucktup page maybe the assholepage

  93. Karl Holm said

    I’m looking for a owners manual for the Winchester Model 1911 12 gauge shotgun.

  94. Ben Hill said

    Im looking for an Owners Manual for a Smith and Wesson Model 58.

  95. Paul Harry said

    Hi Gunner, Looking for a takedown/armorers manual for my winchester model 250 lever action 22 rifle. Rifle was a present fom my dad when I was a kid. Would love ti refurbish and get working. Thanks Much. Paul

  96. frederic degeilh said

    Hello! Very informative website!
    I am looking for a manual for the Valmet Petra rifle, I only found the manual for the Valmet M88 Hunter, which is the successor of the Petra but quite different (different mag release, sights, AK safety lever is gone, handguard is different, etc). I found a picture of the first page of the actual Petra manual so I know it exists, but cannot find a soft copy on internet or on the forums! I even contacted Sako in Finland but they did not keep a copy in their archive, I got a picture of the rifle’s schematic for the Petra, as it is printed on the wall of the hunting museum in Finland, that I visited last year. regards, Fred

  97. Joe said

    Hi. I’m looking for a schematic/drawing/manual of a Tikka .222/12ga combination also called M66 or LSA-55 turkey gun. Not a calmer 412.
    I need to remanufacture a locking spring that is in the forestock. Thanks Joe.

  98. Joe dro said

    Gun Owners Manuals This link also has manuals for flashlights, scopes and other items.

    Hi. Iā€™m looking for a schematic/drawing/manual of a Tikka .222/12ga combination also called M66 or LSA-55 turkey gun. Not a calmer 412.
    I need to remanufacture a locking spring that is in the forestock. Thanks Gun Owners Manuals This link also has manuals for flashlights, scopes and other items.

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