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Rock Island Armory Factory Schematic For GI Model

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15 Responses to “Rock Island Armory Factory Schematic For GI Model”

  1. Deborah Smith said

    looking at a .38 Super that looks chrome; but must be nickel plated?

  2. Gunner said



    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Well on to the finish. If it’s a Rock Island Armory then it is nickel. Colt varies a bit to get the bright finish by polishing stainless steel to a very high gloss. As far as I know at this time these are the only two companies making a nickel type finish. Enjoy! They are beautiful guns and the 38 super is a great round. Many companies are now making defense rounds with potent loadings in 38 super. It also has less recoil than the 45acp.


  3. Joseph Dodge said

    thinking abuot getting a RIA 38 super GI.after reading your comments, think i will. already have old style ruger vequero,springfield XD 9mm, XD m 40 and Rossi 38 special snubby. the 38 super will conclude my collection. thanks, joe

  4. Gunner said


    That’s a darn good choice. 38 super ammo is a little easier to get than 45acp or 9mm. It’s always been a bit higher but doesn’t seem to be affected as much as other calibers.
    The 38 Super is an easy recoiling very effective and accurate round.


  5. James Roney said

    Could you tell me what size tenon is on the front of the Rock Island officer GI compact thanks

  6. Gunner said


    I don’t recall off hand what size the standard front sight is for the GI compact. Just contact Armscor at Telephone # 775-537-1444 and they can tell you the size and send one to you if need be.

    Take care,

  7. Fred Schmidt said

    Gunny, I just purchased an RIA Government model and was looking for the schematic only to find that the link to it is no good at the present. Are you going to have it put back up? Thanks.

  8. Gunner said

    Thanks for letting me know. Rock Island changed the website. I did replace it and granted it’s a Colt but they are identical in every way.

  9. Keith Kelly said

    hey could anyone send me a schematic of a reminton 597 with parts listed i cant find one thanks

  10. Gunner said

    Click to access remington_597.pdf

  11. Gunner said

  12. Alex Reyes said

    Hello! Wanted to change the ff: for my RIA 1911 – hammer, trigger, safety, firing pin & spring, extractor. I can replace all of these on my own except for the grip safety, because it needs fittings. Thinking to get the parts from Chip McCormick. Is the RIA G.I. model is base on 70 Series? Your advice is much appreciated, thanks Gunny!

  13. Gunner said

    Hi Alex,

    yes indeed the GI is a series 70. Another good way to go is a trigger kit from Cylinder and Slide. I got mine from Midway USA for about $138. You have a choice of a 3.5 or 4 pound trigger pull. It has a sear, hammer,mainspring and disconnector. C&S also has extractors. They make good stuff from bar stock no MIM in these parts.

    take care

  14. Alex Reyes said

    Thanks, gunny………… Have a blessed day.

  15. Gunner said

    You bet Alex and you have a wonderful day—-God bless

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