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Century Arms Coach Gun

Posted by Gunner on April 15, 2012

Century Arms is known for giving shooters a good value for the money. The 12 Gauge Coach Gun is no exception. For those of us who grew up in the heyday of the western tv shows and movies you’ll be very familiar with this powerful gun.

For you youngsters out there the name coach gun came from the guard on the stagecoaches of the old west. If you ever wondered why people holler shotgun when they pile into a car that’s where it came from. Most double barrel shotguns were used for hunting and general use with longer barrels but the guard on a stagecoach always used a shotgun with short barrels for easy aiming at targets 360 degrees around the coach.

The Century Coach shotgun is true to the older shotguns of the era with double “Rabbit Ear” hammers as well as a manual safety between the hammers.The Coach Gun also has double triggers. This is by far my favorite configuration for a double barrel shotgun. This model has 20 inch barrels and a thick pad to cushion recoil. There are also sling attachments on the stock and between the barrels.

This shotgun has nicely finished wood with a standard blue finish. Now it’s not a $2000 Browning but for a shotgun of this type and use as a fun gun or home defense gun it’s just right. At $250.00 I don’t worry about an occasional scratch from walking the woods or practicing on the range.

One thing I noticed as soon as I unpacked the shotgun is the barrels are choked down pretty tight. In fact the owner of the gunshop asked me why I got a 20 gauge:-) What this means for the shooter is a tight group of approximately 4 to 5 inches (depending on the load) at 15 yards. This shot spread is fine with me since most of my shooting is done from fairly close range. You can fire any load with this shotgun with the exception of slugs. The manual cautions users not to fire slugs period! The reason of course is the barrels are choked down for a tight grouping with buckshot.

This shotgun also breaks down into three pieces. The front grip is removed by releasing a latch which connects the grip to the barrels.Then the barrels can be removed from the receiver. It’s simple and easy to do which means you can pack the gun into a small space if you take a four wheel drive, boat etc. on a camping or hunting trip and need extra space for all your gear.

Since I received this shotgun from Century I’ve shot it a good deal. I’ve fired everything from birdshot to 00 buck with no malfunctions or problems of any kind. The recoil pad is fairly thick and helps with the recoil when firing 00 buck from these short barrels. In fact after several hundred rounds with 100 of those 00 buck the shotgun is as tight as when I first shot it.

This is just one enjoyable shotgun to shoot clays, swinging targets or what have you. It’s also proven itself reliable and very durable. If you want to own a piece of history at a very reasonable price the Century Coach gun is a good choice!

13 Responses to “Century Arms Coach Gun”

  1. Mack said

    Where was it made?
    I would like to purchase one if it is not Red Chinese

  2. Gunner said

    Hi Mack,

    I’m afraid it is made in China. Anymore as much as we would like to have guns made here a bunch of them are made over there. The Italian ones are considerably more expensive.

  3. Mack said

    I had hoped for Turks or Brazilians
    Oh well!

  4. Gunner said


    The Turks make some darn good weapons!

  5. eric said

    can you shoot a goose load out of this gun?

  6. Gunner said

    not very well. With the short barrel the shot spread would be wider than desirable.

  7. Healer said

    I just bought one new. Don’t care about where its made. I also own 2 Mosin Nagant Russian rifles (cheap & fun shooting). Shot clays with the century coach gun Saturday and no problems yet. My girlfriend found 3 boxes of clays 270 discs total & a Champion manual clay thrower at the thrift store,,,all new in boxes wednesday. So with a 1/2 off coupon I bought all for $16 dollars. That gave me an excuse to buy new the coach shotgun in 12 guage ($299) .I am new at the shotgun & clay thing. Empty shells had to be plucked out with a knife but that was it Saturday.

  8. Garah said

    What sling was used in the photos?

  9. gib said

    Century has a couple of different models of the coach gun.
    What model is this??

  10. Casey Matt said

    I have actually used mine on Geese when they overfly low enough here using #4 shot. Not the best gun for the job but if you have it slung when you see the gees it will work!! This is about the ONLY firearm that Century sells that I would recommend to anyone and I just PRAY that you do not have to avail yourself of their customer service department. The newer versions of their coach gun is much better than the older ones as they had VERY weak hammer systems/springs that simply did not last. They have greatly improved on that part of the very simple shotgun though….and despite what ANYBODY tells you the wood is NOT walnut but does look and work great. Oh, and you can use lead slugs in 2.75″….or I have with no problems. Haven’t had the guts to try a copper jacketed slug though. Surprisingly accurate with slugs too and these shotguns do pattern VERY well with buckshot to number 4 which is all that I have primarily used in the shotgun. If you can afford it Cimmaron makes a far superior shotgun but alas it too is now made in China……just made better and of MUCH higher quality.

  11. John Shipway said

    There are NO parts available from Century for this shotgun…dont believe me? Call them. Are they worth the money? Probably if you get one on sale. Are they great or even very good shotguns? No. Is there a company with worse customer service than Century? Didn’t used to be until Palmetto State Arms showed up and they are giving Century a run for their money for really crappy customer service. If you get one that works, then good for you. If you get one that works for longer than 4 years of very occasional use you are destined to be the next Nobel Prize Winner or Lotto winner as the odds against all the above are roughly the same. If you can at all avoid Century Arms, DO SO.

  12. Brent H Levesque said

    It says in the manual you CAN shoot slugs.

  13. Brent H Levesque said

    Available in 12 gauge 3” chambers. Designed to handle 2 3/4” and 3” shells interchangeably. Your
    shotgun will function with factory-loaded 12 gauge ammunition of any size shot as well as with
    rifled slugs. Both barrels are bored cylinder choke

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